Ben Swann's Reality Check – GOP Rule 38

This was broadcast on Fox 19 Cincinnati last night. 
Friday, 2:00 PDT from  Ben Swann on the Reality Check Facebook page:
There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the “Unity” rule, Rule 38 at the RNC and how it can be applied. As I shared in last night’s Reality Check, the rule would prevent States or Congressional Districts from binding their delegates and forcing them to vote for only one candidate. Som…eone posted a very intelligent explanation about this on the Daily Paul that the GOP get around this rule by allowing 3 delegates, who are RNC leadership in the state to be unbound. This prevents 100% of the delegates from being a “Unit”.
There is another issue however that has not been discussed, which needs to be covered. If Congressman Paul continues to win delegates in the Bound states, he may assign those delegates. A lawyer contacted me with this information:
“I would look into the possibility of Ron Paul giving delegates to Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to ensure they have five on the first ballot. Even under my definition of “bound” (copied from Black’s Law Dictionary), “bound” delegates can still be “assigned”. There is nothing that stops Ron Paul from selectively releasing delegates.”
Finally, there is still the issue of abstaining. More to come on that…

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it’s all in the details and small print…like that pesky Constitution 🙂
Slaves and prisoners are bound…freemen vote for Statesmen


democrats ,republicans = criminals

Dr. Eowyn

Such in-your-face corruption. This makes a charade of all the Republican primary elections. It’s the RNC telling voters “F-You!”


There are MORE Republican voters that would vote for Ron Paul than Romney, because Romney is a backslider and a turncoat way out of touch with Reality. Ron is in touch with the people! And unlike Romney, Ron Paul BELIEVES in the CONSTITUTION, and knows that to save America he will have to rid us of ALL the unconstitutional laws! We can’t stand another government builder and money waster for the next 4 years, like Romney would be!!! Semper Fi.