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President Lucifer desires your complete cooperation.

Desires your complete cooperation.

In the words of CS Lewis,
“They have brought down
deep heaven on their heads.”

Spokes-Weasel Carney:
Benghazi Happened A Long Time Ago

What difference does it make?

Dem. Congressman at Benghazi Hearing:
Death Is a Part of Life

Dem Congressman
Blames Budget Cuts

Cummings on
Funding for Embassy Security

Benghazi Witness Says State Dept.
Told Him Not To Meet With Congress

Mother of Benghazi victim
I blame Hillary

See also Dr. Eowyn’s post: Whistleblowers confirm Obama regime lied about the Benghazi attack

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0 responses to “BENGHAZI = TREASON

  1. This is a fabulous compilation of information. That we (the American people) have been lied to, mislead, and just plain fing-dingled by Obama and Clinton. It is an outrage. How can anyone of any level of intelligence possibly feel anything short of unbridled anger over this whole travesty. I just hope these congressional hearing rip this puppy wide open!

  2. I want to know what was in those building in the compound that those terrorists took over in the attack ???
    I read that Ambassador Stevens was working with the Information officers who were protecting him to Round up the Lost Chemical Weapons that were lost during the fall of Qaddafi .
    I think Obama does not want it to be known that he allowed the Muslim brotherhood terrorists to gain control of those weapons to transport them to Syria to arm the opposition there to over throw Assad .
    Read this ;

  3. This entire scam of an administration is guilty of treason to one degree or another, and need to be held accountable. This is infinitely worse than Watergate.

  4. Any moment now I expect some sort of horrific tragedy to occur somewhere in our nation to take our eyes off the travesty of Benghazi.

  5. Outstanding, TD!

  6. Excellent information here (for people who really want to be informed).
    You guys have a great website.

  7. I hope we’ll be smelling Grilled Hildabeast with Zero calories on The Hill soon!

  8. Dem. Congressman at Benghazi Hearing:
    Death Is a Part of Life
    But murder isn’t, you barely literate moron.

  9. “This conspiracy stuff is kind of ridiculous, to be honest with you. And I’m kind of surprised that they’ve gone to these lengths, but you know, that’s what they do,” Cummings said.(CBS News) The top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., said the investigation into the death of four Americans in Libya is becoming a “witch-hunt.”

    • I think it should be a b*tch hunt.
      And that applies to Broom Hilda as much as it does her former boss.
      What is more, you could reverse the order, but it wouldn’t change the equation.
      LOL – And some of you might understand what I’m getting at.

  10. This whole thing stinks, like BO!

  11. GREAT compilation – thanks to all for your hard work to keep us informed. Super site!

  12. mike diamond

    and nixon got impeached over watergate,something far less serious!if barry is not impeached,we need to apologize to president nixons family! this is a disgrace!

  13. This was an election-time advertisement for obama….back in 2008…. telling us they’d answer the phone….sort of spooky how ironic the ads are…… huh?

  14. And here was hilary’s—–3 a.m.—“Stand down.”

  15. In case you missed the Benghazi hearing….here it is. I don’t know how long they’ll leave it up.

  16. Here is the MSM’s coverage of Benghazi!!!! LOL

  17. Reblogged this on andyoaklee AvidAmerican and commented:
    Just a reminder (or primer) on #Benghazi


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