Beware of Obama, the wounded vengeful narcissist

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Politics and show business attract narcissists because they feed on the adulation of crowds like vampires feed on blood.
Many politicians are not just narcissists, they are high-functioning psychopaths — charming and glib, amoral users of people, remorseless, and utterly devoid of a moral compass or conscience. In other words, their narcissism is not just excessive self-love and grandiosity, it is malignant. And psychiatrists tell us malignant narcissists have “a tendency to destroy everything that is good.”
It now should be commonplace knowledge that Obama is a narcissist and a psychopath. In 2008, millions of Americans and people across the world fell for his sorcery and, oh, how he drank in their adulation. Remember this?

July 24, 2008, Berlin, Germany

July 24, 2008, Berlin, Germany

(Side note: Obama’s homosexuality is also a source of his narcissism. Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons , a consultant to the Vatican Congregation for Clergy and a leading expert with more than 35 years of clinical experience treating homosexual priests, said that “Narcissism — a personality disorder in which an insatiable need for admiration often leads to attention-seeking behavior — is prevalent among men who struggle with homosexuality.” See “Joan Rivers: We all know Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny“, “Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up“, and “Washington Insider: Obama Member of Chicago Gay Man’s Club“)

When experiencing a severe setback (“narcissistic injury”), garden-variety narcissists retreat from the world into a depression. After the narcissist has licked his wounds, he typically emerges from his retreat with his narcissism redoubled.
Malignant narcissists, however, go into a rage that psychiatrists appropriately call “narcissistic rage.” Nursing their wounded pride, malignant narcissists seek revenge — to punish those who refuse to recognize his superiority and reject his wonderfulness.
The warnings are already out there.

evil angry ObamaObama was already scary angry when he campaigned for Pat Quinn in Chicago on Oct. 19. Imagine his frightening rage now.

Writing for the Washington Examiner a day before the November 4 midterm elections that delivered a resounding rebuke of Obama and the Democratic Party (see “2014 Midterm Election Final Results“), Philip Klein warns:

“No matter what the exact outcome of Tuesday’s elections, there is little doubt that President Obama will come out of it wounded. […]  Obama will be a lame duck president. Voters will have rebuked him and his policies. […]
But being a lame duck president isn’t the same as being without power. […] If there were anything holding him back up to this point, it was either that he was facing re-election or he was somewhat hesitant to weaken Democratic chances in an election year that would determine the composition of Congress during his last two years in office.
But his name won’t be on the ballot in 2016 and he won’t have to deal with the Congress that gets elected that year, either. This means he has every reason to take more aggressive executive actions.”

For his part, writing for The Washington Times a day after the midterm elections, Charles Hurt warns:

America now enters the two most dangerous years of her existence — or certainly the most dangerous since the Great Depression and possibly going all the way back to the Civil War. […]
Voters clearly and forcefully rejected the party, politics and policies of President Obama. They slapped his socialist agenda back into the days of Soviet gulags, where it belongs.
His grand visions of mighty government ruling unchecked over desperate ghettos have been snuffed out. […]
And this is where things get very, very dangerous for America. President Obama still has two more years left in his final term.
Already, he has demonstrated again and again that he has no regard for the constitution or the legitimacy of laws when they do not suit his agenda. He flaunts his disregard for the constitutional process, dismisses laws he doesn’t like and rewrites others.
He mocks the powers of Congress. The Supreme Court has slapped him down more than any president in recent times. All of this as he tells us he is an expert on constitutional law.
Now come his very explicit threats to pass more illegal and unconstitutional presidential edicts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens already in the United States. This, in turn, will issue invitations for millions more illegals to come streaming across the border.
It will not end at immigration. Unchecked power is addictive.
Disowned by Democrats and made to feel irrelevant in this election, President Obama’s enormous and unjustified ego is deeply wounded. He is frustrated and feels caged, cornered. This is when people like him are most dangerous.
Buoyant Republicans will make an effort to engage him.
But President Obama is not a listener. He is not a negotiator. He is not a learner. He will just take what he wants. It is easier that way.

