Bestiality with horses is on the rise in Switzerland

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The world is going to Hell in the proverbial hand basket.
David K. Li reports for The New York Post, Nov. 27, 2015, that according to a sickening new report from Tier im Recht, an animal welfare group, more Swiss people are having sex with horses.
Switzerland has an estimated 110,000 horses living on 18,000 farms.
In 2014, there were 105 cases of the maltreatment of horses in Switzerland — 10% percent of which (10.5 cases) involved people abusing horses by having sex with them. But Tier im Recht believes that the number of unreported horse abuse cases is likely much higher, given that so many Swiss are involved with equestrian activities.
Experts estimate that 10,000 people in Switzerland are “predisposed” to zoophilia, the new PC term of bestiality, according to the 20 Minuten newspaper. Switzerland has a total population of 8.081 million in 2013. Andreas Rüttimann, Tier im Recht’s legal expert, told reporters that the rate of bestiality with horses “is relatively elevated compared with other types of animals.”
Overall, there were 1,709 incidents of abuse against animals in Switzerland in 2014, up from 1,542 from the previous year.
To clean our palate and restore our soul, here’s the breathtaking scene from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, of Gandalf summoning Shadowfax, the magnificent “lord of all horses”.


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0 responses to “Bestiality with horses is on the rise in Switzerland

  1. I’m without words. Any wonder G-d has allowed the islamic plague to over-run Europe…?

  2. I don’t understand how low we have fallen as a society. I watched the clip of Shadowfax. We are not only sexually abusing horses, but every animal. We are also sending our Congressionally protected wild horses and burros, who were given “forever” protection on THEIR LANDS here in the USA, to death in Mexico with the blessing of Sally Jewell of the Bureau of Land Management; the Dept. of Interior, the Dept. of Agriculture, sacrificing them in helicopter roundups, penning them – wild animals who know no containment, OUR horses and burros – and if the 58,000 now contained are not adopted, they will be horribly crowded into stock trailers and sent to Mexico, where the slaughtering is done in the most hideous, barbaric way imaginable. The purpose of this is to extinct our wild horses and burros, for grazing rights of welfare ranchers of cattle and sheep. The EU is phasing out horsemeat for human consumption. It is illegal here, but horsemeat is finding its way into all sorts of products, including ground beef in your chain fast food restaurants and into your chicken nuggets. Our Congress must pass the SAFE Act. It must vote against the DARK Act. And our horses and burros must be saved for our posterity, for the living icons of freedom and liberty we treasure most in our lives.
    Thank you for your time. Please Google the wild horse and burro roundups. The danger of American horses for human consumption. The resistance to food labeling and the government’s fight for GMOs in your food.

  3. Really, really, really, really, too too weird!!
    Even for someone who –until the age of 15– born & raised in Chicago and Skokie, and thought that things there were in a pretty bad state, and that Chicago was the armpit of America, but now it looks like it got relocated to Switzerland. Maybe, just maybe, handling all that money made some of the 1% fall into the abyss, do you think?

  4. After I did my post on the sourdough bread, I saw this article. That. Was. It. I couldn’t take looking at any more craziness on the internet so I shut down the computer. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??

    • Beautifully stated, for which I thank you!

    • To break a person’s ability to think logically, more than one challenge is presented. In these days, Lucifer is attempting to ruin mankind through attack in every way possible.
      I appreciate your work to tell us about much of this, but I couldn’t go far with the recipe for bread, let alone the post regarding horses. Thank you for working through revulsion to inform us of what we need to know.

