Ben Nelson Approval Below 50

The true face of Ben Nelson, by bkeyser

Ben “Call me Judas” Nelson (D-Nebraska) is discovering that actions do have consequences.
Nelson is infamous for selling his crucial “Yes” vote on the Senate’s version of Obamacare, in return for Harry “light-skinned negro” Reid’s unconstitutional promise that Nebraska’s future expansion of Medicaid will “forever” be subsidized by the federal government paid for by the taxpayers of the other 49 states. Nelson’s was the essential 60th vote the Dems needed to get the Obamacare bill past discussion to a floor vote, where it was approved by Dems.  
But Nelson found that Nebraskans are patriots who have more principles than he. Ever since his sell-out, his poll numbers have gone down. In the latest survey, by (Omaha) World Herald, Nelson’s job approval rating went below 50%, to 42%, with 48% disapproval. In contrast, Nebraska’s other senator, Mike Johanns (R), who voted against Obamacare, has a 63% job approval rating.
Adding insult upon injury, recently Nelson went to a local pizzeria and was booed by the other patrons on the way out.
Way to go, Nebraskans!

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