Beware the Bread Messiah


After Feeding Five Thousand

Therefore when the people saw the sign which He had performed, they said, “This is truly the Prophet who is to come into the world.”

So Jesus, perceiving that they were
intending to come and take Him
        by force
  to make Him king,
withdrew again to the mountain
by Himself alone.
– John 6:14-15

many lessons in the loaves and fishes

Most of us have heard and read the stories in the gospels of the two times Jesus multiplied available food to miraculously meet the needs of huge crowds. There are manifold lessons for us here on faith, giving, and the authority of Jesus.

A road less traveled

Like Robert Frost, in his poem, “The Road Not Taken,” we are going down a less traveled path in the analysis of this story. The crowd had seen healing miracles and the multiplication of the loaves and fishes to meet their needs for food. Now they wanted this leader to be their king, and they were willing to force the issue with violence. Jesus gave them food. He also gave them healing. This would have been the ideal campaign for presidential candidates in America. o_cardIt is arguably what won the election for Obama.
But when faced with that kind of support, the true Messiah would have none of it. He was not a community organizer. He was, Himself, the Bread from Heaven. When He told them this message, what did they do? They rejected Him.
They wanted a Food Stamp and Health Care messiah.

Why would Jesus give up that support?

jn316Simple answer: That kind of victory would be “off message.” It was absolutely not what the Father had sent Him to do. The devil had already tempted Him by offering all the kingdoms of the earth, and He rejected it.
Find me a leader in Washington DC with that kind of integrity.

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Dr. Eowyn

A sign of our times is the mass adulation of a false instead of the real messiah. Distinction:
Christ instructs that to follow Him, we must pick up our cross, and that He brings a sword that divides His followers from even their friends and families. The true messiah doesn’t promise us a rose garden.
Obama and all serpentine false messiahs seduce by promising worldly goodies to those who want something for nothing. Just like the devil.


One scary thing (out of many) about Obama are the celebrity likes of Jamie Fox, Oprah Winfry and other negro figures probably a number of white cultural Marxists too) who openly refer Obama as lord and savior. I’m under the impression their statements are not meant in jest. I don’t recall in my lifetimes ever hearing any other president referred to as a god. Obama is appealing to the dimmest bulbs on the tree, ghetto black and Hispanics and, plus the millions of 3rd world riffraff he’s shepherding in. NO real miracles on messiah Obama feeding the masses, just completing… Read more »


Yup, agree…comment image

Steven Broiles

I have a weird feeling the Anti-Christ is alive and on this Earth now. There’s always a place available for a bread and circuses Messiah, however.