Beware! Windows 10 downloaded to your computer without your permission

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Windows 10
If you use Windows as an operating system for your computer, you have been receiving incessant notifications of free upgrades to Windows 10, the newest version.
If you resisted or ignored the offer, no doubt it’s because you know about the many warnings about Windows 10’s violation of your privacy. From Wikipedia:

Under the default “Express” settings, Windows 10 is configured to send various information to Microsoft and other parties, including the collection of user contacts, calendar data, and “associated input data” to personalize “speech, typing, and inking input”, typing and inking data to improve recognition, allowing apps to use a unique “advertising ID” for analytics and advertising personalization (functionality introduced by Windows 8.1) and allow apps to request the user’s location data and send this data to Microsoft and “trusted partners” to improve location detection (Windows 8 had similar settings, except that location data collection did not include “trusted partners”). Users can opt out from most of this data collection, but telemetry data for error reporting and usage is also sent to Microsoft, and this cannot be disabled on non-Enterprise versions of Windows 10. The use of Cortana also requires the collection of data “such as your device location, data from your calendar, the apps you use, data from your emails and text messages, who you call, your contacts and how often you interact with them on your device” to personalize its functionality.

Another criticism of Windows 10 Home is that it permanently set to download all updates automatically, and users cannot individually select updates to install or not.
I’ve been saying “No” to Windows’ incessant reminders to upgrade to Windows 10.” Last night, however, I discovered that just saying no isn’t enough. Windows is downloading to your computer, without your permission, files to prepare your computer to upgrade to Windows 10! 
Cassandra Khaw (UK) reports for arstechnica, Sept. 11, 2015:

You might be in the process of acquiring Windows 10—whether you want the free upgrade or not. Microsoft has confirmed that it is “helping upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they need” in the event that owners decide to migrate to the new OS, even if they have heretofore passed up on “reserving” their free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.
The issue seems to revolve around the Microsoft update KB3035583, and as such it appears to only afflict individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates. As far as we can tell, if you have automatic updates turned off, Windows 10 won’t be pre-loaded onto your PC.
According to The Inquirer, the situation was first reported by an anonymous reader who claimed to have discovered a hidden directory called $Windows.~BT on his computer, despite not opting in for a free upgrade to Windows 10. The directory weighed in at “3.5GB to 6GB,” according to the reader.
“I thought Microsoft [said] this ‘upgrade’ was optional. If so, why is it being pushed out to so many computers where it wasn’t reserved, and why does it try to install over and over again?” he told the outlet.
His concerns are mirrored by numerous people across the Internet, who have been reporting similar revelations since as early as July. Getting rid of the unwanted files isn’t as quite as simple as clicking the delete button, unfortunately. But it doesn’t require any significant computer knowledge, either. Addictive Tips has a concise solution for the dilemma, which involves uninstalling the KB3035583 update prior to removing the actual folder.
While potentially disconcerting at first blush, the news isn’t exactly a shocker. Microsoft has been aggressive about promoting Windows 10, bombarding Windows 7 & 8 users with pop-ups suggesting the change. More crucially, by opting for automatic upgrades, a user is essentially agreeing to allow software developers to do as they will—in this case, proactively downloading Windows 10 in preparation for any changes of heart.

Here’s Microsoft’s statement to The Inquirer, in full:

For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they’ll need if they decide to upgrade.
When the upgrade is ready, the customer will be prompted to install Windows 10 on the device.

To see if Windows had installed the KB3035583 update to your computer without your permission or awareness:

  • Go to your computer’s Control Panel
  • Click “Programs”
  • Click “Uninstall an update”
  • Look for KB3035583


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0 responses to “Beware! Windows 10 downloaded to your computer without your permission

  1. I only use my smart phone now. Micro soft has offended me to many times with popups. One was permanent it read, “Your Windows product is a copy and must be removed……”. Permenent.
    I had just purchased this computer brand new.

  2. Have KB3035583 locked out from download/install. Download that one (it’s the lead update that creates the folder Win 10 needs to download/install) and you’re hooked…

    • is there a way to block that specific download?

      • First, you have to have your Win 7 or 8 computer set so that it asks you whether you want to download updates when they’re available.
        Then, when it tells you you’ve got updates available, click on the Updates Available pop-up.
        Go into the “Important” updates it lists and un-check (un-select) KB3035583.
        Download and install everything else.
        Keep KB3035583 un-checked/un-selected if it asks again.

