Beyonce probably failed English…

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but she loves Michelle!  Beyonce wrote an open letter to our First Lady, Michelle Obama…

Why must color be the first thing she sees in Michelle?
Wonder if Beyonce is proud of the patient “redirecting” scheme Michelle helped create while she worked at The University of Chicago Medical Center? 

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  1. She is also a criminal but in Chicago thats a way of life. She was over the top thou even for Chicago and they took her license to practice law.

  2. What is the patient redirecting scheme?

  3. Read it on the American Thinker. Thanks

  4. From Beyonce’s description, Moochelle “actually has never worked a day if her life.” -Hilary Rosen

  5. What exactly has the First Lady Michelle Obama done that deserves praise? The only things I have heard mentioned were all of her TV appearances….(no not the Late Show). The nonprofit service announcements and commercials on the Disney Channels,PBS, etc. (Which are annoying!) And of course her and WallyWorld’s partnership that tells everyone what to eat.
    Like George W. Bush or not, Michelle does not even come close to being the woman Laura Bush was and is. IMO, Mrs. Obama is a disgrace. She has made a mockery of The First Lady position. I have absolutely no respect for her.

  6. …she took Barry from where-ever he came from to the appex
    of power…maybe she can run for congress in NY next.

  7. Whats wrong with he being proud of her african american heritage? You have to be kidding when u critcize her for mentioning color – altho she did not even mention color- u, the author did. Have u ever worked with a lot of low-middle class white men? I have my whole life. A new car dealership in th northeast is a wonderful place to get an inside view on racism in america. Everytime a black man pulled up in a nice car it was suggested he must b a drug dealer. Ever hear white person tell a story about an annouing person in line at the bank or any other everyday situation? If that person was black, 9 out of 10 times the story begins with “this black guy (or lady) did such n such” When the offensive person in some scenario is white they never mention color…..
    Some of you white people should try to imagine what it must be like to br crapped on 24/7 or to have people have pre concieved negative thoughts about u when u walk in the room just by seeing the color of your skin…..
    These observations dont apply to everyone of course- white people in white collar upper class jobs use more discretion and know enuff- usually- to restrain from openly racist comments in the workplace. Over the years i’ve come to find the people that assume i am as racist as they due to the color of MY skin entertaining for the most part… Sad but true
    And i know how to spell and type but i dont like spell check and i have large thimbs and cant hit the right buttons


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