Even before Americans went to our voting booths and gave the Republican Party control of both houses of Congress, there were already warnings that Obama plans to unleash millions of green cards on those who are here illegally.
Matthew Boyle reports for Breitbart, Nov. 3, 2014, that top sheriffs from across the country warn that if Obama succeeds with his plans for an executive amnesty — that is amnesty via a presidential executive order — there will be a flood of new illegal immigration into America the likes of which this country has never seen before.
Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu said in a statement provided to Breitbart News, “We already have our hands full because the border is not secure: imagine what the situation will look like when the President gives executive amnesty to those already here. It would unleash a tidal wave of illegal border crossings, overwhelming law enforcement. It will be open season for the cartels. Again: the border is not secure now – to give a presidential amnesty would be to make matters dramatically worse for our officers who are trying to do the job the President won’t.”
Maryland’s Frederick County sheriff Chuck Jenkins said that Obama’s planned executive amnesty will turn every county in America into a border county: “In my opinion, based on what I’ve seen, every county in America will become a border county. What we’re going to see from the President’s action is not only the cost to healthcare, social programs, and education, but the increase in criminals coming into our country. You’re going to see increases in crime, infiltration from transnational gangs, the drug trade and human trafficking.”
Sheriff Sam Page of North Carolina’s Rockingham County said America should prepare for a “surge” of illegal immigration—and the criminal activity that comes with it.
Hidalgo County, Texas, sheriff Eddie Guerra said America should prepare for a “terrible situation” if Obama succeeds in his plans:
“We are going to see what I’m seeing here on the border in larger and large numbers, which is a huge increase in illegal immigration coming across our border. An amnesty order is going to create more people an incentive to come into the US. The drug cartel will exploit any opportunity to come into the United States, and this will create the cover for them to continue exploiting our porous border. This will create the opportunity for kidnapping, trafficking, sexual abuse, prostitution, and smuggling. These smugglers have no regard for human life. They destroy private property. They have no respect for law enforcement. They circumvent US checkpoints.”
Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts, said even states as far away from the border as his Bay State are not safe: “It will dramatically increase the draw for illegal immigrants to come into our country, because you have the President of the United States sending out a message that we have no problem with people ignoring our immigration laws…. It is the worst message you can possibly send. Come in, don’t worry about the laws, don’t wait your turn. You invite people to ignore our laws. We have no knowledge of these individuals’ background or criminal histories. We have minors coming in right now who have confessed to murder. We in these communities are left trying to find out: who are these people? If didn’t learn anything else post-9/11, it’s that we need to know who is in our communities and what they’re purpose is. The President’s planned order is a formula for national disaster and public safety. When the President of the United States is sending a message that he’s not concerned with lawbreaking, those words are the beginning of the destruction of our democracy.
Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus, in a recent interview with Breitbart News and tele-town hall with, promised Americans that if we deliver the Senate Majority to the GOP then Republicans will stop Obama’s planned executive amnesty:
“While I can’t speak for the legislature, I’m very confident we will stop that. We will do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen: Defunding, going to court, injunction. You name it. It’s wrong. It’s illegal. And for so many reasons, and just the basic fabric of this country, we can’t allow it to happen and we won’t let it happen. I don’t know how to be any stronger than that. I’m telling you, everything we can do to stop it we will.”

Mr. Priebus and the Republican Party, we are holding you to your promise.


From The Daily Mail, Oct. 5, 2014:

Just 14 hours after a Republican wave swept over the U.S. Congress in an election that largely repudiated his policies, Obama came out swinging on Wednesday, threatening to veto Congress’s bills and hinting at executive orders that will enrage conservatives. He said, “Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign. I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in Congress will not like.”

Like the narcissist he is, Obama framed the midterm election results as a mandate for Republicans to work with him, instead of the other way around.