  5. I wonder if it’s related to there being all those banksters there

    • See my comment above re the Swiss elite. Twenty yrs ago I married the widowed mother of BC’s horse jumping champion. I got to know the ‘horsey set’ all too well: it’s very elitist and very ugly. Without end.
      You have to wonder what it took to turn out such a bunch of mean-spirited, back-biting, blond-haired & blue-eyed ice-cold princesses of Iceland, as I call ’em.
      You think I’m stereotyping? Go to a horse show or event and check them out: 90% are young women; the men are similar, nearly 100% have all expenses paid by mum and dad.
      My step-daughter competed against the horse owned & entered by the owners of Starbucks Coffee. She complained bitterly as how Herself was edged out by this undeserving daughter of multi-millionaires. “Her horse knows more than she does! I could beat her if I had rich parents!!” Her mum was far from broke, as I doubled her portfolio’s value in 4 years, and increased the farm’s property value by 50%.
      They refer to themselves as ‘horse athletes’ and live very closely w/their mounts at all times. Is sexual contact a Luciferian way to ‘communicate’ w/one’s horse in order to get it to ‘perform’ better, as Olympic coaches do w/the young gymnasts they dominate?
      God help us all!

  6. Michael Savage reported over five years ago that the same abuse of horses was going on in Germany. Apparently, what went on at Sandy Hook is not the only news being censored.
    We are being mollycoddled by our captors: They are not allowing the sordid and moribund truth to get out, that society—at least corporately—is a lot more morally rotten than we can imagine. Sure, they run the Show here at Plato’s Cave, but a lot more is going on than we’re being told.
    As a former teacher in New York City, I can tell you without a doubt that incest is RAMPANT in our society, and it goes on in every social strata there is. And now bestiality—once thought confined to a certain religion in the Middle East—is rising.
    The Time where God once again shall “lament at having created man” is almost upon us. (And He Promised He would never again destroy the World with WATER.)

  7. This is yet further proof that the controlling god of Earth is the God of Evil. As it is said, it is a sign of the quickening before the final cleaning and a New Dawn.

  8. if they are not raping women, then…I guess they have to rape something…ugh!

  9. As it was in the days of Noah…no, change that, as it was worse than the days of Noah.

  10. Obviously Democrats from America have taken over Switzerland!

  11. That humans would defile themselves in this manner . . . much less forcing animals to have this forced on their-selves–is beyond what I can comprehend. Steven is correct when God promised that he would not destroy the Earth again with water . . . the next time it will be fire, since the Earth needs to be cleansed from all the heinous evil that has been perpetrated on her.

  12. Having worked to raise and treat animals all my life, this is appalling. I am not sure which is more disturbing, knowing this is happening and no one is stopping it, or knowing people actually know the numbers of it happening. I mean who would report this?
    Good Lord please help us save this world. Amen.

  13. Well, I guess after they rape and ”use” our championship athletes, i.e., Exceller and Ferdindand…THEN, they slaughter them and eat them. Who SAID we are EVEN “civilized?” IMO…should be illegal to sell a horse outside of the USA…….just saying………look these horses and their histories up online……..and then donate to the “Ferdinand Fund.”

  14. DCG asked the right question “what is wrong with people?” All comments are spot on. My husband says that if God does not do something soon he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah! I think he has a point. I pray daily for Devine intervention.

    • Don’t worry, my friend. He will do something when we are at the brink of self-annihilation. Not a moment sooner.
      It’s up to us to mitigate the damage and contain evil as long as we can – weeding out the pious from the faux believers.

    • I believe, out of the countries on this earth, the one God will judge the harshest will be America. We are the greatest nation on earth and are falling the fastest. America mocks and rejects God at every opportunity. America has been blessed many times over throughout our history but we have been failing our Father. We are losing our blessings and it’s been a downward spiral these past few decades. I don’t know if it’s too late to bring favor back in God’s eyes. The only thing we can do is wait for fulfillment of His judgement and those who believe in Him stay true to His word and be blessed.

  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. The abuse of the great and wonderful horses, God’s creatures, has happened as a result of Satan’s temptations and humankind’s evil choices. This is absolutely sickening.

  16. I am having trouble comprehending the level of depravity on this planet these days. It’s way past beyond evil. It’s difficult to maintain any sanity knowing what really goes on “underground”. I have seen it too firsthand and it’s enough to drive one insane. I know why some people do go insane if they get flooded with all this garbage at once. It’s too unbelievable.


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