Best Political Ad Ever

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His name is Dale Peterson. He’s running for Alabama’s Agriculture Commissioner. Wish we had more plain-speaking take-no-prisoner politicians like this guy!
A big h/t beloved Fellowship member DCG!

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0 responses to “Best Political Ad Ever

  1. Libs heads are going to explode once they see this! Best. Ad. EVER.

  2. LOL – I have had about 5 people email that to me.
    I think it’s awesome.
    Almost makes me want to move to Alabama just so I can vote for the guy.

    • The Angry White Woman

      Vote for him, hell I wanna marry him! Oh, wait, I’m already married.
      …Always did have a weakness for shiny palominos.

  3. I really like this! A cut the B.S. kinda guy,we need about 400 some more exactyly like him to replace the current congress. I could see the current Communist administration wetting there pants all at the same time,if this guy showed up on their doorstep.[ha,love it}

  4. Hell, yes! (The ad John McCain should’ve run, dammit!)

  5. AMEN!!!!! That’s the way we were raised in Dixie!!

  6. For those interested…he’s now on Twitter! @Dale_Peterson.


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