Beware of the assertion a picture was "photoshopped"

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To the authors, editors and readers of FOTM, I would give a word of caution.

The controversy surrounding the atrocity at Sandy Hook is based on the many suspicious anomalies in the reporting of the story, and the disgusting rush to capitalize on it as an opportunity for political agendas.
One thing I have seen frequently is the statement that this picture or that has been “photoshopped”. I have looked closely at a number of these photos, and find little or no grounds for these assertions. Photoshop is the bread and butter of my business, and I know its strengths and weaknesses. Some pictures I’ve seen have been tampered with, but many show no sign of it.
We have plenty of reasons to ask questions. But I would spare people from being misled by false photoshop claims. There is enough real evidence without this waste of time.

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0 responses to “Beware of the assertion a picture was "photoshopped"

  1. Thanks, TD!
    The photos I posted — of Emilie Parker, Victoria Soto, etc. — are either from their official Facebook pages (created by their families or close friends) or taken from news videos. Some of them have “Family Photo” clearly stamped on them.

    • I hope our friends take my statement as I intended. I’m simply urging caution. It seems as though some people are planted out there as evidence that everyone with honest questions is a crank.

  2. I believe, given all the evidence, that Sandy Hook could be a hoax. However, I am completely stumped when one question is asked, “How do you get the whole town to play along?”

    • If Sandy Hook was victimized by more than one lone nut, there is no need to imagine the whole town to be complicit.
      I also want to keep in mind, we are troubled by unanswered questions. There are so many people trying to capitalize on this atrocity, it’s become very murky.

    • What if the WHOLE town was a PROP? Or what if they are PAID OFF or THREATENED? Why dont we STILL not know the truth about JFK or Marilyn Monroe?

    • Easy, FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand this situation a bit.
      How come we have a certain person in the WH and and entire Congress that keeps mum, and the Constitution is being ridiculed? There are a lot of scared people out there. There are drones flying around, people getting suicided, companies closing down right left and center and foreclosures galore. This Sandy Hook thing didn’t happen when the New Deal came about, and men were landing on the Moon. People were excited about the future and it was only the continual propoganda of the MSM that has dashed their hopes. The spirit of fear has taken residence in people all over the world as well as in Sandy Hook, and it feeds on fear generated by situations like the SH massacre. I bind the spirit of fear in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and I say COME OUT!!!!!!! FUERA!!!!!!!!!! Go directly to the outer darkness or the dry places or to Apollyon or wherever the Lord Jesus may direct you to go, never to return. Thank you Jesus for delivering us from the spirit of fear.

      • Very lucid observation Alice,
        Fear has been the most remarkable thing since the POTUS took office in 2008. Remember that even the captains of industry, strong critics of the WH, became lap dogs after private meetings with the new president? Something was said that clearly put the wind up them.
        I join you in taking authority over a spirit of fear in the name of Jesus.

  3. Just thought it was odd that the “parents” are holding the smaller girls in the “Parker” photos and Emile is off to the side making her a possible add in.

    • I agree Christy. However, that and many other anomalies are non-conclusive. When people declare absolute proof based on these things, they have likely overstepped.

      • Photoshop anomalies can be seen if the image isn’t already low resolution and several generations removed. In that case we already have no authenticity, which is what I’ve been saying from the beginning.
        Christy was correct in pointing out some things that raise questions. They do call for an answer. But the image we have can’t give us that answer.
        In the case of the family pictures with Emily, we are looking at studio shots with multiple light sources (which are identical on each person). There is also no person-to-person color shift to indicate a paste-in. And because it’s a studio, there is reason to expect some photo retouching, like removal of stray hairs or red eye, simply to please the family.
        So I’m saying some photos do raise questions. What I object to is people being overly certain of answers. These photos aren’t good enough for conclusions. However, they may sometimes provide clues.

  4. My point, if I can make it simpler, is:
    We have many self-styled photoshop experts on youtube and other locations making claims that this image or that is absolute proof of a cover-up. When they point to their evidence, this humble photoshop user sees they don’t know what they’re talking about.
    I’m just saying it’s best to take these with interest, but also with a grain of salt.

  5. I think Dr Eowyn is correct . . . question, question, question what is being put out into the public arena. We already know that many, many individuals will lie, diceive, and slander others for the sole purpose of persuading the sheeple to “follow them.” God blessed us with a brain, He expects us to reason out things–don’t count on someone to do your reasoning for you. Otherwise, you really don’t need a brain of your own–and you are dishonoring your Creator by failing to utilize your own reasoning abilities. I have many times seen a bumper sticker that said . . . “Question Authority!” That seems to be most appropriate in this case . . . Question! Question! Question!

  6. has anyone gone up to that town and tried to investigate? i sure haven’t. who knows what “that whole town” is doing… the MSM hasnt shown any reports and surely people there are about the same as anywhere else, totally confused and myopic.
    noticeably absent are any interviews or reports from townspeople, anyone who might have known the alleged victims… people have asked me “if everything in history is a hoax how come it doesnt get exposed?” well t does get exposed but most people dont care or cant process that information. it’s very easy to quell dissent and after thousands of years the techniques are time-tes


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