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  1. Are these some of the men who were hidden in hospital(s)? If not, what has happened to them, and is this continuing saga going to be the “whole truth”?

  2. Every time I see pictures of the four men who were left behind–to be sacrificed for some unknown reason, I find myself crying. I feel a tremendous shame because my government . . . DID NOTHING! Thank you for this post, which keeps us up to date as to the treacherous dealings at Bengazi.

    • Me, too. My eyes welled up with tears while writing this post.

      • What we are witnessing in Libya, Syria and Iraq with the Islamic crazies, the Saudis and the Kenyan goat herders son is the reconstitution of the Ottoman Empire. They are doing it right before our eyes.

    • It is absolutely shameful, but it is not “for some unknown reason”….
      The overthrow of the Libyan government was simply one piece of the broader agenda to destabilize and restructure the entire Middle East, which itself is a piece of the overall agenda to consolidate power around the entire globe into a single, unified system.
      This agenda is what really drives the people who are running things at the highest levels. It’s pretty straight-forward.

  3. Every member of this appalling mal-Administration deserves to be publicly flogged, then solitary confinement to the end of their creepy days, IMHO.

  4. No words (that I can post here)…

  5. The Resident refused air support because by then he knew his Muslim brethren were in possession of over 1,000 shoulder fired surface to air missiles. Apparently at least one of those shoulder fired missiles found it’s way to Afghanistan and was used against the Chinook helicopter carrying SEAL Team 6. Anybody thinking that a rocket pod grenade fired at a distance of 300 yards at a helicopter in pitch blackness that hit it was just a lucky shot can keep their doctor if they like their doctor. That was no rocket pod grenade “lucky shot”, that was a heat seeking Stinger Missile.

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  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most significant post. I, too, cry when I see their pictures and think of their loved ones. Americans must not forget what happened here and must not forget the king’s response and Hilary’s response – cavalier, cruel and contemptuous.


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