Bill Clinton drools at singer young enough to be his granddaughter

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He is 72 years old and a former President of the United States, but he simply will not behave himself in public.

Remember this pic of Bill Clinton ogling two women with his pants’ fly unzipped?

On August 31, 2018, at the funeral service for soul singer Aretha Franklin, with his mouth open like a drooling imbecile, Bill Clinton ogled Ariana Grande, 25, as she screeched “(You make me feel like) A Natural Woman,” the song made famous by Franklin.

At one point, Clinton looked Grande up and down and leered at her legs and buttocks.

Here’s the full video:


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30 responses to “Bill Clinton drools at singer young enough to be his granddaughter

  1. Headline could easily (and truthfully) have read, ‘Actress Young Enough to be Clinton’s Granddaughter Struts Promiscuously Onstage’ – No?!

  2. Bubba looks senile.

  3. They’ll probably have to beat his John Thomas to death with a stick after he dies. What a wretched, horny old man. I wonder if his followers feel proud?

    As to McStain, I’m very glad that Trump didn’t go.

  4. Shocker, not.

  5. Hmm, looks like whiteys were uninvited from this “event” too, except for Slick Willie, the first pretend black President, who kept them on the plantation DIVIDE and conquer .. mission accomplished.

  6. Does the leopard ever change his spots?
    Yep, that’s Bill Clinton!

  7. A lot of people have different strengths, some can control those strengths and some cannot; I’m guessing Bill’s coffin will have a tent on top.

    • I seriously doubt if he can still get it up without help from those blue pills.

      • I guess that’s a “perk” of office to hang out (literally) with your fly open leering at college girls? Where is the Secret Service “er, Sir, your barn door is open”.

        “Er, where’s that woman, Miss Lewinsky…….?”

  8. Women wear dresses up to their butt cheeks, and complain that men “objectify” them as sex objects. Well… yeah. That’s what they are presenting themselves as. Men like and are interested in sex. When any female wears as close to nothing as she can get, she will be considered sexually, plain and simple. Dress modestly, ladies, and you will receive more respect.

  9. Clinton is acting like a man in early dementia that starting to have bad sexual behavior. As for the twit singing, she is the same slut that thinks licking donuts in a bakery is fun. I wouldn’t give you a dime for the lot of them.

  10. Pray without ceasing

    Not to mention, the so-called pastor that brings her up to the podium cops a feel!! Watch his right hand closely — they cut away when it gets too obvious.

    Powerful perverts doing what they do, in plain sight. At a memorial service, no less!

    • Yeah, he had to apologize. I guess he just couldn’t control himself. Just look at ’em. They’d embarrass Jerry Springer.

    • Also, not to mention the RACIST Farrakhan sitting on the stage with the perv Clinton and race hustlers Sharpton and Jackson.

      These DEMOCRATS have NO SHAME.

    • Yeah, nobody prayed for his soul? Yeah, I know, it would have been futile but it didn’t excuse turning it into a political rally. Those communists sure know how to throw a rally. Hypocrites.

  11. Ugh.
    He is gross for looking at her like that.
    She is gross for wearing such a short skirt to a funeral.
    The pastor is gross for clutching her and basically copping a feel of her boob.

    Gross people doing gross things- these are our famous “idols”.

  12. This is what the left is “ramming” into our throats each day; obscene and lack of respect even in a funeral, no distinctions whatsoever. That is not the Aretha Franklin R.I.P. we knew, seeing Clinton and Farrakhan occupying center stage is repugnant, not to mention Sharpton and Jackson, and Ariana Grande who exploits her youth in so a provocative way. Losing Miss Franklin is mournful, the others delivered a low blow to the misfortune of her parting.

  13. Ha-Ha-Ha- Sick Willie looks like an Oreo cookie.

  14. Shouldn’t the front row of a funeral be reserved for the family & friends of the deceased?

    Except when teevee cameras are present, diabolical narcissists claim the front row and upstage the deceased with their depravities.

  15. And as for the preacher. The preacher at the church I go to won’t even put his hand on someone’s (male or female, adult or child) shoulder without asking if is o.k. This guy needs to look up ‘beyond reproach’.

  16. I hated her clothing and the performance. Her voice sounds strained.

    • I’m surprised they didn’t have a drag queen sing the opening number. They could have had a gaggle of Satanists do the invocation. Clinton could have “played him out” with the music from “The Wiz”. “Get on down, get on down…, the road…..”.

      I don’t want to know anyone that could consider actually voting for one of these.

  17. It’s really not a problem if Sick Willie forgets to pull his fly up … it’s when he forgets to pull it down.


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