Bellwether for 2012: GOP May Win Weiner's Seat in NY

Remember this creep?

Disgraced NY Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner

Poll Shocker: GOP Set to Win Weiner’s NY Seat

By David A. Patten – NewsMax – Sep 8, 2011

A Magellan Strategies poll indicates voters could be on the brink of delivering a real shocker to New York City’s Democratic establishment by electing Republican Bob Turner over Democrat David Weprin to succeed firebrand Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner.
Magellan surveyed 2,055 voters in the 9th Congressional District. Turner led Weprin 44.6% to 40.4%. The poll’s margin of error is 2.6%.
The New York Post reported Thursday that Democrats are hoping a massive last-minute ad blitz can avert a political debacle in Tuesday’s special election to replace Weiner.
“The idea that this race is so close is a humiliation for the Democratic Party,” a New York Democrat complained to the newspaper.
Weprin is facing headwinds due to lingering embarrassment over the Weiner texting scandal, and President Barack Obama’s growing unpopularity in the district, which straddles Brooklyn and Queens.
Megellan found Obama’s job approval in the district was a dismal 36%, compared to 52% who disapprove of his job performance.
Democrats are pulling out all the stops to try to prevent a Turner upset.
Weprin’s campaign has produced a 30-second spot linking Turner to the tea parties, and portraying him as a foe of Medicare and Social Security.

Read the full NewsMax article here.
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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8 years ago

About time they wisen up in NY.
Yuck, that picture is gross…

8 years ago

There are two things we should take from this;
1. That even with the opposition pushing the fact that he supports the tea party has not changed the poll numbers…even in NYC
2. If he wins the sale of Raincoats going through the roof when Dems/liberals head explodes.

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
8 years ago

This slick ad coming from the Jewish Community pretty much guarantees the Republican win.

8 years ago

That sums up chuckles nicely.