Big Labor Strategy – Opposition Is Racist

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Two days ago the AP published a very telling story outlining the Big Labor strategy to buck the trend for state governments to stand up and say NO.  They are reframing the debate and tying it to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. “The planned rallies on the 43rd anniversary of King’s death are part of a coordinated strategy by labor leaders to ride the momentum of pro-union demonstrations and national polls showing most Americans support collective bargaining rights as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and other GOP leaders in states fight to reduce or strip those benefits.”

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0 responses to “Big Labor Strategy – Opposition Is Racist

  1. That’s the looney left for ya. If they can’t get at ya one way, they will try another tack, and this latest things is just typical bs. We have to counter them anyway we can now. Reasoning simply doesn’t resonate with the living dead.

  2. the living dead or the walking dead, yeah i do believe that just about sums up the liberal left and what they have going on between their ears.

  3. They and Pro-Life people are going down the same path…
    The better assessment would be that this is another effort against the middle-class. Pensions, steady work, health care, one bread winner families with stay at home moms, and 40 hour weeks with one job are a thing of the past because they are weighing down companies and governments. If we are going to be a global economic competitor the corporations cannot be burdened with these kind of things because they are a drag on profits. The two class economy that is being ushered in here it is important to embrace because businesses can’t support it any more.

  4. Yeah, when all else fails, break out the race cards.

  5. Ah, “framing the debate”… otherwise known as “lying by omission” or misrepresentation (if one’s being generous).


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