Big Face in Clouds

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Profile of the humongous face appears at 1:25 mark:

H/t Spirit Daily

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0 responses to “Big Face in Clouds

  1. Cloud formations are endlessly fascinating, aren’t they? I could watch them for hours.

  2. This is the first time it is so clearly representing a native american indian profile. Fascinating! Thanks

    • That’s interesting that you see a Native American. Another similar video on YouTube calls the face Zeus. For me, the profile (esp. the fat cheeks) resembles China’s mass murderer Mao Zedong. LOL

  3. this is awesome! signs and messages. I could see a pig at first,then a lamb,then a puppy,then a very strong man’s face. neat.

  4. Good observation, Steve. It does morph — dissolve — into a really creepy looking face.

  5. I saw George Washington, too


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