Bill Introduced in Hawaii Legislature to Release Obama's Birth Certificate

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The long search for the Holy Grail  Obama’s elusive birth certificate finally may be over! — that is, if the Hawaii state legislature approves a bill that’s just been proposed by five Democrats.
HB 1116, “Relating to Vital Statistics,” would allow Hawaii’s Department of Health — for a $100 fee — to issue a copy of the birth certificate of a person who is a candidate for, or elected to, a public office that requires the person to be a United States citizen.
As reported by, Hawaii Bill Would Charge $100 for Obama Birth Info,” January 27, 2011:
[Note: words and sentences between brackets, in italics and colored in pink, are not NewsMax’s but Eowyn’s]

Hawaii’s government would charge $100 for a copy of President Barack Obama’s birth records under a bill introduced in the state Legislature by five Democrats. The bill would change a privacy law barring the release of birth records unless the requester is someone with a tangible interest, such as a close family member or a court.

The measure hasn’t been scheduled for a public hearing, a required step before it can move forward. A decision on considering the bill will be made by the House’s Democratic leadership and committee chairmen.
The idea behind the measure is to end skepticism over Obama’s birthplace while raising a little money for a government with a projected budget deficit exceeding $800 million over the next two years. “If it passes, it will calm the birthers down,” said the bill’s primary sponsor, Rep. Rida Cabanilla. “All these people are still doubting it because they don’t want the birth certificate from Obama. They want it from our state office.”
So-called “birthers” claim there’s no proof Obama was born in the United States, and he is therefore ineligible to be president. Many of the skeptics question whether he was actually born in Kenya, his father’s home country.
The Obama campaign issued [to sympathetic leftwing websites] a certification of live birth [COLB] in 2008, an official document from the state showing the president’s Aug. 4, 1961, birth date, his birth city and name, and his parents’ names and races. [The problems, however, are that (a) the American people have seen only online images of the COLB; and (b) there are at least three different versions of that COLB.]
Hawaii’s former health director also has said she verified Obama’s original records. And notices were published in two local newspapers within days of his birth at a Honolulu hospital.
Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who was a friend of Obama’s parents and knew him as a child, said last month he wanted to release more of the state’s birth information about Obama. But he ended the effort last week when the state attorney general told him that privacy laws bar disclosure of an individual’s birth documentation without the person’s consent.
The new legislation to release records may run into similar legal problems because of Hawaii’s strong constitutional privacy protections, said Rep. John Mizuno, a co-sponsor of the bill. “If people really want to confirm Barack Obama is born in Hawaii, that’s fine,” Mizuno said. “I don’t have a problem with looking at innovative ways to bring revenue to the state. The taxpayers deserve a break.”
The $100 fee would help offset the extra work by state employees who handle frequent phone calls and e-mails from people who believe Obama was born elsewhere, Cabanilla said….
The Health Department is still reviewing the bill…. House Health Committee Chairman Ryan Yamane didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment on whether he would hold a hearing on the bill.

Alas, everything depends on Hawaii’s House Health Committee Chairman Ryan Yamane because it is Yamane who gets to decide whether to hold a hearing on the proposed bill. If he decides against even having a hearing, then HB1116 is dead in the water.
Let’s inundate Mr. Yamane with our e-mail and phonecalls, urging him to move HB1116 to a hearing! Here’s Yamane’s contact info:

Hawaii State Capitol, Room 420
Phone 808-586-6150
Fax 808-586-6151

For the 9-page pdf of the bill, HB 1116, CLICK HERE.
To keep track of the status of HB1116, CLICK HERE.

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0 responses to “Bill Introduced in Hawaii Legislature to Release Obama's Birth Certificate

  1. Heh, maybe they have finally managed to get the finishing touches on the forgery and are now ready to get it out there.

  2. yea as dumb as this country has become i guess you can sell anyone anything anytime. a forgery written in crayon by a 4 year old.

    • igor,
      Yep. We are now a nation made up primarily of the dumbMasses.
      Our country is currently swirling in the bottom of the loo, yet all they care about is American Idol and People Magazine.
      100 years of government “education” have screwed us but good.

  3. There is much game-playing and sarcasm coming from Hawaiian authorities who know full well there is no certificate of live birth for our putative president, otherwise it would have been disclosed long ago. Five liberal Democrats are behind this ridiculous bill that will never get passed but serve only as a leftist dig for educated individuals who need more proof than some alleged Photoshop-generated abbreviated version of a so-called birth certificate that offers little information, much less proof needed to vet the commander-in-chief. We are supposed to take Obama’s word when he has proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be a liar, manipulator and master prestidigitator — whereas his Saul Alinsky ends justify the means. Liberals are becoming frustrated because the general public is not going to rollover and play stupid as liberals want them to so they (liberals) resort to predictable name-calling and demonizations. We are not cows to milk of taxes and wealth, or sheep the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST RULERS think they can herd as they so desire without being heard from subservient recipients of such subjugation and oppression. It is not unreasonable for a putative president to be required to prove once and for all that he is legitimate for it is the highest and most powerful position of the land that progressives seem to forget with impunity. Obama would, instead, spend a million or more for a dozen attorneys to defend and ensure the truth remain a secret while sacrificing people, like LTC Terry Lakin, who are now serving prison time in Leavenworth Federal Prison over Obama’s unwillingness to cooperate with the American people – proving legitimacy to serve them. Obama’s campaign talk was nothing less than a collection of lies, including promise for transparency. Obama will always resort to chicanery and slight-of-hand when it comes to dealing with folks he deems inferior and insignificant. He and the progressive radicals operate under a double-standard with the people getting the short end in the process, i.e. health care.
    Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, and Democrats who propose this joke of a bill, need to stop playing childish games and provide the people of this nation what they want, and that is a legitimate president and not an imposter, illegal alien, whose aim is fundamental transformation of government to communism and globalization.

