Big cats like boxes too!

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“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” -Matthew 25:40
Our Lord Jesus Christ instructs that we should help “the least” among us. I believe that animals are “the least” because, unlike biblical times, poor and sick human beings now have government welfare, i.e., the financial support from taxpayers.
Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida is rated a maximum 4 stars by Charity Navigator. 100% of your donations go to supporting the cats and stopping the abuse. Please support this good cause.
To donate, click here.
H/t FOTM’s Glenn47

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0 responses to “Big cats like boxes too!

  1. They must need one hell of a liter box .

  2. I love big cats and it’s criminal that they are endangered. Their viciousness has not saved them from modern man. Of all the big cats, the cheetah is the only one that is domesticable, if raised from birth.

  3. “Tyger, tyger in the night
    What immortal Hand or Eye
    Dare frame thy fearful symmetry…”
    —William Blake, “The Tyger”

    • This “kitty” has the same look on it’s face as my girl gets when she takes command of a box — pure contentment, owner and king/queen of all they see. If only us humans could be so content by an abandoned cardboard box!!!

      • The best gift a person can give a child or a cat, is a cardboard box. To watch children’s imaginations go wild with things to do with it, makes me think, cats are thinking the same thing.

  4. The Tidy Cat is working overtime . Who is the lucky one to scoop the poop .

  5. Kitties gotta play…cute!

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post. It is so cute to view the very large cats playing with boxes and sitting in boxes.

  7. Way too cute! 😀

  8. The best cat video of all time was about Christian, the lion raised by two Brits. He was returned to the wild and years later, when he had his own pride, they returned to visit him and he came when called and climbed all over them. A true tear jerker, if there ever was one.


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