Best Card Trick Ever

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Note: Best part starts at the 1:30 mark.
(h/t: My friend Robyn)

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0 responses to “Best Card Trick Ever

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! That guy has some crazy skill…

    • Debbie,
      I have watched it five times, and I have no idea how he’s doing it.
      Just wow.

      • I thought at first w/the numbers (being street numbers) he was just reading what turned over. But then realized he’s saying the numbers before turned over. But w/the Kings, Queens & Jacks, that’s just not possible to make up!
        Hope he makes a good living off of this!

    • Wow… that is some card trick. Clearly, he’s got that locked, but NO clue how he’s doing it.

  2. He lost me after He said; both hands straight out, and both thumbs up?

  3. Ditto to all the above: the slickest stuff ever. How can he NOT make a great living with these stunts!


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