Beware of Nov. 11 Global "Consciousness" Event

A group that calls itself New Reality Transmission (NRT) — “a fulltime [but anonymous] international team of physicists and mathematicians” — has declared next Thursday, November 11, to be a day when “one million people across the globe” will create “a new paradigm for our species…a new reality.”
How? By “mentally projecting a unified vision” of the “new reality,” which would result in the “harnessing en masse” of “the very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure.” Whatever that means.
So who is the NRT group? Here’s its self-professed mission:

“to finalize an historic discovery of how gravity, electromagnetism, the nuclear forces, space and consciousness are part of the same unified field…a realm of information, where consciousness literally interacts with geometry at the quantum scale to create everything that we define as reality.”

Did you understand any of the above mumbo jumbo?
How does one million people “mentally project”? What is this “unified vision of a new paradigm for our species”? The word “unified” suggests and implies sameness. How do a million people “mentally project” the same “vision of a new paradigm”?
When I click the NRT’s “Learn more,” I got the following multi-paged, very long-winded narrative, which I had to first hand-copy, then type into this post because the NRT website does not enable copy-and-paste (so much for the new kind-and-gentle “vision of a new paradigm”!):

“The world is accelerating towards a big event…a major change. Some feel this big event relates to 2012 cataclysms. And some think it will be the collapse of world economies.
Also related to these scary beliefs, is the apocalyptic vision of a ‘Mad Max’ world of ecological destruction, where mankind goes one step too far in plundering our planet’s natural resources. And still others foresee a tipping point, where the changes brought about by the Internet will be eclipsed by the power and speed of the next wave of technology, perhaps involving genetics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. But many sensed that this coming change will be a new age of harmony for our species, like the Age of Aquarius. One thing is clear. The majority of the 6.7 million people on earth today sense that something big is about to happen.
So what do you think will happen? And does it really matter what you believe? Christians say that mere belief or faith in something happening can make it . And Buddhists believe that reality and our perception of reality are exactly the same thing. Is reality more like a dream, where if you believe you can fly, you actually do?
A growing body of scientific studies from around the world confirms that these spiritual ideas may have a firm theoretical ground in physics. For example, a ‘placebo controlled clinical study’ means that the power of belief is removed from a pharmaceutical drug test. The mind can actually dissolve a cancer tumor if the patient merely believes she swallowed a pill with a drug in it. Even if there is nothing in the pill.
And according to the most well tested theory in physics, Quantum Mechanics, your consciousness changes reality. In this theory, the phenomenon known as the collapse of the Quantum Wave Function is what brings reality into existence. This is a fancy way of saying that one’s conscious observation of small unseen waves actually causes those waves to ‘collapse’ into matter. In other words, conscious observation materializes particles into existence.
So if we believe that we will experience 2012 cataclysms, could this tip the scale and cause such possibilities to occur? And is it possible that we can heal our planet and prevent cataclysms? Could we visualize world peace into existence through a massive pulse of belief transmitted by one million people around the world at the same time?
The best guess today from Quantum Physics is, ‘Yes, probably.’ The 11-11-10 New Reality Transmission will be a pulse of belief sent into the Reality Matrix, which will swirl the flow of our group reality toward an experience that will be more interesting than cataclysms and wars. It comes form the heart with no selfish intentions in mind. And it is based on science, not fanciful delusion. Picture this pulse of group belief as a spiral shaped beam, where each person who joins the pulse increases its intensity.
In the quantum realm, location does not work the way it does in our everyday perception. Your location can be at work or at your home computer. You will join the Website at the designated times and simply project your belief for 11 minutes.
There will be 11 days in row of group Reality Transmissions, with the first one beginning at 11:11 pm EST on 11-11-10. Why all the 11’s? The short answer is because it’s pretty and poetic and things of the heart gives power to the pulse of belief that we will transmit into the future. The longer answer is more theoretical and cannot be adequately explained here. It relates to the geometry of certain thought patterns within the Reality Matrix.
Use your intuuition to make a decision on whether or not your consciousness exists outside of your body. And decide; does it exist when your body dies? If your intuition leads you, then jump into this belief with all your heart. Go for it.
Next, visualize your consciousness on a swirling cloud around your body that creates the perception of your physical existence. Imagine that this cloud is waiting for you to give it instructions. And if it feels true, then choose to believe it firmly. Now, in your mind’s eyes, see your vortex cloud rapidly spiraling as it waits for you to steer it into action.
It’s your choice. You can create your reality just like you subconsciously create your dreams every night. But if you are oblivious to this ability, then your life is like a flag being blown in the wind…and you’re like a passenger riding on a train going in circles. So visualize that your mind’s attention is gently taking control of this spiraling cloud, which can change the Reality Matrix of your world. See it.
Now point your spiraling consciousness vortex out and forward towards Earth’s future. See a calm and harmonious world blossoming after a massive planet wide awakening takes place in the months ahead. Visualize this awakening as being a shocker, similar to our whole species believing the Earth is flat on Friday and then on Monday realizing with delight that it is actually spherical.
Make pictures in your mind of CNN announcing breaking news of the empirical proof that human consciousness exists outside of the body…the scientific validation of the existence of the soul and of the interconnection between all souls. Imagine that under the crushing weight of this official new reality, there is a crumbling of the brittle old house of fear-based mental delusion in its three forms. Fear of dying becomes a joke. Fear of people taking your gold becomes silly. And fear of people laughing at you becomes irrational.
Envision the cooperative hearts of our planetary family coalescing like millions of rain drops on giant green leaves. Now stop a minute and ask yourself a question: Is this audacious reality possible? If there’s nothing you can think of which makes it absolutely impossible, then by definition it’s possible. And therefore large numbers of us can literally will it into reality with our minds. So continue ‘programming’ your consciousness vortex within this template energized by belief and activated by visualization. See pictures in your mind of people around the world abruptly awakening from a trance and realizing that their group belief controls their group experience of reality in exactlhy the same way we create the reality landscapes with our dreams.
See the whole planet being hit with the surprising understanding that reality is exactly like a group dream, where there are two ways to exist. The first way is how we’ve dreamed for eons; the lie in which we’ve relinquished our reality control and been pushed around by our nightmares and limitations. The new way will be to wake up and take control and fly together in a new fearless reality that we co-create like a beautiful group mosaic.
So envision our species enlightened by this major scientific discovery of the Reality Matrix…which leads hundreds of millions of us to wake up and fearelessly change the story that we are experiencing together. Now, see your consciousness vortex intertwining with one million others, who are all projecting this New Reality Transmission into our future at the same time.
For 11 minutes for 11 days in a row at 11:11pm EST, we will all lock our minds’ eyes into these visuals. So as you join us, amplify both your belief that it is actually working and increase the color and brightness of the pictures that you are envisioning. Belief and visualization are your keys to creating within the Reality Matrix.
The extent to which we can change the Reality Matrix on a global scale is a numbers game. We need 1 million people to join us by 11-11.
The only practical way that this can happen is if you send this Website to everyone in your contact directory.
We really can change the world.”

