#BelieveWomen? Pennsylvania girls who falsely accused boy of sexual assault will not be punished, parents of boy sue

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From TribLive: The Seneca Valley School District on Monday defended its handling of two sexual assault complaints brought against a male student by five “mean girls” that later reportedly turned out to be false.

The boy’s parents filed a civil lawsuit against the girls and school district in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh last week.

In a four-paragraph statement released by the Butler County district, school officials defended their actions and said they believe “the lawsuit is without merit.”

“We have followed all applicable laws, and we will vigorously defend ourselves throughout the process,” the district said in response to repeated requests by the Tribune-Review to respond to the lawsuit.

The parents, Michael J. and Alecia Flood of Zelienople, claim their son, only identified as T.F., “was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false last summer.

The boy is being home-schooled due to the bullying he suffered by classmates following the allegations, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit alleges the boy was further damaged from “gender bias” by school officials and Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger’s office, which even after learning the girls’ accusations were false “did not take any action against the females involved,” said attorney Craig Fishman of Pittsburgh, who represents the Floods.

The phrase “Mean Girls,” used in the lawsuit by Fishman, references the 2004 movie of the same name.

The movie details the buds and thorns of the high school experience — deep friendships and happy memories along with painful bullying and gossip that could have a lasting impact.

In the prepared statement released by the district’s media support specialist, Katherine Huttinger, the school district maintained “safety” is its priority.

“The number-one priority of the Seneca Valley School District is the safety and well-being of our students, staff, parents and volunteers who enter our buildings. We have policies and procedures in place to protect individuals, and we communicate to all employees on these policies and work hard every day to provide a safe and caring learning environment for all,” the statement said.

The school district noted it still has not been served with the lawsuit.

“Because this situation involves a lawsuit and ongoing litigation, and also because of federal privacy laws protecting student information, the school district cannot comment further on the details of the lawsuit or the situation,” the statement concluded.

The Floods seek unspecified civil damages against the girls’ parents, the school district and Goldinger’s office.

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20 responses to “#BelieveWomen? Pennsylvania girls who falsely accused boy of sexual assault will not be punished, parents of boy sue

  1. #FightBack

  2. I’m glad the Floods are suing the 5 false accusers and the Seneca Valley School District. For many, the only language they hear is a lawsuit.

    If the Floods have a GoFundMe drive, I will definitely donate.

    • I will donate too! Lying accusers only hurt real victims of rape. When they destroy lives based on damaging lies, they should be sentenced to jail and made to pay restitution. Since they are minor girls, the parents should be held responsible. The school district should be sued out the wazoo, for the harm they’ve brought to an innocent young man. If a GoFundMe Drive exists, I will gladly donate to help this unfortunate young victim. Leeann

      • Hear, hear. I’ll donate too. It’s a shame they can’t be sued independently. What good does it do to get the taxpayer’s money in a lawsuit unless it ultimately results in firings and change?

        They are teaching that it is PC that matters, not fairness. Girls are “special”, unless they decide that they aren’t. It “depends”.

      • I agree with your every single word Leann. These filthy little brats need to pay. A week or so in Juvenile hall might make an impression on them. Unless false accusations are prosecuted they will not only continue, but increase with the present mentally ill population.
        When asked what her motivation was for the false allegation, the lead brat said she didn’t like the way the young man looked. Can you imagine the liberal home the arrogant little brat has grown up in?

        • Leeann Springer

          Lana: They were probably raised in a home with no guidance, poor role models, and no God. Sadly, this seems to be a generation, which has some people without souls. I pray that the young man ends up owning the school district. The girls need to be punished to the point, they will think twice before lying on another person. Liars should suffer the same ridicule they cause for others. Leeann

  3. And this is why they keep doing it no retribution for the crime. And what signal does this send out to others who might be thinking of doing the same thing. You have to set an example of what happens when you break the law.
    I would think they have a good case with all that has been done to this boy and his whole life disrupted because of it. If they let this slide then what they did to Kavanaugh is open season on anyone who opposes the their agenda.
    They need to throw the book at these girls for doing this to remind everyone else this is what happens when you do.

