Bill Murray has a message for Hillary

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. . . and Obama and all lying politicians.

Bill Murray on Hillary
Source: Clash Daily
Hillary For Prison 2016

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0 responses to “Bill Murray has a message for Hillary

  1. 😀

  2. LOve it. So true, so precise, so to the point.

  3. I have a message for Hillary:
    I have met people who have been demonically possessed before. I worked under someone who was demonically possessed and was a criminal, and this person lied habitually, as if it were second nature, just like you.
    I saw your photo on today’s Drudge Report, and you look like hell. You say you want to be President, but there’s been something about you this time: Your heart’s not in it, despite your wishful thinking.
    Here is my message for you, O Accessory to the murder of Vince Foster after the fact: We are all “on notice,” as it were. And there comes that time in life when that Notice steps onto the landing and knocks on the door. Are you going to use your remaining time to confront yourself and reconcile yourself to God and your conscience? YES or NO?
    Because THAT is the campaign before you now, and you know this. Your answer to this challenge will determine your Eternal Master.
    Please LEAVE the Public Eye NOW and do what you have to do.

  4. Just ONCE,I’d like to see someone say this to the alleged president,face to face,and see the response. We say all these things to each other,but nobody EVER gets to say them to the people in Political power. I want to hear THEIR responses when hit in the face with these TRUTHS.

  5. The hypocrisy of this government is astounding. The chicanery is overt but ignored. JFK just days prior to his assassination warned us about a secret cabal of men planning to enslave every man, woman and child. Before he left the presidency he planned to expose this plot. Seven days later he was killed by the CIA/LBJ/concealed by FBI Hoover. Bill Murray’s right.

    • He was also planning to sign papers to get rid of the Fed and bring us back to the Gold Standard. The documents were on his desk.

  6. When all this Sh_t happened in England during a political “awakening” just prior to the colonization of this land we call today the USA….(i.e….at the time in England, the king and “upper class” could DO WHAT THEY WOULD with your money, your lands, your children and families…..esp to the lesser “nobles”….the “middle class of today”……) they backed the KING into a corner with much muscle and weaponry and made him sign the MAGNA CARTA, that said…..even if you are the KING…you can’t DO ALL THIS
    ‘Sh-t” ! Or ELSE.!!!! Oh how far we’ve fallen away! Back to the future!
    (Also….this was the dawn of what became the 2nd Ammendment to the US Constitution—NO WONDER the present “King John” —in the USA—has been trying for 2 terms to obliterate it!!!!)

  7. I’ll bet he’s NEVER mentioned the MAIN reason for the Second Amendment-to enable us to defend ourselves from a TYRANNICAL Government-That’s FAR too frightening for him to even SAY.

  8. I like Bill Murray! And Hilary has been in my neck of the woods a couple of days ago. Surely, we need an exorcism.


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