I’ll be occupied for most of today in a family matter. I’m most interested in what readers of this think. Here are my thoughts:

  • The most destructive ideology in the 20th century — to which millions of human beings attached religious fervor and for which millions more were murdered — also claimed to be scientifically-based and also promised a utopian future if only masses of humanity would put their minds to it. It was Marxism-Leninism. 
  • The NRT group promises that “The new way will be to wake up and take control and fly together in a new fearless reality that we co-create like a beautiful group mosaic.” Isn’t it interesting that the oldest and first sin precisely is the overweening Pride and vaunting Ambition that “I can be as god.” That was the angel Lucifer’s sin, which prompted the Archangel Michael to rise up against Lucifer, proclaiming “Who Is Like God?” (which is the meaning of the Hebrew word Micha-El). Pride led to the fall of Adam and Eve whom the Serpent tempted by appealing too to their overweening pride and vaunting ambition, with the false promise if they ate from the forbidden fruit, not only would they not die (which turned out to be a lie), they would be “like gods.”

 One final thought: It doesn’t inspire confidence when the group promoting this New Reality Transmission cannot be reached by e-mail or any other means. Its website says: 

“Unfortunately, we are not staffed to handle incoming e-mails or contact from the public or the media at this point.”

Gosh, one would think that members of the NRT group could simply instruct their “consciousness vortexes” to make a “new reality” — one in which they are staffed to handle incoming e-mails!

