Bill Maher saying some things I agree with! Go figure!

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Bill Maher on Terrorism and the Charlie Hebdo Attack

In most issues, Bill Maher is as insufferable as any other moonbat we see in the public square. But in his response to the horrors of the Paris attacks this past week, he and I stand on the same side. Would I call him an ally? No I would not. The late Christian author, Francis Schaeffer defined such uncomfortable agreements this way. He said, “We are not allies, but we are ”co-belligerents.'” We are angry at the same things, while differing on many others.
Thank you Bill Maher, for speaking common sense to islamic radicalism.

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0 responses to “Bill Maher saying some things I agree with! Go figure!

  1. Isn’t it just unbelievable to see Jimmy Kimmel so afraid to name the true enemy and the true perpetrator of the killings in Paris. What a wimpy male, I refuse to call someone like him a man. I also disagree with almost everything Bill Mahr believes but I have to give him credit for calling the Muslim terrorists what they are, cold blooded maurading murderers. They want us to “respect” them while they are respecters of no one and nothing except their twisted cultish religion dreamed into place by a mentally deranged pedophile.

  2. Some students, incl. Palestinians, objected to Maher being invited to speak at the U.C. Berkeley, ironically on the xth anniversary of the Free Speech Movement. The university administration stood firm, & Maher spoke.

  3. I certainly never l thought I would hear Bill Maher say anything I could possibly agree with. Here he has proved me wrong! Maybe there is hope for him yet!

    • I don’t know. But most of the Christian stereotypes Bill rails against are “straw men” created by the Left. Maybe someday he’ll see that, and re-think a couple of things.

      • I very much doubt he will. Maher’s stance on Islam stems from his objection to *all* religions. Recall his 2008 documentary film Religulous. Also, Maher is half-Jewish (his mother is Jewish). He calls himself a “9/11 liberal” in that his formerly liberal view of Muslims changed as a result of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

  4. Bill Maher is a mixed bag. Sometimes I strongly agree with him. Probably more often, I strongly disagree with him. But I do give him credit for being very witty and intelligent, and gutsy for sure.

  5. He must have forgotten to take his little white pill.


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