Ben Swann's Reality Check – Romney's Suffering from a Lack of Love

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On July 11, 2012 Ben Swann of  Cinncinati’s employee-owned TV  channel Fox 19, did this “Reality Check” on Romney’s poll numbers in 12 swing states.

Last Monday, July 16th, 2012, Ben posted this on the Reality Check Facebook page:
I have been in touch with a member of the RNC Rules committee over the past 4 days and have been able to confirm a few FACTS about the nomination process.
1. For a candidate’s name to be placed into nomination at the RNC you DO need a plurality of delegates from 5 states.
2. Binding and Non-binding distinctions DO NOT have an affect on nominating a candidates name. If “binding” is allowable by rule, (it is not) it would only pertain to a vote taken on the nomination, not the process of placing a name in nomination.
3. The Ron Paul campaign HAS the majority of delegates in the following 5 states: Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Louisana, Iowa. He MAY have the majority in Massachusetts and Colorado
Congressman Ron Paul is having  a BIG rally 12:00-6:00 PM on Sunday, August 26 at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome the day before the GOP convention.  And his supporters that include republicans, democrats and independents fervently DO LOVE him.

To date, it looks like the Romney campaign will not allow him to speak at “their convention.”   People spending time at Ron Paul’s rally may not be amenable to the careful choreography of the Republican elites’ August 27-30  GOP Convention .

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0 responses to “Ben Swann's Reality Check – Romney's Suffering from a Lack of Love

  1. During the primaries, the MSM always commented that Ron Paul and Romney were too nice to each other. The Paul supporters always hoped he’d at least get an invitation to speak at the convention. The ball’s in Romney’s court in that respect. If Romney doesn’t have the cojones to invite someone who never attacked him a chance to address the Republican party one time before entering retirement, he’s way too soft to be president.

  2. My greatest fear is another Bob Dole v. Bill Clinton matchup. Remember the Dole defeat? In that one the GOP nominee succeeded in sidelining Pat Buchanan, the conservative favorite.
    The difference is that Buchanan never had a following of disaffected dems and independents. Ron Paul does. In trying to shut out Dr. Paul, they effectively slam the door on the votes of his non-traditional followers. Romney needs those votes in November.

  3. About the only hope we have left is that irrefutable proof will surface that will prove beyond all doubt that the bogus POtuS is the ineligible fraud that I firmly believe him to be.
    Romney is running a lousy campaign – one every bit as bad as John McCain’s was, and unless he runs off all of his idiot campaign advisors and replaces them with some that actually have a clue, he is toast in November.

  4. Congressman Ron Paul voted for sodomy in the military!

    • lowtechgrannie

      Yes, and Romney supported abortion when he was Governor of Massachusetts. We’re not debating a perfect candidate, we’re talking about the possibility of Romney alienating independents. Get a grip, fella!

  5. Ron Paul has been polite because he is a statesman….
    he is a true conservative and has consistently voted along
    constitutional lines for 30 years and doesn’t flip-flop ..He is
    a man of principle supports the 2nd Amendment and is pro-life
    (you shall know a tree by it’s fruits) and pro-liberty (for ALL).
    He has too much class to complain about the censorship the
    mainstream media and the GOP have used to marginalize his
    campaign…anymore than he would complain about the dirty
    tricks played in Congress.
    Do some research on Ron and try not to be lukewarm.


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