At a press conference today, Obama was also very rude and dismissive toward National Journal reporter Major Garrett during his press conference. He said to Garrett, “I’d rather hear it from them than from you. Major, you know, uh… conceivably I could cancel my meeting on Friday because I’ve heard everything from you.”


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  2. I think it is past time for people to not be embarrassed to use the word “nigger” to describe Obama and the FLOS.

    • if it walks, talks and acts like one it must be a nigger. They seem pretty liberal in their use of calling us craka

    • Mark, you and Art are incorrect. Never stoop to their level. Never. If you do, you’re playing into their hands. Pray for O. God knows he needs it.

    • You don’t speak for me, Mark.
      What purpose would this serve other than provide an excuse for our opponents to call us racists? That N-word is such an ugly hurtful word. If I use it for Obama and FLPOS, then I’d be insulting Rev. James Manning, neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Erik Rush, Mykal Massie, et al. whom I respect more than 99% of “whites.”

  3. I’ve been contemplating this and have a sickish feeling in my gut ruminating over the total and utter destruction he can unleash in 2 years. In all my observations Obama shares the same socio/psychopathic behavior I have seen in countless urban negroes. I’ve been hearing a lot of them here (we are flooded with ghetto savages in my town) and they are very load about destroying and killing everything that white Europeans have built, a few cases in point the black flash mobs, knockout game and the 10’s of thousands of savage brutal attacks on whites because they are white. They have always acted that way, but during the destructive years of the Obama never-ending nightmare they feel empowered to do whatever they wish with no chance of being held accountable. Around here they are announcing they will go on a death and destruction rampage of Lucifer doesn’t get a third term
    It looks a bit like Killary will be the demoncrap’s choice for 2016; almost/at least as bad. I heard one statement on the radio news a while back that Killary is considering eric holder as a running mate…..brrrrr my blood runs cold

  4. WOW! This is the most important post I’ve come across since the election. Sam Vankin is the expert on narcissism, and he has nailed SOBama to the wall. Please check his writings….
    SOBama is going to get even, I am sure of that. He isn’t the type to analyze himself and wonder where HE went wrong. Oh no, the rest of the world has gone wrong! We tease about checking under our beds at night, but in all honesty, I’d be checking everywhere now!!!

  5. Thank you for the insightful article, Dr. Eowyn. The things you describe are a fair warning to us all.

  6. Terrific analysis, Doctor Eowyn! Scary, but true!

  7. Obama is definitely a project for a mental health professional!

  8. I don’t much care for Rinsed Pubus, and I’m rather hoping there will be a conservative insurrection in the senate against Mitch McSpineless and an effort to install Ted Cruz as the majority leader – if for no other reason than to scare the hell out of the RINO leadership.

  9. My dislike for the man is beyond description. I’ll just leave it at that.

  10. What’s going on with the pic of obamas hand ? looks weird non human

    • That caught my eye too, it took me a minute to figure it out — it’s an illusion caused by light on his thumb, which is partly visible below and behind his fingers. But at first glance it appears that his little finger is twisted around or missing, yet he still has four fingers, which really looks strange!

  11. After hearing his stumbling through today, I got the feeling he has absolutely no intention of working with the Republicans very much at all.
    He kept saying, let me take a look, who is he kidding, his handlers will be telling him what to do and say.
    It was a very painful speech to sit through.
    I do think Mr. McConnel’s acceptance speech was good and he does give us some hope. I know he lives and breathes this, we need to trust him.

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  13. Don’t anyone get their hopes up. A staple of psychological evaluation is that statement: “Past performance is indicitive of future performance.” So, IMO, just like he’s always done in office, BHO will DOUBLE DOWN on “whatever” he feels will stick in the craw of his political opponents and screw the American people into the thrid world. It’s sort of like a dog who marks his territory with a ton of whizz or poop deposit: Obama is leaving his mark upon the American people, & subsequently, much of the world, too, with his policies and political tactics. There is no goal except subjugation of those who oppose him, and self-agrandizement.

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    Remember this – we must never forget who Obama really is.


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