Classless: Bette Midler slammed for vulgar caption of Melania Trump modeling photo

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You know what they say about liberals and double standards…

From Fox News: Bette Midler, who last month called women the “most disrespected creatures on earth,” is now in hot water for showing disrespect to first lady Melania Trump.

On Thursday, the 72-year-old actress-singer posted a picture on Twitter of Melania posing in a cockpit for a GQ photo shoot, and included a vulgar, insulting caption.

“The dry cleaning bill for the upholstery on Air Force One must be insane. #FLOTITS,” Midler wrote.

Social media users immediately took to Twitter to slam the star and called on her to apologize to the first lady.

“Why are you doing this? Haven’t you had enough of bashing this poor woman? She was a model, so what. Don’t hate. You really just made a fool of yourself with such a catty comment. Did you feel better after posting this? That made you feel good? You should apologize,” one Twitter user wrote.

Now you’ve moved on to body Shaming? You? Honestly? Is this what you want your daughter to be like as well. Teach her that if you disagree Politically that all bets are off when it comes to how you are as a human being? #Shameful,” another individual tweeted.

One social media user commented: “Disagree on politics all day long, but this is a mean-spirited and childish jab at a woman’s choices. THIS is what has finally made me put away my love for your great talent. You are a hypocrite.

Tweeted another: “You’re considered by some an Icon a advocate for women….this is so disgusting! what happened to all women should lift each other up? What did this women ever do to you? You should be ashamed of yourself so disappointing.”

One long-time fan was “hurt” by Midler’s post.

“What a shame! U were 1 of my favorite actresses & singers growing up! My mother would listen2 your songs all day & that is where I got my love for4u! My children also fell in love with yr music! 1of their favorite movies was HocusPocus! u just hurt alot of people that loved U!”

Last month, Midler sparked social media backlash after posting a racially insensitive tweet about feminism, in which she said “women are the N-word of the world” and the “most disrespected creatures on earth.”

Read the whole story here.


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13 responses to “Classless: Bette Midler slammed for vulgar caption of Melania Trump modeling photo

  1. Bette sure has a l lot of room to talk! She got her start playing in the filthy bath houses in NYC to rooms full of naked gay men.

    • Right. She incriminates herself and not the first family when the cost of cleaning human waste from the upholstery is the first thing that pops into her head and nobody else’s. If the Bible is truthful, there is a Synagogue of Satan loose on this earth. If the Bible contains lies, there probably is not. In the first instance, assuming it’s true, this principality would attack the good, true, beautiful, and chaste by celebrating its opposite.

  2. People that shame others, open themselves up to ridicule and ‘celebs’ are notorious for it.
    It seems to be a liberal trait that is repulsive and despicable.

  3. The synonym for liberal/progressive/left is Hypocrite.

  4. You would never see Hillary or Michelle in such GQ pictures! By the way, Bette has revealed more for Hollywood. Unless a standing was used.

  5. I don’t see the entertainer in her. Melania Trump was a sophisticated model that married a multimillionaire and is the First Lady. Bette Miller is a cheap old woman still making the rounds as ”humorous” anywhere they need to fill an empty space. She is not funny but obnoxious and looking worn out as she gets up in age. She doesn’t understand the billboard is a photoshop.

  6. Sorry, Bette Midler, sometimes the speller makes unauthorized changes.

  7. I wonder if Midler will have the same reaction to any of her pedo Hollywood tribalists? Very doubtful.

    “Robert de Niro Linked to Child Sex Trafficking Ring According to Court Records”

    “According to court records from 1998, Independent journalist John Lichfield discovered that the prostitution agency routinely ensnared girls as young as 15, forcing them to have sex with Hollywood’s rich and powerful elite.
    The French Vice Squad traced 89 young women who said they had been tricked or sometimes physically constrained by the agency into working for them. The girls were sometimes “sold on like cattle” to other call-girl agencies.
    While it is not clear whether or not De Niro was supplied with underage girls, his involvement in the ring received little to no media coverage.

    The case uncovers the brutal methods used to snare young women, some as young as 15, into a call-girl agency.
    It also exposes attempts by the French government machine to block an investigation. Seems France did not want to embarrass senior politicians and damage French (((interests))) abroad.” …. More.

  8. Hollywood et al, is the “Ghetto” of the entertainment elite outside of more conservative venues like Branson or Nashville….They are, compared to the “average American,” out of our price-range, out of our common experience, out of our needs politically, out of our neighborhoods, out of our shopping zones, out of our monthly billing cares, out of our yearly salaries, out of our social networks and family ties….out of our public school systems that our kids have to attend….out of our neighborhood homeless and aged concerns, out of our ground transportation—and air transportation…..never see them in a bus or squeezed into a seat beside me on SouthWest airlines on a “cattle call” seating….out of my Friday night “dining experience” from Denny’s or the rotisserrie chicken at the supermarket…..out of my EVERYDAY LIFE of clocked-in hours for pay. I could go on…but why bother? These “celebs” long ago forgot what it was like to be ME, or YOU….and they just pick up the talking points of the day that the majority of media give the most attention, and run with it. That’s what they did to earn their public notice in the first place. That’s what they did to maintain it as they worked their ways through the “fame” threads in Hollywood and elsewhere, and then—even now….as they fade away into obscurity…..that’s what they cling to to keep their names in front of their “public.” So many of these “stars” have “jumped the shark” with “their public” and they don’t EVEN recognize it yet……

    , out of our social service needs, out of even things like public ground transportation, public healthcare, or flying standby or “standard” class….There is PRACTICLLIY NOTHING that, for instance, Bette Midler, has had in common with MY LIFE in the last nearly 50 years of her career….and this means…the last 50 years of MY LIFE or anyone else out there who is toiling in the fields of “serfdom” for their wages, their taxes, and their retirement. (Remember…serfs in the middle ages worked 3-fields…only one of which was THEIRS to keep…….the others paid to the Lords and other taxes/fees/church reps, etc….pretty much the SAME as today for us “underlings.” )

  9. Ms. Middler has a certain fact right, but she has the context wrong—dead wrong: Women have been, generally speaking, disrespected and abused throughout history, to one varying degree or another, until Christianity took hold.
    It is the Christian ethos that has lifted women up and defended their dignity. But as she is anti-Christian (to what appears to me, given her feminism and catering to a rather gay crowd), Ms. Middler would not understand that.
    She also seems like a phony to me in that she doesn’t put her money where her mouth is; viz., she has come out only to carp and bitch and moan. She’s virtue-signalling, People! For Chrissakes, doesn’t anybody get that? (I am confident regular readers of FOTM would know this, and that they would come out and say it, which says much: We need independent people who can point this virtue-signalling out.

    O.K., I call it out!

    Retire, Bett. Most of your original fans are already in the Great Beyond.

  10. Jealousy. Because Melanie is not only beautiful, but intelligent, Christian, and the First Lady, something they never, ever want to see in a President & First Lady (Christian that is).

    They do like First Tranny’s!

    Joan Rivers: Obama è gay e Michelle un trans

  11. Unsolved? mystery murder?


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