Berkeley homeless greet newly-elected pro-homeless mayor by smearing feces on City Hall

On November 8, the already far-left city of Berkeley, CA, tilted further to the left when residents voted in an even farther-left mayor and city council.

Jesse Arreguín (l) was endorsed by socialist Bernie Sanders (Photo courtesy of Arreguin; Source: Berkeleyside)

Jesse Arreguín (l) was endorsed by socialist Bernie Sanders (Photo courtesy of Arreguín; Source: Berkeleyside)

In an 8-candidate, ranked-choice voting, City Council member Jesse Arreguín was voted mayor with 15,912 votes.
A Democrat Party activist who, according to his biography, “has been passionately committed to social justice from an early age,” 32-year-old Arreguín has never held a regular private-sector job, and is pro-rent control and an advocate for the “homeless”.
On December 1, 2016, Arreguín was sworn in as mayor.
The next day, December 2, at around 5:15 a.m., about 20 police officers, accompanied by Berkeley’s code enforcement manager Greg Daniel and Assistant City Manager Jim Heyns, raided a homeless encampment just north of City Hall and a block from a high school.
As reported by Tracey Taylor for Berkeleyside, the raid was prompted by the discovery of feces spread “over a period of 24 hours, at various places on or near City Hall.” The city also reported problematic behavior from campers including public masturbation and offensive chalk messages on the sidewalks.
City Manager Dee Willams-Ridley described in a statement a number of “problematic behaviors” that had occurred during the 72 hours before the police raid:

November 30: In the morning, feces was discovered spread across the back walkway and back gate of City Hall. Staff immediately responded and cleaned it. That evening, staff exiting City Hall found the front door, door handle and door glass smeared with feces. We immediately responded and cleaned it.
December 1: The front door, door handle, and door glass were once again smeared with feces. Residents and visitors conducting business with the City, employees and guests coming for the Council swearing-in ceremony were told to enter through the back door. The first floor bathroom inside the Human Resources Department was also smeared with feces.
December 2: The north entrance door of Berkeley’s historic Old City Hall and the heating furnace at the Veterans Building were covered in excrement.
Civilian staff – who have acted with great dignity and professionalism in cleaning up feces – have reported that they have been treated in a hostile manner by members of the encampment for cleaning up the excrement. In addition, civilian staff have seen members of the camp masturbate and engage in sexual behavior at the site. City unions have also expressed concern about working conditions.”

In addition to feces, the city’s  civilian staff also found paint and chalk swastikas and messages on the sidewalk advocating suicide and “Fuck the Police”. Altogether, the staff removed 12 cubic yards of garbage, food, end caps of needles, mildewed or soiled fabric, broken chairs, and other debris. There were no arrests and no citations.
Willams-Ridley said that prior to the raid, city staff and a city homeless outreach worker from the Mental Health Division had been visiting the camp for several weeks to offer resources.
This is not the first time the largely same group of homeless people has been asked to leave a camp on public property. There have been several similar raids over the past two months.
By lunchtime on Dec. 2 after the police raid, some of the campers had already set up on the sidewalk across from the former camp, on the corner of Center and Milvia streets.
Mike Lee, of the homeless advocacy group First They Came for the Homeless and former candidate for Berkeley mayor, said he was furious because newly elected mayor Jesse Arreguín had assured homeless leaders that he would stop such raids from happening and would be an advocate for the homeless.
Today, mayor Arreguín is bringing a number of proposals to the City Council which will include a recommendation to allow homeless camping in designated areas, the locations of which  have yet to be determined.

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Christian Zionist

Well, that’s about what these Democratic Socialists (read communists) are worth, a pile of poop!


Not all homeless are nice people. A lot are homeless because of alcoholism or being druggies. Not all, but a lot of them are. I have had them ask me for money for food. When I offer to but them food instead of giving them the money I have often been told just give me the F—ing money and I will buy my own food. I also have had them get very happy at the chance to have some food that did not come from a garbage can. I will still pay for their meal, but I now do NOT… Read more »


Teach a man to fish….

Longknife 21
Longknife 21

I think this is very fitting. Basic Behaviorism : if you encourage a behavior (or misbehavior) you get more of it. They encourage irresponsible (even shitty) people, Illegal immigrants, and druggies, and what do they get ? Literally shitty behavior. Why is anyone surprised? LibTARDs are in denial about Real World Facts that don’t quite fit their Theories and Agenda. Now they are up against “people” that literally don’t give anything more than “a shit” for their Theories and Agenda, or decency, basic cleanliness, or public health. This is ‘sub-human’ behavior, an insult to regular animals to call them “animals”,… Read more »

John Molloy
John Molloy

Flame throwers would be a solution to the homeless problem.
It would eliminate the camp, and intimidate, if not eliminate the residents as well. Radical yes but very efficient.


No doubt the recommendation for new homeless camping designated areas will be far, far away from city hall.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Clearly, Berkeley is the “belly of the beast.” It is obvious they have no idea how to handle their homeless situation, and consequently, they should defer to conservative charitable organizations to gain effective methods to handle them. Amazing.


Look on the positive side. If they were Satanic (like so many in DC), they’d be EATING the feces (and the mayor probably would probably have joined in to show he accepted that “lifestyle”)


Stupid is as stupid does. When someone has shit for brains, it’s terminal, and we can only hope for a prompt dispatch to a better world for them.


[…] Berkeley homeless greet newly-elected pro-homeless mayor by smearing feces on City Hall […]