Big heap no surprise: Elizabeth Warren plans to run for president in 2020

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Her odds of winning: 1/1024.

From NY Post: Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday announced her intention to run for president in 2020 as a champion of middle-class Americans and a foe of big banks and Wall Street fat cats.

Warren, who said she was creating an exploratory committee that will allow her to raise funds and hire staffers, will be among a crowded field of Democrats taking a shot at the White House.

“America’s middle class is under attack,” Warren said in a four-minute, 30-second video posted to YouTube. “How did we get here? Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie. And they enlisted politicians to cut them a bigger slice.”

In the video, the 69-year-old former law professor lays out her vision of the future, while setting herself up as a foil to President Trump and members of his administration.

“I’ve spent my career getting to the bottom of why America’s promise works for some families, but others who work just as hard slip through the cracks into disaster,” she says. “What I’ve found is terrifying. These aren’t cracks that families are falling into, they’re traps.”

The Republican National Committee dismissed Warren’s candidacy, saying her “out of touch” agenda poses no threat to Trump. “With her lack of support from voters – including in her home state – on top of her phony claim to minority status, now that she is formally running Americans will see her for what she is: another extreme far-left obstructionist and a total fraud,” Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

The president, who has announced that he will seek re-election in 2020, has trashed Warren in the past for her claims that she is partly Native American, referring to her as “Pocahontas.”

Warren in October released DNA testing results that showed there was “strong evidence” that she has Native American blood. The release was intended to quell questions about her heritage but prompted criticism from Native American leaders and left some supported puzzled why she would rekindle the controversy.

A number of Democrats are expected to announce presidential campaigns in the next few months, including former Vice President Joe Biden and Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who lost a Senate bid in November to GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, are also weighing getting in the race.


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17 responses to “Big heap no surprise: Elizabeth Warren plans to run for president in 2020

  1. Perfect- the picture says it all.

  2. Good lord politics has become so stupid…….Seriously there is only one option for us people ruled by these cretin career politicians…VOTE THEM ALL OUT…VOTE OUT EVERY INCUMBENT…How fucking ridiculous is it to have “career” politicians…of course they are going to be corrupt

    The two party systems is the biggest scam on earth…but the media tell you that is democracy!

    Oh boy…How many decades was ISIS founder John Mccain voted in?

    And now pretend pochahontas wants to be President?

    Surely yankees you can see by now that the American political system is so farcical that it defies description..

    And AIPAC still chooses your blackmailed politicians?

    • Robert “Beto’ O’Rourke is owned by a foreign nation, the fake state of Israel.

      How The Israel Lobby set Beto O’Rourke Right

    • David, I can understand how you feel about a 2 party system, but you are wrong. You don’t want multiple parties. This will fraction even deeper a country. I lived all over the world for years in the military. Believe me you don’t want a multi party system. What this government needs to do is established term limits. If this had been pushed 30 years ago, we would not have elitists wanting to control our lives, beginning at birth.

      I lived in France for 8 years and they have so many parties (14) that it is a three ring circus at election time. The problem is our idiots voters. When you have half the country (voters) dumbed down by design and on purpose, they will never vote them out because they think that the politicians are going to take care of them for free.

  3. Just what we need – Princess White Feather of the Wannabee Nation.

  4. And there’s this:

  5. I still prefer the name Pocahonky for this fraud.😁

    And Kamala Harris is no more eligible for the presidency than Obammy was. If she does actually announce that she intends to run for president, her intelligibility needs to be thrown in her face early and often.

  6. Only A Real Indian Can Defeat The Fake Indian (for the Massachusetts Senate Race)

  7. I prefer Chief Shitting Bull myself.

  8. Another faker, in politics, surprise surprise… will the devil worshipers go for a “female” president? But as TrailDust says, this is theater, and I suspect it is meant as a distraction, but a distraction from what, what are the devil worshipers trying to hide with all this political claptrap? Where are we *not* supposed to be looking? (and if we can find where we aren’t supposed to be looking, we may be finding some interesting things.)

