Big Brother on Facebook – Facial Recognition on all those photos of yourself



This YouTube video has been removed. In its place, here are excerpts from “Why Facebook’s Facial Recognition is Creepy,” by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, PCWorld, Jun 8, 2011:

Facebook is officially getting super-creepy. Facebook announced Tuesday that it will be implementing facial recognition technology for all users in the next few weeks, semi-automating the photo-tagging process.

Sure, you can “opt-out” of the service, but it’s a pretty weak consolation. After all, opting out won’t keep Facebook from gathering data and recognizing your face–it’ll just keep people from tagging you automatically.

The new facial recognition technology […] is basically Facebook’s way of creating a huge, photo-searchable database of its users. And yes, it’s terrifying.

[…] Facial recognition technology will ultimately culminate in the ability to search for people using just a picture. And that will be the end of privacy as we know it–imagine, a world in which someone can simply take a photo of you on the street, in a crowd, or with a telephoto lens, and discover everything about you on the internet.


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9 years ago

Thankful I don’t have it.

9 years ago

I avoid Facebook like it had incurable cooties.
I don’t much care for Twitter anymore, either.
The security on both sites pretty much sucks.

5 years ago

Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented: I fear NO MAN. Nor do I fear facial recognition software or anything else the government tosses at me. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior and He will only allow what is planned for me in God’s Book Of Life. If I am killed here in this plain, then I pray that I can return with Jesus as one of His warriors, when He comes home to rid the word of evil. And believe me …. I KNOW FOR A FACT that He will return. My near death experience gave me all… Read more »

5 years ago

facebook also owns instagram. which only allow you to post photos from iphones sneaky aren’t they?