  4. Unfortunately, even if the bill passes its still a no go…
    “… a public office that requires the person to be a United States citizen.”
    The office of presidency is requires one to be a natural born Citizen, not just a US citizen. This is just another circus maneuver and distraction by Hawaii.
    Besides, how does Hawaii think they are going to make money on this? One long form is all it takes. Do they really think everyone is going to want their own personal copy? Nonsense.

    • “Besides, how does Hawaii think they are going to make money on this? One long form is all it takes. Do they really think everyone is going to want their own personal copy? Nonsense.”
      Thomas, that’s hilarious — and brilliant! So is Jim Satnan who observed that “There is much game-playing and sarcasm coming from Hawaiian authorities who know full well there is no certificate of live birth for our putative president, otherwise it would have been disclosed long ago.”
      I swear, Fellowship’s readers are the smartest and not easily fooled. 🙂

  5. I stumbled upon your wonderful blog while tracking an Obama supporter who left threatening comments on a friend’s blog. (You banned him on your Alec Baldwin post–Jake the snake.)
    Fascinated, I started to read and I must say, I love your blog! Love the photo of St. Michael, too. May he watch over our Republic.
    I wanted to add something about the proposed changes to Hawaiian vital records law. I read the proposed legislation and saw nothing in it that changes who will be eligible to receive “certified copies” of “birth certificates.”
    When the bill addresses the issue of a “person of civic prominence” it speaks of “a copy of a birth RECORD”, which will be “in a form and manner as prescribed by the department.”
    Not a certified birth “certificate.” A birth “record”, with the form and manner to be determined by the Health Department.
    The section of the bill that begins, “Notwithstanding subsection (b)”, which lists who CAN receive a certified COLB, goes on to make that statement about the public receiving some “form” of a “birth record” for a prominent person. Therefore, the word “notwithstanding” appears to make it clear that since the “general public” isn’t listed in subsection (b), they are not included among those who can received a CERTIFIED COLB in order to prove “citizenship” for the purpose of determining eligibility of candidates for office.
    Furthermore, a news story reported:
    “Lawmakers sponsoring the bill say they’ll need to clear confidentiality hurdles since STATE LAW prohibits Department of Health disclosure of any information about a Hawaii vital record unless the requestor has a ‘direct and tangible interest in the record.'”
    Of course, since these are lawmakers, they themselves can CHANGE state law, if they want to. The story quoted one sponsor of the bill:
    “‘We’re hoping to work with our legal department, the Attorney General’s office, for an opinion to see if we can CRAFT SOMETHING which will JUSTIFY THAT IT IS TRUE, Barack Obama was BORN in Hawaii, and WILL HAVE THE STATE SEAL TO CERTIFY THAT,’ Mizuno said. “SOMETHING VERY GENERIC but won’t violate any federal or state law. … So if there’s 1 million people on the mainland asking for his birth certificate, send over $100 check or money order, and we’ll send you over SOMETHING certifying that he was BORN in Hawaii.'”
    They’re going to “certify” that he was BORN in Hawaii. Nothing else. Not a certified copy of the birth certificate, from what I can tell; but I’m not a lawyer.
    SOMETHING GENERIC. Something that they must “craft” in a form and manner to be decided by the Hawaiian Dept. of Health. Probably a silly certificate, like someone gets for completing a seminar, with a gold seal on the bottom, that “certifies” that Barack Hussein Obama II was BORN in Hawaii.
    They can’t issue to the public a certified copy of his birth certificate (COLB) unless he gives his authorization, which he WILL NOT DO.
    They won’t change their law to allow themselves to issue a certified COLB for him because they don’t want to, in all probability because it won’t match something on that online COLB at FactCheck blog. And they’re not about to make it match and then certify THAT as truthful.
    There is wiggle room within the penumbra of their laws that could allow the issuance of a certified COLB to ensure that a candidate for the presidency is a natural born citizen, but they don’t want to find that wiggle room, for the same reason.
    For them to simply certify that he was born in Hawaii without identifying his parents, their citizenship status, and the exact date of his birth, will not satisfy anyone that he’s a natural born citizen.
    Many people who may have been born in Hawaii but are still not natural born citizens if their parents weren’t citizens of the USA when they were born.

    • Thanks, Sapphire, for your analysis of this thorny issue.
      So, you too have encountered Jake the Snake, eh? May St. Michael strike him as the great angel has with Jake’s master!
      A very warm WELCOME to our Fellowship! 😀


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