  3. From a friend who is an IT expert – about the “Customer Experience” crap in Windows 7:
    …in Windows 7, all you need to do is make sure the “Customer Experience” nonsense is turned off:
    Gorey details are here:
    Short form method to shut it off:
    Disable the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program
    Disabling the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program and the related Task Scheduler tasks that control this program can improve Windows 7 and Windows 8 system performance in large View desktop pools.
    1: In the Windows 7 or Windows 8 guest operating system, start the control panel and click Action Center > Change Action Center settings.
    2: Click Customer Experience Improvement Program settings.
    3: Select No, I don’t want to participate in the program and click Save changes.
    4: Start the control panel and click Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.
    5: In the Task Scheduler (Local) pane of the Task Scheduler dialog box (left hand pull-down), expand the Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows nodes and open the Application Experience folder.
    6: Disable the AITAgent and ProgramDataUpdater tasks. (select the option, and then click on “disable” in the right hand window). Do not disable the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser
    7: In the Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows node, open the Customer Experience Improvement Program folder.
    8: Disable the Consolidator, KernelCEIPTask , and Use CEIP tasks.
    That should get rid of it, and also probably speed up your machine a tad.

  4. Once we see it, do we uninstall it? i saw it KB3035583.

  5. Thanks for the info.

  6. Somewhere Aldous Huxley is smiling. Great info. Sharing to Facebook now.

  7. Oh yeah, this is extremely important folks…reblogging immediately.

  8. I went ahead and installed the upgrade,with nearly everything unchecked on their list of “helpful features thinking it might solve some other problems I was already having,but really didn’t like it so I uninstalled it. No sign of anything related to it so far. Still have the same issues as before,just like I’d never tried it.

  9. How do I know what version of Windows I have. I clicked on “help” and they said I have Internet Explorer 11. So am I ok? If not, how do I get to the guest operating system.

    • Susie,
      Internet Explorer is a browser that enables you to surf the internet. Other browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc.
      Windows is your computer’s operating system if you use Microsoft.
      When you first turn your computer on and Windows comes up, it should say what version it is.

  10. Thank You Dr. Eowyn for this info!
    When I first heard about the “free” upgrade I was very suspicious because I new the “free” upgrade would come with a price…usually involves privacy. I had been pestered by that windows upgrade logo since June (I think) and even hid the icon and message on my taskbar so I wouldn’t be bothered. What an invasion of my choice and privacy! This experience is like going through the CA vaccination mess on my family all over again (I don’t want them…leave me alone!)…they know what’s “best” even if I don’t want it. Even though I deleted that download from my computer how do I know it won’t come back? I guess I’ll have to check periodically to see if it has returned after downloads are completed.

    • after uninstalling the update, my computer re-installed it….so (per Anonymous) I changed my settings to notify me for installed updates.

  11. Thanks for the info. I did find it on my installed list and uninstalled it. I read too many bad reviews of Windows 10 and don’t feel I need to upgrade what I have. So thanks for the heads-up.

    • Cathy,
      You need to turn off Windows’ “automatic update”. Here’s how:
      1. Go to your computer’s “Control Panel”
      2. Left click “System and Security”
      3. Click “Windows Update”
      4. Click to turn off “automatic update”
      This means, henceforth, you will need to manually check for Windows update, read about what an available update is, then ask them to install the ones you specify.

  12. I still run Windows XP with Mozilla Firefox browser. No problems to report….
    I sincerely believe that the browser you use, and not the operating system, is the key to having a trouble-free computer. I am not a shill for Mozilla; just your average computer user with perhaps a little more knowledge than some. But ever since I quit using IE in favor of Firefox, years ago, with Ad Blocker enabled, I’ve never even had so much as a glitch. So long as IE still controls market share, they don’t have to care about quality or performance.

  13. I found this after coming in from working on a dry stonewall with steps and a French drainage system for my daughter’s place on Quadra Island, as rain started and I don’t do mud. It’s classic old-time work that is elegantly simple in its operation, yet can be made into a beautiful addition in a rural setting. Fast forward to my opening her laptop, where I always go to FotM first, so here I am.
    I write the above as preface to what I have here: only intermittent Internet and wireless iPhone service, so coming across this was most relevant today!
    During the mid-Sixties I met and became close friends with a very intelligent fellow freshly ‘retired’ from IBM at age 36 or so. He was one of the chief electronic engineers responsible for designing and directing the building of 1020 & 1040 mainframe types, if I recall accurately. Because of his family’s impeccable ‘blue blood’ history, he had a very high security clearance as well. His father was the leading US patent attorney, with an office on Wall Street; he was raised as a privileged only child on a Long Island estate. From his display of knowledge in depth on a wide spectrum of subjects, I estimate he likely has an IQ of 160, perhaps more. He was about 6′-4”, curly blonde hair, and yes, blue eyes. The Aryan myth dies very slowly in these people!
    Here is some of what he shared with me.
    When he graduated he had two job offers, one from IBM and the other from the CIA. He went with Big Blue and I asked him why, to which he replied that when someone made a mistake s-he were not usually shot. I should add he didn’t have much of a sense of humour, and these remarks were always made very seriously, as a matter-of-fact,
    He told me every computer IBM made had a ‘back door’ secondary system which tracked data and sent it back to Mother, who knew all but said nothing, unless one has the highest clearances. The company was developing a camera ‘eye’ that would be offered in future as a two-way talking feature, but in reality unless it was taped over, it recorded everything that went on in its field of vision.
    At the time there was a race on between the USA & Japan as to who could build the most miniature components. One day his team (he had 10 or 12 electronic engineers under him, and a laboratory-workshop to realise his dreams) decided to prank the Japanese, so they created an extremely small, but perfectly detailed archery target on a stand, and placed an arrow in its exact center. None of this was visible without a microscope. This was placed in a small but beautifully made wooden box and sent to their main competitor, then they waited for the congratulations to pour back to them.
    In about six weeks they received the box returned to them. When they opened it and looked under the microscope, they were astonished at what the Japanese team had done: they’d put another arrow into the same target, and split IBM’s arrow in half. Back to the drawing boards!!
    They had cameras then that were capable of images so sharp taken from spy planes miles high that it was possible to discern the make of car on a parking lot. He said the goal was to be able to read license plates; it was accomplished by 1986 by a subcontractor, MacDonald Detweiller of Richmond, BC.
    To the best of my knowledge –I haven’t seen or heard from him since 1989– he’s never owned a computer, and I doubt he’s got a cell phone. He was very strong and healthy, watched his diet very carefully –I learned a LOT from his example!– and until now I’ve not shared this history with the public, only a few very close friends. These events are old enough that my disclosure should not present him with a problem, though I’m sure if he knew he’d be VERY mad at me. Ya might say he was edgy, if not paranoid….
    No animals were harmed by my writing this, but a few pigs at the NSA might be fit to be fried, I mean, tied!