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0 responses to “Beware of Nov. 11 Global "Consciousness" Event

  1. The ideas expressed here are not that far fetched and actually have ancient roots in eastern asia where the Vedics believe that global consciousness actually drives the universe; That we are not a product of the universe, rather the universe is a product of us. we create the reality in which we live basically. I don’t really get the negative religious connect Eowyn is pointing out. Yes there have been fringe cults exploiting this area for nefarious means and caution is advised but the theories themselves are not so fringe and are considered by main stream science and theoretical physics. I agree that we are all connected and molecules and atoms do “communicate”. I also believe that some of the ideas expressed here will be proven factual eventually. Everything is linked, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, consciousness, and therefore perception of reality. The religious link I see here, if I had to link it, is the fact that it is a miracle and wondrous that everything is united and co dependantly linked. We are one big brotherhood of global consciousness and are united at the quantum level, our very souls.

    • micro,
      My fundamental problem with utopian notions/efforts such as this latest incarnation, New Reality Transmission, is this:
      They are built on a woefully mistaken premise, which is that human beings can become all good and benign. You can’t have utopia (perfect society/world) unless the human beings who inhabit it are also perfect. But the doleful record of human history is that human beings are not perfect and human nature is intrinsically flawed. As Alexander Hamilton said: “If men were angels, then no government would be necessary, nor would there need to be constraints put on government.”
      Every collection of ideas has an underlying premise, the a priori. If the premise is flawed, then the rest of the ideational superstructure necessarily is also flawed and untenable. That is why every effort at utopia-making in human history was a failure, distinguished only by the magnitude of the failure and the cost in human lives.
      Schemes such as New Reality Transmission are extremely seductive because they traffic on our yearning for a surcease to the miseries we inflict on each other. It takes a hard head, and not just feeling with one’s tender heart, to examine the LOGICAL structure of these belief systems, especially the premise upon which they build the rest of their ideas and proposals.
      Thomas Sowell captured the distinction between those prone to being seduced by utopian schemes and those whose view of human nature is jaundiced like the Founding Fathers, in his book A Conflict of Visions. I highly recommend it to anyone not familiar with it!

  2. The Darwinist/Evolutionary/Material view of the World that under girds all education now – even many “Christian” institutions – has birthed this New Mysticism in the West.
    Generations have been convinced of a material view of the world; the personal, transcendent, creator God who speaks and reveals Himself in History is dead. There is nothing but the material universe. But science has failed in its (assumed) promise to solve the problems of mankind and provide meaning. The inevitability of man’s progress in a world that no longer needs a personal God or Savior, as decreed by Humanism (Manifestos 1-3), has not been realized.
    Now that there is no personal, transcendent God “out there” to turn to, one must go “within” (Eastern paths: meditation, visualization, SELF reflection, SELF realization, etc. to transcend, evolve, and reach SELF salvation). The other option as a “god is dead” materialist would be to embrace Nihilism, but that takes honesty and courage. More simply put, Western folks who have forsaken God still need answers and are looking to the East. What is the fundamental belief of the Eastern paths? You shall be as god! You won’t die (you are part of the One and will be reincarnated multiple times) – you are your own redeemer! The lie in the Garden.
    The Lie in the Garden now comes dressed as the latest science and research and many do not understand what they are embracing.
    I think there have been Global Consciousness/Harmonic Convergence events for years now. What is notable is that these same ideas are now mainstream, made popular by Oprah Winfrey, with books like “The Secret,” “The Power,” and “The Moses Code.” You can create your own reality. The “law of attraction.” The movie “What the Bleep do we Know?” came out several years ago. It blended New Age Spirituality/Eastern Pantheistic Monism with Quantum Physics. It spawned nationwide conferences where people gathered to hear from educated leaders in various disciplines. What many may not know was that the film was produced by disciples of “Ramtha,” the 35,000 year old warrior-spirit channeled by J.Z. Knight of Yelm, Washington. She is interviewed and featured in the film, alongside others who are degreed scientists and researchers.

    • Ted,
      I love your phrase, “The lie in the Garden.” May I borrow it?
      The contemporary counterpart of “Ramtha” is Maitreya. The New Age NWO crowd, e.g., Benjamin Creme, have been whispering that Maitreya either has already incarnated or will soon come — to save humanity, of course. I expect we’ll find out that New Reality Transmission is linked to the Maitreya.

