Bev Perdue: Corruptocrat

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Bureau of Labor Statistics Gave Insider Information to Democrat Governor

by Publius

From Carolina Journal:

RALEIGH — Since as early as January 2011, and perhaps before then, Gov. Bev Perdue’s press office has received access to confidential employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics hours if not days before its scheduled release, quite likely in violation of federal law. The governor’s staff used its early access to massage the monthly employment press release that reported jobs data to the public.
Documents and correspondence obtained by Carolina Journal show that the Division of Employment Security, formerly known as the Employment Security Commission, sent a draft of the press release each month to Perdue’s press office. The governor’s spokesmen typically rewrote the text and added a positive spin, even if the data did not support Perdue’s talking points.
Waiting for the MSM to pursue this story, cue the crickets.
Tom in NC
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6 responses to “Bev Perdue: Corruptocrat

  1. She is unfit to hold office of Governor,like a few others I know. Put her in the Governor hall of shame,to be removed ASAP. She also suggested we should have no elections. Come on North Carolina,get this commie queen out!

  2. crickets, lol’s. So many corrupt politicians, so few trees and not enough rope. maybe she isn’t as bad as Eric Holder selling explosives to the OKC bombers or guns to drug lords and Mexican Gang Invaders…and had a hand in WACO where they burned innocent children alive(who was the governor of Texas ?) or landing drug shipments in Mena,Arkansas but if we’d start cleaning up locally…maybe it wouldn’t get to the point where the terrorists are running the country.

  3. The MSM’s reaction, last September, to Purdue saying we should cancel elections for two years — crickets.

  4. SRM, commies, and libs all on the same mission – to keep us uninformed WMD blind. Only way they can control us.

  5. Let me rephrase that :
    she IS as bad as that baby killer Holder (tied to Ruby Ridge,too) or the cop killers and firefighter killers or the soldiers dying in false flag ops and political wars to prop up their sagging polls…tyrants are ever the same….the life and liberty of others is a low priority to their personal power and fulfillment of their inflated egos.

  6. Worst governor Ever for our state!! She doesn’t even know we exist in the western mountains!!


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