    Also as an aside, spotted on Mr. Makow’s twitter:

    Apparently a statement by one officer Matchko said paddock was dead for a while when the cops actually got in there, that they tampered with the body, and that there were multiple calls about active shooters going across the radios at the time.

    Which brings to mind the question, were mercenaries involved, and if so, what organization? blackwater/xe, dyncorp, craft (from the alleged boston marathon) or one we haven’t heard of?

    • Distraction, as in the Bolshevik-Wall Street connection redivivus, hiding her real constituency of debt slavery Shylocks behind that flatulent rhetoric about middle class flourishing. This atrociously unattractive hag’s radical left collaborators listed at Keywiki are too extensive to comprehend in a single reading. Her being the Gottlieb (i.e., Wall Street legal insider) professor of law at Harvard has made her a high-level “0.1 percenter,” which, combined with her being at the same time the darling of Marxist front groups like MoveOn and DSA, proves the international and trans-generational deep-sewer connection between Wall St and homicidal leftist groups is alive and well. This Marxist-Wall Street two-step has simply moved across the ocean to devour the United States this go-around—before, as Netanyahu’s promised, Greater Israel throws an America sucked dry on the ash heap of history. My take on her personality is that Fauxcahontas fabricated the Cherokee persona to rationalize her hatred of her fellow Americans, which didn’t hurt for its being the sine qua non of getting hired at Harvard as well as playing well to the Massholes who put her in the Senate to express their own hatred of we flyover Americans.

  9. I would also add, regardless of if it was paddock or a john doe, perhaps he was sniped from another hotel or location by the other/real perps?

  10. Isn’t one “Weekend at Bernie’s” enough? Isn’t one Ruth Bader Ginsberg enough??
    Behold the Fake Wooden Indian in front of the cigar store! Behold the woman about to enter the Irrelevance Zone, just before she turns into another WIZZENED PRUNE! And she’ll pick Beto as her running mate!


  11. When not sure, surgeons perform exploratory operations. Sitting Bullshit’s exploratory committe creation is because she is not sure if she’s going to make it, there are so many contenders and I don’t think she’s got that many followers and not well liked. Cowboys and Indians? Nah, Sitting Bullshit is on the war path against the big “cowboy”……not a fat chance!

  12. “Big heap no surprise”, more like steamy pile! If you line her up with Bernie and “She Guevara” it’s a giant giveaway program. They’ll feed you for free, all you have to do is surrender your soul.

  13. First of all….she doesn’t have hardly a SNIFF of “blood quantum” to qualify as a “Native American” in any recognized tribe in the USA…So, I think they (the tribes-in the hundreds—will finally step up and slam her in public…and it is about TIME). I agree with President Trump on this one—-let ‘er run….I can’t wait. It will be great entertainment! We’ll get to see the replay of the fake/ tenuous “Pocahantas” theme and, one can only hope, we’ll finally get to see how this bogus claim/cheat played into her applications for “affirmative action” spots in colleges as a student and then, including her application/ hiring as a university prof. at a “politically correct” Ivy League universtiy that didn’t bother to CHECK her claims. Hope they get dragged into this mess, too, exposing this little sordid/slacker angle that’s probably been going on for decades in their personnel office. Also, I almost busted a gut laughing at her claim as a “champion of middle class Americans.” HA! We middle-classers have never run away from Wall Street, b/c most times, they are the raft that keeps our butts afloat economically… JFK always said….a “rising tide lifts ALL boats.” …. but we DO distrust and want to deep-six our representatives and senators in Washington, D.C……the ones who continually threaten to tax us out of existence and almost DID during the Obama “reign.” We working middle class are sick and tired and getting OLDER without much of a replacement “class” coming up behind us. We’re working longer and harder than our parents and grandparents ever did, and then, in thanks….we get to pay MORE AND MORE for people generations under us who work LESS AND LESS for more and more “free stuff.” …Elizabeth Warren and her ilk are the bane of my existence. Let ‘er run….let us eviscerate her in the national spotlight for the liar, the fake, and then the downright socialist that she is……


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