Biblical cartoons

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Who says Christians don’t have a sense of humor?

H/t beloved Wendy

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0 responses to “Biblical cartoons

  1. This is not humor, but belittling God and making light his message.
    Bringing him down to common ridicule.

  2. Mike, lightn up mate. God has a sense of humor. At the end of the day He will be the Judge and Jury of us all. Focus on feeding the hungry mate, from what I hear over here in Australia your fellow Americans need some help. What will make God smile more is helping them. 🙂

  3. Sorry, Mike, I thought they were hilarious! It’s not making fun of God. It’s laughing at the goofy images that form in people’s minds when hearing certain words. The ones about the very human misunderstanding about Pom-pom Sunday and Cast-a-nets just blew me away! Not God’s fault, just humans failing! That’s why we need a savior.

  4. Ha, the bumpersticker one is funny…top that!

  5. LOL – Those are great.
    I especially like No. 2.

  6. These are great! LOL! 😀


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