      • Sure, there’s no fee for using that!
        I am familiar with Maitreya and Creme, who says he is already here, awaiting his moment to speak to humanity. There are some pictures of Maitreya and some recorded testimonies from some who saw him and witnessed miracles.
        I looked at some pictures of Maitreya after Obama was elected. It looks like Obama with a turban and a beard. Just sayin!
        For what it’s worth, it’s interesting that you mentioned Maitreya. For some reason, I was thinking that Obama’s trip to India may have something to do with him. It was one of those random thoughts that cross your mind as you are trying to make sense of something – thoughts that you sometimes never express because it’s so “out there” with most people. Lately, though, the “out there” stuff seems to be actually taking place.

  3. Great comments so far. The problem I see is their base theory “It comes from the heart with no selfish intentions in mind.” It’s true: if we were all unselfish (perfect) everything would be perfect! Well, duh! News Flash (or maybe not): People are NOT perfect. All these fanciful ideas have the same basic concept and the same basic flaw: We want life to be easy. We want an easy button. However, life isn’t easy, and there is no easy button and wishing it so cannot make it happen. There are people out there who are evil, who do not want others to be happy and at peace (drug dealers and human traffickers sound familiar?). Wishing those evil people would grow a conscience will not make it happen. My fear of this type of thinking is that someone in the group isn’t as pure of heart as everyone believes, and they’ll DO something to MAKE it happen. But then, that’s another flaw in the thinking, if there is no God, then there is no devil, but there is a God and there is a devil. As long as the idea is based on a lie, it will be a lie no matter how much truth you pile on top of it.

    • Bravo, Judy! You’ve identified the basic problem with New Reality Transmission: its premise is flawed. I couldn’t have said it better than you!

      • If people were actually perfectable, Al Gore would drive a Prius and give his own money to charity (not to mention not be a fat crazed sex poodle who cheated on Tipper).

  4. I may not be as “intellectual” as some of you on these threads however….
    By the time I read to the picture of the girl doing yoga, I had my mind made up that it was “New Age” belief. I was right. Another lie of the enemy to take God out of everything, to try to take His power from Him. Even the Bible foretold this by the verses 1-7 in II Timothy Ch 3.
    1. This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come.
    2. For men shall be lovers of selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
    3. Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, (powerless, without self-control), fierce, despisers of those that are good,
    4. Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    6. For of this sort are they which creep into houses of silly women laden with sins, led away with diverse lusts.
    I don’t know about anyone else but for me, the Lord is the center of my life and everything in between and He has proven to me that He is just as faithful to His promises as I am to His commands and worship.
    Some people tell me He is a crutch, well, when you are crippled, that’s not bad.
    You cannot do everything with the mind and if God does allow it, He knows what your outcome is in the end anyway. MOST scientists don’t believe in God. I say, even though I do, I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. “They” on the other hand, have everything to lose if there is a God and they don’t believe in Him or live for Him. So, I guess I would rather be intellectually challenged with a beautiful eternity to gain.

  5. Besides thinking I should hear soothing trance like music while reading their stuff, my other thought was “Crap”. A whole bunch of it.

  6. Damn, didn’t they used to call this “Earth Day” or something? (Sorry, must be getting old… all these secular humanist “days” sorta run together inseparably after a while.) Isn’t this Veterans’ Day, too? (Armistice Day… they probably won’t pause to have a moment of silence at 11:00am either.)

  7. I cannot agree with you on this one Eowyn and whomever…I see fear of the religious ones being unable to accept a different way of thinking. It has nothing to do with taking away God! It is scientific PROVEN fact that our thoughts create our reality. If we choose to see peace in the world then there shall be peace, if we wish to remain trapped in our closed minded thinking and allow Government perpetuated fear to keep us scared and demanding retribution then there will be ongoing war such as we see now. I deeply believe in God but I also believe we are far greater beings than we are allowed to imagine! Jesus often spoke to that fact. He knew we were far greater beings than we were acting and thinking. I urge you to look up the 100th monkey theory and then apply it to what they are trying to do. That theory was that once critical mass thinking is reached it tips the scale of the masses and the other once non believers will follow suit. It is the uninformed mind that rejects new ways of thinking out of fear of change. Why do you all fear something that if it succeeds could change the situation in the world for the better? It’s not about everyone changing into being the same or saying no to God. It’s about joining together in thoughts for a peaceful world in the hopes enough people will hit critical mass and those filled with hate and greed and control and war will be awakened and eventually embrace peace . Before you criticize something educate yourselves about that subject. It is closed minded thinking that is keeping the world stuck in such a desperate space.

