Beware of deadly "Choking Game" spreading via social media

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There is something VERY VERY wrong with America when our young people find life so boring and meaningless that they voluntarily choke themselves to the point of fainting, all for “fun.”
Some of them don’t just faint. They die.
Below are the before and after pics of a young man named Mike, who died from a diabolical “game” that is circulating via social media among America’s youth.
Choking Game3It’s called the Choking Game — a “game” of human beings voluntarily suffocating themselves to the point of unconsciousness so as to obtain a “rush” or light-headed sensation that’s supposed to be pleasurable.
Like the Devil (“My name is Legion”), the Choking Game has many other names, including Airplaning, America Dreaming, Black Out, Black Hole, California High, Cloud 9, Fainting Game, Flatline Game, Gasp(ing) Game, Good Kids Game, Hang Man Game, Harvey Wall Banger, High Riser Game, Huffing, Knock-Out Game, Lions and Tigers, Pass(ing) Out Game, Purple Dragon, Rising Sun, Rush, Sleeping Game, Snuff Game, Space Cowboy, Space Monkey, Speed Dreaming, Suffocation Game, Teen Choking . . . .

Choking Game3 victims of the Choking Game

Benjamin Fearnow reports for CBS St. Louis, Aug. 5, 2014, that Facebook and Twitter users have revived “The Choking Game” – a thrill-seeking activity that involves strangulation and often fainting in order to induce a temporary feeling of euphoria caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. Also called the “fainting game,” the oxygen deprivation causes grey-outs that some have deemed near-death experiences. The hashtags of #thechokinggame and #passoutchallenge have revived the social media trend.
Medical professionals told KTVI-TV that teens cause the self-induced hyperventilation in order to achieve an adrenaline rush.
Dr. Matt Bruckel of Total Access Urgent Care said, “Basically what they’re accomplishing is they’re starving their brain for oxygen. The children will hyperventilate which will decrease the CO2 in the blood and the CO2 is the gas that causes the brain to breathe. And when you drop it down so low, the oxygen in the blood will drop down faster than the CO2 will rise so they’ll develop cerebral hypoxia, which is a condition in which the brain doesn’t have enough oxygen because the triggers for breathing and ventilation are gone.”
Some taking part in the “choking game” died as a result of the strangulation game. One such case is that of 14-year-old Troy Zalaback, whose death five years ago was first classified by police as a suicide until investigators found that the last thing Zalaback had searched on his phone and computer were instructions regarding the choking game.
Several memorial Facebook pages exist for deaths caused as a result of the choking game. The Gabriel Crumb memorial page features a community plea to end the “horrific game” that ended the 12-year-old’s life in January 2013.
A new Lifetime movie about the choking game has sparked much of the resurgent discussion.
Based on the book Choke by Diana Lopez, “The Choking Game” Lifetime movie description reads: “Taryn finds herself gaining much-desired popularity when the charismatic new girl at school claims her as a ‘breath sister,’ teaching Taryn about the Choking Game. Hiding it from her ever-present mother, best friend, and teachers, Taryn sees choking as a way to build self-control and grab an easy high. But, as the stakes are raised through each subsequent ‘flight’, Taryn has no idea that she is actually putting her life in extreme danger.”
Below are two disturbing videos posted on YouTube showing teens choking themselves and each other in a contest to see who will collapse first. One video shows two girls pinned up against a wall as two people push against their chest and necks until one of them faints and crumples to the ground.


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0 responses to “Beware of deadly "Choking Game" spreading via social media

  1. How horrible!

  2. Fair warning. Kids are very vulnerable to social manipulation, which makes this “game” particularly menacing. We look at it and ask how anyone could be so stupid. But I look back on my high school days, and ask the same thing.

