Big Sis, Profiling Muslim Men is Not “Good Logic”

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What A Moron!!!


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6 responses to “Big Sis, Profiling Muslim Men is Not “Good Logic”

  1. Steve, she is a perfect useful idiot.

  2. HOW did she ever get appointed to positions requiring intelligence and good judgement? I can only say that all men under thirty five who are Muslim are not terrorists but all terrorists are men under thirty five who are Muslim. Gee, somewhere in my years of training as a kindergarten teacher I achieved a level of logic that is beyond Napolitano’s ability to discern facts, associations and historical accuracy.

  3. A couple of problems here, 1st they keep promoting stupid people to jobs of higher responsibilty other than risk a lawsuit when they should just be fired and 2nd as long as the liberals are in power , and that means as polititions, educators and local government the political correctness will be the priority. Telling it like it is will be a long time returning. Imagine if Roosavelt had this biased media and social correctness to deal with in WWII

  4. That reporter was way too kind… I woulda flat out asked her why she’s so stoopid! She’s just talking out of her arse…”appears to be Muslim, whatever that means”. Good grief…

  5. Since Lockerbie, every single terrorist event involving airliners was carried out by young camel-washer males, and half of them were named Mohammad.

    This tyrannical woman is breathtakingly stupid, and just perhaps one of the most incompetent boobs to ever draw a government paycheck.

    Political correctness is already needlessly killing many of our soldiers on the battlefield, and this communist b*tch is going to do all she can to make damn sure it kills people here at home, too.

    This is the point where I normally would ask where the Hell are the republicans?, but after careful consideration, I have decided that they are about as useless as tits on a boar hog.


  6. she talks as if english was her second language. ah ah ah eh eh ah ah ah ah ah dah how did i even get this job. ah ah.


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