    • Holly,
      Fear? LOL
      I don’t “fear” the mysterious New Reality Transmission (NRT) group. You are confusing skepticism with fear.
      Nothing prevents you from signing up with NRT to be part of the big group projection of your “consciousness vortex.” But if it doesn’t turn out the way this group — which no one can contact by e-mail or other means — had promised, don’t say I hadn’t told you!
      One last thing: Be careful with the “swirling cloud” and “giving instructions to the swirling cloud” thingy. I’ve colored those words in red in the post. Christian theologians warn us about the meditative state, wherein one “empties” oneself. In that “emptied” state, be very very careful what you invite in. Don’t say I hadn’t warned you.

    • Holly, good post. The church wants us to believe we must go to church and follow their “rules”. Jesus himself said that the church is more than stone and mortar. lift a rock and I am there, Jesus knew we were greater, and that God is in us everywhere, not just in church, behind doors. The human mind is greater than can be imagined and the powers/potential therein untapped. God and Jesus are not negated by these beliefs, just as they were not when the world was discovered not to be flat, the earth did revolve around the sun and there probably is life throughout the universe. God truly is wondrous to have given us such intelligence and the power to question and wonder about everything. The truth does not fear investigation nor progress, because if true, it will remain true, no matter what is discovered or thought of.

  8. November 11th is Veteran’s Day-Now there is something to give thanks for. Something that is real. Anything with the words GLobal,World,Socialist, Green,-LOOKOUT.

  9. Here’s another point of view worth considering about the New Reality Transmission 11:11:10 meditation that was channeled from Saint Germain:
    November 5, 2010
    “Being a God means: being like God. God gives love to all, no matter what they are thinking. God delivers many gifts daily to those who are able to accept them. Man’s contractions are the rejecting mechanism of these gifts. Co-creating with God contains all happy feelings, because the body is not doing what it doesn’t want to do.
    Acting the way God acts has nothing to do with your thoughts. Magic, attracting money, wanting things to be different than they are, and control of any kind, are not a positive contribution to mass consciousness. Making a demonstration of “how my dream can be created” has no value what-so-ever. It only shows that the Lucifer approach to awareness has been created again. Remember this tale? Lucifer determined he was more powerful than God. He decided to make himself the Supreme being of all the World, causing his own downfall. Making a demonstration of the mind’s ability to deliver a new reality, that does not consider divine will, has the same implications. Can you see the commonality?
    All of the things being experienced now are opportunities to become God-like, by being non-reactive to them. A divine response is to be the love you are looking for, not giving God a different act to deal with. Mistrust the deliverers of this tragic game. The consequence can abort the ascension.
    Are you going to deliver your mind’s new reality picture to mass consciousness? Or, be a God that demonstrates love in every reality. Consider the demonstration being promoted to be a negative delivery of man’s ability to create. Nothing that the divine love in the heart of hearts can command, can deliver the combination of dreams concocted for an experiment.
    Be the divine anchor of light instead. Meditate, ask for divine teachings, ask for divine healing. Give assistance to those who need it, play, dance, chant, do Tai Chi. Give the world the light. Don’t give a mental dream to this drama unless you are willing to reap the consequences, like Lucifer did. Being like God is not demanding control of the world over God’s creation. Make no mistake, this choice has many implications that the children of God are not aware of. Remember the Golden calf? This experiment is your Golden calf.”
    November 7, 2010
    “My last message details how one of the most major concepts AGAINST God’s ascension design can alter things completely. When man decides that his concept of how things must be, is more accurate than God’s, all of the Masters and Angels are subject to man’s choice. Changing all as man decides could destroy the entire game. All the differences between man’s game, and the dream of the divine concept, can act as a noose around man’s neck, as far as advancement in consciousness is concerned. Back to cave man days!
    All is God. God’s plan has the most advantages to the entire learning of all concerned. Man’s desires are many, and the mass that desires ascension is minor. So they don’t make this needed contribution to the most dramatic operation of change that has ever been designed. Man wants change without the lessons involved in causing it. Man’s design can occur, but with great cost to the children of God. All who are contributors to that drama do not get to graduate! No mass ascension can occur, there will be no dramatic answer to those not ascending, and those unable to accept the new consciousness can deliver many dramas (as man’s greatest nemesis) as the next act of a new, demanding consciousness; where I AM has been discarded in the details.
    Operation Terra was the original plan. Ashtar and the Great White Brotherhood are all included. None of these details were not accurate as they were delivered, time and dates aside. They call the mind to all the details the original plan needs from you.
    Give up this absurd manifestation plan which is a detour from God’s design. God’s design cancels nothing that is needed. Man’s design cancels many of the needed disasters that have the ability to deliver many to ascension. Play that game and create a new reality – one in which everyone loses.
    Masters and Angels do not live in the realm of going against God. Should this concept demonstrate new changes that are against God’s design, my ability to assist you will disappear. All will deny their own guidance, and man can be part of another drama that God abandons. Please go away from this manifestation delivery game.”
    Permission has been granted for this message to be shared in its entirety.