  3. I saw kids doing this in jr high school over 50 years ago.

    • Sig…wish I’d have been able to see your input 20 yrs ago….I had no idea this had been around so long. My first year of teaching I had a kid who wore a “dog choke chain” around his neck to school (7th grade) & who routinely used it to choke himself into unconsciousness in class. (Dear Mom or Dad….why are you sending/allowing your kid to school w/a dog CHOKE chain around his neck? Aren’t you even CURIOUS???????) I sent him to the school nurse constantly…who ignored/chose to remain ignorant about the circumstances….even after I researched & gave her data/info abt this “fad.” AND, Even as I related details abt the “fad” volunteered to me by my other 7th-grade students. I called upon his (single) mother time & again….We finally set up a meeting/appt. at school one day. She did not show up, but someone told me they saw her car in the “drop off” car lane. I literally ran out and threw myself on the hood of her car to keep her from leaving. She came to the meeting but refused to accept the record of events (from me, the school nurse, the admin office…my record of calls to her….) about this sick display. Nothing ever came of it. I managed the best I could w/this kid & his classmates (who were also exposed to this…..) Even today, 20 yrs. later….I wonder if he’s still alive….. Praise God…to my knowledge, he was the only one in all these yrs that did this during school time in my class, ….Nevertheless…it was traumatic to me…I know it was to the other kids in my care that yr….& I had NO HELP from any quarter in dealing with it, either for the child involved…or for the kids around him who were subjected to this display/trauma while I was supposed to (in the”Leave It To Beaver” world) be teaching the most useless of topics: US History and Art. So, who cared? Maybe if I had been a math teacher………..(?)

      • Cal Girl – The only difference back then was that the kid would pant (hyperventilate), then hold his breath and someone would wrap his arms around his chest from behind him and squeeze. I did it once myself. Got real dizzy but didn’t pass out. This was perhaps 7th or 8th grade. It seemed to me to be a very short lived fad.

    • Ditto That Sig 35 yrs ago. Now the net just spreads it faster.

  4. It seems these kids are constantly pushing the envelope with binge drinking, drugs and now this. I am sure the upside down nature of our society is the greatest contributor to this type of behavior. More and more children seem to be involved with the many forms that self harm takes including choking and cutting. Self harm is listed in the DSM-IV-TR as a symptom of borderline personality disorder although the behavior is not strictly limited to just that disorder.

  5. The natural progression of the Knockout Game. Knock yourself out.

  6. I never heard of such a thing, ever. Good grief to the max! TPTB have already dumbed down the kids via the schools. The last thing kids need is to dumb down themselves even moreso by blocking oxygen to their brains!
    Seriously, though, yes, peer pressure when young definitely has a stong pull. Better/Safer to be mocked as a “Scaredy Cat” by the crowd & decline their insane invitations.

    • Indeed so, better “chicken” than to willingly throw one’s life away for a temporary high that also retards development (not that their development isn’t already quite stunted if they’re doing that in the first place.) Just another good reason to home school, and keep kids *away* from the internet altogether.

  7. Sounds like a natural cleansing of the gene pool to me.
    Yeah, I know that’s insensitive, but I am all for reducing the population of stoopid people – particularly before they have a chance to procreate.
    We have enough of them on this rock as it is.

  8. Darwin Award time… sad to say, but some folk insist upon it.

  9. Here in Victoria, BC we have a similar problem w/people in traffic, who exhibit what I refer to as ‘suicidal behaviour’ when on the streets or parking lots. And we have a LOT of horrible drivers of all makes & models of humans, all part of our bizarro New World Disorder.
    I arrived in February 1993, and before Boxing Day 1999 had been rear-ended 5 or 6 times, I lost count after a while. After the third one, I installed the loudest back-up alarm I could find, same as a 45′ semi uses. In between I grew accustomed to people walking out behind my truck as I was backing up, even after I was halfway out of my space.
    The fifth rear-ender was a doozy: the skid marks were 220′ long, so the RCMP estimated he was doing at least 60 up to 80 mph before he hit his brakes and ploughed into me. I’d seen him in my rear view mirror and come to a halt, so the three senior ladies driving a pale blue Toyota ahead of me wouldn’t be struck by my car, what we call a ‘Police Family Special’ up here, a 1986 Ford Estate Wagon, nigh unto 2 tons empty, and SOLID!
    When I came to, a crowd had gathered, and we thought he was dead, as his car was submerged halfway up its R side in the drainage ditch. But he crawled out, wailing about his ruined, car, a Mustang GTO with less than 15,000 kilometers/9000 miles on it.
    His was a true write-off, while all he did to mine was crunch in the rear window/door, which needed C$ 1,500 of glass and body work. He plead ‘Not guilty’, but after 2.5 yrs of my recovering, albeit now w/PTSD, his lawyers caved at the last hour and settled out of Court.
    Why was he in such a hurry? He was speeding on this late Sunday afternoon to see his girl friend in Victoria, and had yet to drive back to where he lived in Nanaimo, 100 miles North of where I lived. He had to be at work Monday, where he was employed in a collision shop….

  10. This is pure evil from Satan himself. It is his goal to destroy us and here is another method to do so – horrible!

  11. So now whats the next step? You have this information and now the readers need to take action. They need to share the information woth family and friends. Wildfarmkids has some ways to find out if your child is involved and how to talk to youth about this deadly activity. Find more information at;


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