Best 2011 Superbowl Commercial

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In the humble opinion of a major Lord of the Rings geek  😉


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0 responses to “Best 2011 Superbowl Commercial

  1. OK, it works for me on multiple levels. Ya gotta wonder who dreamed it up, and then why the mish mash of themes. But goofy is almost always ‘good’!

  2. Is that World of Warcraft?

    • Sorry, Ted, I don’t know ’cause I’ve never played World of Warcraft!
      Regardless, the Coca Cola video sure looks like the Battle at Helms Deep of Lord of the Rings, albeit with simians and dragons instead of men, elves, hobbits, one dwarf vs. demonic orcs and uruk’hais.

  3. Loved that one, though I must admit my favorite was Darth Vader. 🙂

  4. Eowyn,
    That was in my top three, but the Darth Vader one was
    my favet, and I loved the Pepsi Max commercial when the guy’s wife throws the can at her hubby for looking at the blonde babe on the next bench over, hubby ducks, and the can hits the blonde in the head.


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