  4. Mean girls will likely grow up to be vice girls.
    Just fruits will be their reward. I believe in karmic debt.

  5. The boy was violently removed from class in wrist and leg shackles as if he were Charles Manson, and all with the sanguinary enthusiasm of the far left educationistas willing to destroy his life as a stand in for destroying America. Just as obviously as there’s no end to the evil in our schools is the fact the Republicans’ empty rhetoric only emboldens the next outrage in these schools.

    At the upper reaches in the left, the puppetmasters authoring the thoughts of these local educationistas may be on to something, accelerating the final destruction of America—which they haven’t achieved yet through Cloward-Piven and Alinskyist subversion—by causing boys and men to withdraw from public life and step aside in the coming violence.

    Sad to say, but instead of breaking the several thousand radical leftist groups now openly promoting such violence against men (NPR, Tides, PIN, PIRGs, etc), these groups, which are all lavishly funded by the wealthiest Americans, are are still given hundreds of $millions by Congress—that is, by the two-faced, backstabbing, lying Republicans, who’ve fully funded PP as well.

    • Dan you make a really good point here. This question has been running in the back of my head now for the last few months. That is, we see so little action from this administration and the Repubs to crack down on all this violence that it is beginning to look like the are in on it, and playing their part to get the civil war going. As Savage pointed out today there a lot of entities breaking the law like the ALCU who could have their status revoked.

      • Lana, you’ve probably figured out by now that “I” think they’re in on it. It’s hard to work for the same boss without getting all the memos.

        • Ha,ha, yes I actually thought of you when I wrote this! Figured that you are already settled on the truth of joint participation by both sides covered by nothing but a dog and pony show. Well what can I say? I know you are right, but there is that part of me that keeps hoping that it’s not true; that there is one sliver, one ounce of goodness somewhere that will show it’s face and prove my most cynical beliefs wrong.

  6. Vile Killary Rotten Clinton should be roped off and left dangling for the vultures! You may have silenced Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey but, you could not destroy them, their mere presence on earth make your life a living hell.

  7. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-l7SXtT2gFiE/W7gi__wEbAI/AAAAAAADLs8/IaRGMA9tu3M8v3Q0R_qgaEfEQYq7moUvgCLcBGAs/s1600/DEMCLINT%25287%2529.jpg

    How is it that people can’t see what a double standard this is? I suppose that’s precisely it. They are trying to create a “new normal” that includes unfairness.

  8. Don’t think this isn’t going on everywhere. Our young men are being demonized for normal teenage/male behavior often with full participation by the women.
    Girls are not innocent especially high school girls-good grief!
    I’m glad they are suing I hope they get a bundle.
    Frustrating we never hear about the boys & men’s whose lives are impacted and sometimes ruined by false accusations. Like below.
    Two Students Hooked Up. It was Clearly Consensual. He Still Spent $12,000 Defending Himself. (warning-mild sexual content)
    Reason.com https://reason.com/blog/2018/10/9/uc-davis-title-ix-me-too-sex-hook-up
    girl gets hickey(s) on her neck-girl is embarrassed-“feels” she has been marked as boys property-girl is told she has been ‘violated’ by her mother…
    This article sums up what is being taught to our girls in school-with the full compliance of their dip shit libtarded parents.

  9. The girls & the school district should be forced to pay for the boy’s home-schooling., at the very least.

  10. Equal rights mean equal responsibility. Period.

  11. Sadly, it seems absolutely zero investigation went on here. I hope the school is prepared for what might happen to the innocent boy. He is being bullied and we have heard all too often what can happen. Has this school learned nothing from all the cases like the Jackson Bradley accusation several years back? It destroyed four young men.
    The school is derelict in protecting ALL the lives involved here. Sue them and sue them big. This behavior has got to stop.


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