Berkeley College Republicans Plan Satirical Bake Sale – Libs Go Berserk

This is going to make you smile.

An ‘Increase Diversity’ bake sale planned by a group of students is being branded racist because the prices are based on the buyer’s gender and race.
The fury over the sale in California, however, is exactly what the organizers, the Berkeley College Republicans, wanted.
Campus Republican president Shawn Lewis said the bake sale was organized to protest SB 185.
That is a bill currently being considered by Gov. Jerry Brown, which would authorize California public universities to consider race, gender, ethnicity, and national/geographic origin in the admissions process.

You can read the rest here.
Liberals are such utterly humorless drones.
(h/t: My very bestest NewsBusters bud J)

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Good grief, lighten up. Can’t they understand the relation to this bill? Idiots…


Wait, wait, wait… let me make sure I understand this: They protest that there should be equal rights, and now they want a law that is discriminatory… Oh, sorry, it’s the t-shirts they’re complaining about… but, they themselves have proudly proclaimed that they want increased diversity… Make up your minds!


I’m just amazed there are ANY Repubs left in Berkeley! There may still be hope yet………..on second thought….hmmm….. 😉

Dennis K.
Dennis K.

Too often the mirror of truth makes an ugly picture!

Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore

The best way to troll liberals is with the truth. They hate the truth.


That’s strange I’ve ALWAYs called Brezerkley that.
Honestly just about everyone I know that was either born or raised in Berkely seem a little LSD dammaged. Funny thing is most for them swear they have NEVER taken it. I believe it’s in the drinking water with the massive amounts of flouride.
I also refer to California as Kalifornistan, Banifornia and Commiefornia.
Seem’s to me they are all true in one way or another.

Dr. Eowyn

Careful with your blanket generalization. Not everyone in Berkeley is a lefty. I got my B.A., M.A., & Ph.D. at UC Berkeley. There are conservatives here, just very small in number — 7% of voters in Berkeley voted for GW Bush in 2004.
Since I see from your IP address that you are a Bay Area Northern Californian, one can say the same about you — LSD damaged, Kalifornistan, Banifornia, Commiefornia…. Got any more contemptuous stereotypes to hurl?
I’d rather have a lib as a friend than you.

Blonde Gator (aka Dave's bestest buddy J)

No doubt the exquisite irony of the situation is lost on the liberals who seek their “perfect diversity’ based on ethnicity, sex, and skin color, rather than an individual’s character and desire to learn.
I should have known you’d take that article and run with it, Dave. The UK Daily Mail is one of my guilty pleasures, little gems the MsM here would never dare publish, which is sad.