Ben Swann Reality Check – Obama's Drones = Hypocrisy

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Ben Swann is news anchor and investigative reporter for Channel Fox 19 in Cincinnati.  In story after story, he lays out the facts so clearly they’re undeniable. If the national MSM had his intelligence, integrity and courage, this country would be a far better place.

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0 responses to “Ben Swann Reality Check – Obama's Drones = Hypocrisy

  1. I agree with Ben…Obama is one of the biggest terrorists today…Physically, morally and financially…a corrupt terrorist in sheeps clothing…Watch your soup Mitt…He cannot be trusted.

  2. I’m glad there is at least ONE truthful TV reporter in America!

  3. I agree that the US has stepped up its’ drone attacks and I believe this is not always good. We need human intelligence and without captured terrorist we limit the ability to do that. However, in a BO world, who I believe uses drone attacks incorrectly without proper intelligence verification, which inflicts this collateral damage spoken of and under which certain circumstances would be unnecessary deaths to civilians there is a huge difference. The drone attacks by the US are targeting terrorists and cause civilian deaths. The Hamas rocket attacks are targeting random civilian populations and not military or threatening individuals. so there is a clear moral difference on the tactic although the results by improper execution cause a foggy if not Hippocratic outcome. Finally as BO is not to be trusted based on his proven character flaws he might just be doing this as an intentional policy to hurt the world perception of American.

  4. This Socialist Government has to go they are even saying how good it is on Public Television that is paid for by big rich SOCIALIST! Semper Fi.

  5. wait till the proposed drone flights start in the u.s.start and all suspected terroist in the u.s. are targeted. ex-military, bible believing Christian, gun owners, and any one who won’t bow to oboma

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