BHO donor-activist calls Obama “a f*cking fraud”

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An Obama tool, who writes for Daily Kos as “liquidstoke,” had donated thousands of dollars to and campaigned for the POS in 2008 and 2012.

But he’s finally waking up and seeing Obama as the fraud that he is — “just another puppet” or worse, “complicit in the game.”

What is missing in liquidstoke’s enraged confession is an admission of culpability for having helped put the POS in office. Nor is there an apology to those of us who clearly saw Obama from the beginning.

Liquidstoke should also look up the meaning of “useful idiot.”

Below is liquidstoke’s article in Daily Kos in its entirety. Words in green between brackets are mine.

H/t Obama Release Your Records


Thu Jun 20, 2013 at 11:13 AM PDT

Obama is a F*****G FRAUD

by liquidstoke

I gave this man $5000 in 2007 and spent many hours to canvass and phonebank for him.

I gave him another $500 in 2011 and again voted for him.

I bought the boohoo story of those meanie Republicans obstructing everything. I bought the story that we “won” with the ACA passing and broadended gay rights, but had to give up $800 billion of our hard earned money to bank crooks and let them drive away in their Bentleys to their 20 room mansions because he just couldn’t do anything about it– too big to fail. While us peons were left to fall.

They hoard and hide over $32 Trillion of wealth in the Caymans to avoid contributing to the society that helped them enrich themselves and they cry “SOCIALISM” when poor mothers and kids need help to find some modicum of GMO-made, cancer-inducing, diabetes-creating, cancer-causing suppliment food.

It’s all a grand game, an act, a nation-sized con job.

There’s no Republican or Democrats folks.

Just a giant stage on which a play of deception is played on the American people to believe we still live in a Democracy.

What it really is, is a game of Masters and Serfs.

Those “conspiracy theorists” don’t sound so crazy anymore to me. Maybe their name is not “Illuminati”, but it seems “they” are really there. In secret board rooms and meeting rooms, conjuring the strategems on how best to extract subservience and resources from the massses.

They get us all crazy about abortion, gay rights, prayer in schools, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, Britney Spears’ couchie peeks, Beyonce’s side-boobs while they steal, hoard, subvert and leech the lifeblood from the ideals this country was founded on– a land by the people, for the people. They hit the hot buttons in all of us, liberals and tea baggers alike so we can waste our precious passions and energies in angry food fights about who’s [sic: it should be “whose”] moralities are better than whom.

While they surely and clearly turn us all into sheeple…chewing on our artificially manufactured feed, inside our fenced world of corporate retail Disney worlds where they milk us and slaughter us to feed their insatiable greed for more.

This country is so sick, run by psychopaths who worship the holy god of wealth. They run o[u]r academic centers, our government, our churches, our media.

And Obama, after promising straight-talk and a man-for-the-people assurances if he could just get our cash and votes, now turns out to be just another puppet. Unable to change what is really diseased about our institutions. So it’s only two possibilities: he’s an impotent president, or one who is complicit in the game.

You know I seem to remember a recent village idiot president [referring to George W. Bush] who got everything he wanted, when he wanted it regardless which party had what majority. If his decisions made some corporate entity shitwads of money, it got done.

And Obama? Those same entities making even bigger shitwads of cash than even Village idiot.

Follow the money, that’s the answer to every question you have about politics and the US government.

OBAMA IS A FUCKING FRAUD– you heard me NSA scumbag?

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0 responses to “BHO donor-activist calls Obama “a f*cking fraud”

  1. Poor baby. He just found out the hot chick he went to bed with, was actually a dude and now he feels violated.

    Well sunshine welcome to the party!

  2. Suck it up buttercup!

  3. LOL – This guy is a slow learner fer sure, as I have been referring to Obama the same way since before he even became the comrade Dear Ruler.


  4. No flies on him either.

  5. I agree whole heartedly…

  6. Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.

  7. I am surprised it was allowed to be viewed publicly on the Kossack’s site!?

  8. “Just a giant stage on which a play of deception is played on the American people to believe we still live in a Democracy.” ………
    …….Newsflash dipsh!t, America is a Constitutional Republic not a democracy! And those of us who care will ensure she remains a Republic!

  9. If those from the left that have found themselves now disenchanted, had only listened when we tried to tell them, this whole country would now be in better shape.
    In this case, it is never too late, now let’s see what he really does with his awakening. Will he really spread the word, or will he fold or feel disloyal.
    He is in a position to do good, let us see.

    • It is important for us to remember also that a great many of those that are disenchanted with Duh Won feel that way because he is not socialist enough … scary as that should be!

  10. Y’all do realize that he is critical of Obama for his support of conservative corporate America not for being a godless socialist Kenyan double agent?

  11. To bad his a wakening comes through a self serving attitude of, “what about me”. Instead of a spiritual awakening in seeing the real evil within this hedonistic malefactors administration.

  12. …and liquidstoke is an idiot. Tell me, liquidstoke, what took you so long? You’re just mad at him for not being totalitarian enough. (yet)

  13. Anyone stooooooooooooooooooooooopid enough to donate hard earned money to a Democrap from Chicago has got to be wet behind the ears or so naive ……………..Oh never mind you get the point .

  14. Hey, like Bruce Willis said in Die Hard:

  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. Apparently, the king isn’t liberal enough for him. Boo hoo!

  16. Anyone who supports any dirtbag from either of the two political parties that seemingly have a monopoly on candidates in the USA is due for a wake-up call like the one Liquid has apparently experienced.

  17. Hell hath no fury like a liberal enlightened.

  18. Pretty surreal. He admits we aren’t conspiracy nuts? Oh, he just might get on the black list for that.


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