    • amazing! and that was decades ago….who knows what tech tools they have under their belts now, that they won’t release until later

      • Hello, Mom of IV!
        Jim told me a minimum of ten to twenty years was typical.

      • What Joseph says was relayed to him is correct I would surmise, if perhaps conservative, in some cases one could suspect that actual technological level may be as far as 50 years ahead of “public” stuff in some cases. There are places online where you can buy a laser that you can point at a window, and listen to every sound made within the vicinity of that window because the laser reads the minute vibrations in the glass, and devices that can make sound in your head that only you can hear… this is older technology.
        If you have ever heard of “anime”, then perhaps you might read up on one called “ghost in the shell: stand alone complex”, though I would caution you, many anime are a minefield of false doctrines and crazy, often gnostic/luciferian/satanist dualistic concepts, (but then I repeat myself in triplicate.) it has been for decades now (ditto and even earlier for western animation), but it also seems to be a platform for either “pre-programmed acceptance”/conditioning if you will, (make a show that showcases something in the future to get it more acceptable to a person’s mind as they grow up etc. Note how G.I. Joe’s “cobra” is essentially the animated prototype for al qaeda.) bragging, or both. Those making/funding the anime have a strong penchant for portraying satanist themes, this also includes luciferian futurism… for example, recently you may have heard of cars being remotely hacked, this was already a theme used in anime, such as ghost in the shell, at least 10 years ago. (another thing that features in the plot lines, “brain hacking”.)
        This is not to say that things shown in anime are correct, but rather that they portray fantasies entertained by those that worship the devil, and may in many cases be intentional on the part of the studios/writers or funders producing them, for the purpose of conditioning people for later acceptance of such things.
        One final note, the puppets of evil are liars like their father, and they do enjoy making it seem like they know more or have more “advancement” when, in truth, they may not have such knowledge or advancement. Also some technology is kept intentionally stupid, such as “smart” devices (nothing “smart” about them, they’re orwellian telescreens made to make the public into unwitting spies on themselves.), new computers, etc. Note how you basically have to “hack” a modern windows operating system just to get control of what used to be regular settings… because the operating system is engineered from the standpoint that the end-user is an idiot, while playing it off with the excuse that it is more “secure” (a “deception 101” tactic, remove control and freedom in exchange for “security”).
        Thanks for mentioning this Joseph.

        • God warned Adam and Eve against eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge…..that pesky desire to “know” has haunted us ever since and satan continues to use his influence to encourage man with the desire to “know”…we fail (sin) at every turn.
          technology is basically eating from the Tree of Knowledge and using that knowledge to create more of satan’s work…
          I believe those who are running technology in our world are trying (foolishly so) to compete with, or be their own, God.
          I still find it interesting how the logo for Apple is bitten fruit.

  14. This is why I use my Mac

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  16. Privacy issues are the least of my concerns with Windows 10 at the moment, as mine is so screwed up I doubt anyone could hack into my stuff even if they had all my logins and passwords right in front of them.
    I want my Windows 8.1 back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Thank you for warning about Windows 10, it is very useful information for me.

  18. Donald Taylor

    We just went thru this past Tues.WHAT A NITEMARE!!!!!!!! We were researching everything and anything (thank you to all had posted blogs, articles,& info for me to read!!!😉). Finally, we called Microsoft & waited approx., 30-40 mins. Finally we spoke with a very helpful, patient, friendly (surprising) man from India and walked us thru the steps to revert back to version 7. We have a contact code that tracked our call!!!!! So I hope this will help for,others, if,not we tried…Good luck all….I’m still researching for ideas how to make them accountable, what else do they know that we don’t know behind the curtain or hidden from us????????


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