#BelieveWomen? Charges dropped against cop due to “sophisticated ruse”

This is why we have due process, proggies.

From MyNorthwest: All charges against a former Bellevue (Washington) police officer were dropped Monday when prosecutors stated that he did not commit the crimes he was arrested for, which were part of a “sophisticated ruse” put forth by the accuser.

KIRO Radio’s Hanna Scott reports that the King County Prosecutor’s Office is dropping charges against John Kivlin, and is not pursuing rape charges against another Bellevue cop Richard Newell.

According to court documents the accuser “fabricated evidence and used a sophisticated ruse to deceive Kivlin, law enforcement, prosecutors, and the court in order to have Kivlin taken into custody and charged with additional crimes. The result of the (accuser’s) fabrication was that law enforcement arrested Kivlin for crimes he did not commit, prosecutors filed charges against Kivlin for crimes he did not commit, and the court held Kivlin in custody for order violations which he did not commit.”

Kivlin was arrested in April and accused of assaulting his girlfriend twice. The two reportedly met on Craigslist and began a relationship in 2015. But the woman began making allegations against Kivlin and other Bellevue police officers in 2018. After Kivlin was arrested and released for the assault allegations, he reportedly contacted the woman in violation of a court order in July. He was then charged with witness tampering.

Kivlin was arrested again for contacting the woman in August. But prosecutors say the woman making the allegations was lying this time. After inspecting Kivlin’s phone and billing records, it appears that the woman got Kivlin to text with her using a fake name in August.

Prosecutor’s add that she admitted that rape allegations she previously made in 2009 and 2010 were also false.

Prosecutors said that they are not pursuing previous charges in light of the recent developments and the accuser’s lack of credibility.

The case has also wrapped up Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett in allegations. Those allegations are under investigation by the Bothell Police Department and have not been made public. Mylett has been placed on leave. Despite not initially knowing the nature of the allegations, the chief denied them.

The woman who waged allegations against Kivlin and Chief Mylett also accused another Bellevue officer, Richard Newell. No charges were filed against him. He has also resigned from the police department.


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So,when will charges be brought against the woman for lying and destroying men as well as wasting valuable time well spent on other crimes. Her name should be plastered all over to protect other men from future accusations. She sounds like a habitual liar to me looking for a fast buck.
It won’t stop until these women, who are making it very hard for real cases, are stopped in their tracks with fines and jail time.


Shee needs to be arrested for filing a false police report. And then to two officers need to file civil liability/defamation lawsuits.


Now send this criminal sleazy bi!ch to prison for 20 years before she can do this again to another innocent man!

Steven Broiles

And Tawana lied, to the point where one police officer committed suicide, and the so-called “Rev.” Al Sharpton went on to fame and glory, including inciting one lunatic to set fire to a Harlem store (in which he killed himself and seven other people), get a job in the Obama Administration and become a commentator on MSNBC.
Then the Duke Lacrosse accuser.
Then we had Hillary pronounce that “women should be believed,” and on to Diane Feinstein with her near-homicidal Joker-like behavior.


I hate to say it, but if we re-introduced mandatory institutionalization again, a lot of the current crop of crazies would be cleared from the streets…

In related news, Justin Trudeau made good on his election campaign to legalize recreational pot across Canada. Great, just what they needed. Except that it will be like catnip to the west coast folks here in the states… draw them up and out of our country. Make good on their own election promises. So great for the US!