Bigot threatens to burn down Indiana pizzeria because of store owner's Constitutional Right

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ABC 57: Concord High School girl’s golf coach Jess Dooley has been suspended from coaching for a Tweet she allegedly posted Tuesday evening.
The Tweet under @dooley_11 said “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me? Agree with #FreedomofReligion bill? “That’s a lifestyle they CHOOSE” Ignorant”
The account has since been deleted.
On Tuesday night, the owner of Memories Pizza said they would not cater a gay wedding, but would not deny service to gay customers.
Concord Schools Superintendent Wayne Stubbs wouldn’t speak on camera, but said Dooley has been suspended from coaching until further notice pending an investigation.
The Walkerton Police Department issued the following statement:

The Walkerton Police Department is committed to extending professional police services to all in need, regardless of said person’s sexual, religious, or political views. We encourage all to follow Indiana Laws and Statutes. We ask that all frustrations and rebuttals with Memories Pizza’s recent media statements remain within the law.
Questions have arisen based upon Jessica Dooley’s twitter comment “Who’s going to Walkerton with me to burn down Memories Pizza”. The Walkerton Police Department has finished an investigation into this statement and submitted a case to the St. Joseph County Prosecutors office for possible charging of harassment, intimidation, and threats.
Once again, the Walkerton Police Department urges all to follow Indiana State law! Any and all violations of Indiana State Statue will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
Assistant Chief of Police,
Charles Kulp PE#280
Walkerton Police Department


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0 responses to “Bigot threatens to burn down Indiana pizzeria because of store owner's Constitutional Right

  1. Liberal tolerance at its best.

  2. traildustfotm

    That is a public threat and should be prosecuted.

  3. Another example of a horrible role model for children. These rabid Liberals have totally lost what was left of their pea brains.

  4. The pizzeria owner was on The Blaze yesterday with Dana Loesch. Someone started a gofundme page to support her while she’s shut down due to tolerance, I mean death threats. Over $124k raised in 17 hours.

  5. I hate to break this up, but Kerry is getting ready to give Iran a nuke.
    Let’s get our Priorities straight people!
    “That is a public threat and should be prosecuted.”

    • Ti, loss of a religious freedom is important. We can multi-task and address multiply threats from government. Alas, doesn’t seem much we can do to change them: Pence is caving and Kerry does what Jarrett tells him. We are hosed….

    • Funny how the lavender mafia only goes after Christian-owned businesses.
      I haven’t seen any of them march into a moooooooooooooooooslim deli and demand to be served a BLT.
      LOL – I wonder why?

  6. Dooley had better pray nothing happens to that Pizza Shop,or you know who’s gonna be their prime suspect?

  7. Slammer time for Wes Dooley! Another wonderful person employed by the public schools. Once again, our tax dollars are supporting left wing haters!

  8. If a Christian were to make these threats, it would be all over the national teevee news.

  9. Whatever happened to ‘Right to refuse service’? Just because one owns a business does not make it property of the govt and just because one wants to provide a service to the general public (not EVERYONE in the public) doesn’t mean one is forced to provide service at the public’s demand. The whole point of operating a business is that it is up to the business owner’s discretion on how they will run THEIR business. If someone engages in activities that are contrary to the business owner’s beliefs and want the business owner to participate by servicing the activities, like: sodomite “marriage”, NAMBLA conventions, Freedom From Religion conventions, “adult” conventions, trannies celebrating their body mutilation surgery, gang initiation celebrations, etc. that business owner has the right to refuse to service morally and religiously reprehensible activities.
    Also, I hear a lot from these “gay” sodomite mafia commies on how Americans who refused to provide service for specific activities are “hateful”, but, my question is, where is the love from these “tolerant” lefties when they file lawsuits and sue at the drop of a dime and put earnest working Christian (because they ONLY go after Christians….talk about discrimination) people out of business and in debt to them just because one disagrees with their choice of lifestyle? HYPOCRITES. Our constitutional rights are stomped on.

  10. I would not want my child attending a school where they allowed teachers to physically threaten or harm another person – be it a student, teacher or anyone else working in or residing in the community. This woman has proved, with her threat, that she should not be allowed around ANY child.
    Sad that this kind of person is what is allowed to teach our children. Just sad.


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