  10. alright — whether or not we can affect our “reality,” the LORD Jesus Christ instructed us to pray: Our Father, which art in Heaven — hallowed be Thy Name; Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven …
    i think this is a great opportunity to continue to ask that GOD would fulfill this ancient promise. That is our need — His Kingdom to come on earth.
    visualize the Truth being told, visualize that the knowledge of the Almighty will fill the world
    … for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. Isaiah 11:9 … The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this. with Isaiah 9:7 Of the greatness of His government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever.

    Even So, the heartcry of Christians everywhere — Come Quickly, LORD Jesus

  11. Just read what all you guys have to say. It is way too early and I need more coffee before I can even begin to think about what y’all are saying. Even then, I may not be smart enough to comment. That said, to me, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.

  12. “Every collection of ideas has an underlying premise, the a priori.”
    except your?

    • Could I have made my a priori clearer? Obviously not to idiots like you. So here it is. Pay attention:
      Here’s the a priori (also called “premise”):
      There is good and evil in all of us. That’s our universal Human Nature. And no matter how much we try (as if we really do), we cannot completely expunge the bad/evil from our nature. How many saints do we personally know? Besides, even certified saints are flawed imperfect beings.
      Since all human beings have both good and evil in them, they are therefore imperfect beings. Imperfect beings trying to make a utopia (perfect society) is therefore flawed and doomed from the start, and only lead to even worse problems — as testified by the history of all such utopian undertakings, especially those of the 20th century (the Germans’ Third Reich, Marxist-Leninist communism) which took millions of lives. This is why the 20th century is the bloodiest in human history. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
      The logical structure from premise to derivative conclusons is as stark as:
      If a; then x, y, z follow.
      Given this premise of imperfect human nature, it therefore logically follows that any and all schemes that promise a utopia is necessarily at best a pipe dream, at worst, an outright lie concocted by evil people for their own ends. Why? because a perfect society is only possible if the human beings in it are perfect, i.e., totally good.

  13. How come I only get a 9.9? LOL

  14. Nowhere on the NRT Web site do I see mention of a utopia.
    Nor is this a Jonestown or Helter Skelter idea.
    Simply put, this is humankind wanting the world to live in harmony, and believing that it can be so.

    • Susan,
      Are you always so literal-minded? That New Reality Transmission does not use the word “utopia” does not mean it’s not proposing to “create” one. Or do you not know the meaning of the word “utopia”? — which means a perfect society or world, which implies humanity “living in harmony.” No utopia is possible if human beings live in disharmony.
      Are you even at all curious why the mysterious New Reality Transmission group not only will not name even ONE of its supposedly professional illustrious “scientist” member, they can’t be contacted by any means, including even by e-mail. As you and I both know, NRT can obtain an e-mail address solely for the group without an individual’s true name being attached. Is that the behavior of a group that purports to “create” a “new reality” of harmony, trust, peace, brotherhood, rainbow-lollipops-and-unicorns?

  15. Hmm, Steve, did you check your “consciousness vortex”? Maybe it’s twirling clockwise instead of counter-clockwise?
    Alas, New Reality Transmission didn’t tell us which direction to twirl our “vortex”. Rats! 🙁


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