Bestiality On Fox TV

This is what I think of Fox TV

With every day, American culture is further debased and corrupted. I don’t watch Fox TV’s “American Dad.” I most certainly will not watch it now.
Last Sunday, Fox exposed children and families to bestiality on its animated series, “American Dad.” Here’s the bestiality scene (WARNING: not for children):

Roger has an injured arm, and tells Stan he must care for their racehorse.
ROGER: “You’re gonna have to do the horse chores…You have to brush the horse’s coat and mane, water and feed it, then give it a full release. You know, give it a happy photo finish. Take the glue out of the factory. Spank his front butt. Grant him a bone loan!”
Later, Stan strokes the horse’s side.
STAN: “Here we go. Just do me a favor and let me know when you’re about to…you know.”
Stan bends down beneath the horse. The horse’s eyes go wide with surprise and pleasure. Stan is shown with fluid spraying in his face, implying that the horse has ejaculated on Stan. The camera pulls back to reveal that Stan is washing himself off with a hose.

To quote blogger Henry Makow, the Left like to say, “Don’t force your morality on us.” It’s time we say, “Don’t force your immorality on us.”
To file a complaint with the FCC about Fox TV, CLICK HERE.

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