#BelieveAllWomen: Climate change expert charged with choking fiancé, woman fears for her life

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Aaron Doering can’t control his passion…

From NY Post: A well-known climate change expert and professor at the University of Minnesota choked and brutally assaulted his fiancée, who told cops she fears he will kill her, according to a criminal complaint.

Aaron Herbert Doering, a 47-year-old tenured professor and the director of the Minneapolis University’s Learning Technologies Media Lab, was charged Thursday with two felony counts of domestic assault by strangulation in Hennepin County District Court, the Star Tribune reports.

Doering — who also serves as a fellow for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and regularly appears on media outlets to discuss climate change, sustainability and related topics — had to be separated from his fiancée by responding officers when they got to the couple’s apartment in Minneapolis, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the newspaper.

The woman, who had bruises on her neck and red marks on her forehead, told police Doering had dragged her through the apartment by her hair before beating her and choking her to the point that she thought she would lose consciousness, the complaint shows.

“Victim believes [Doering] will kill her if he returns to the apartment,” according to the court document.

The woman claimed that the alleged assault was not the first time she had been victimized by Doering. She also provided police with photographs to back up those claims.

Doering, who remains jailed in Hennepin County on $40,000 bond, is set to make his initial court appearance Friday afternoon, county records show.

Doering’s status at the university remained unchanged as of late Thursday, a spokeswoman told the Star Tribune.
“We’re aware of the situation and will be reviewing the matter,” director of public relations Lacey Nygard said. A message seeking additional comment from university officials was not immediately returned early Friday.

Doering’s website bills him as an explorer with a “passion for education and change” and details some of his lectures to more than 15 million students, as well as his dog-sledding trips and more than 5,000 miles exploring the Arctic since 2004. His latest project, “The Changing Earth,” is an Emmy-nominated documentary about a 137-mile trek through the Arctic wilderness into Iceland.

“Aaron has received millions of dollars in grants; has published more than 80 journal articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings; and is the coauthor of two books, The New Landscape of Mobile Learning: Redesigning Education in an App-based World and Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching,” the website reads.

Doering’s Twitter account, which has nearly 4,000 followers, identifies him as an adventurer and is peppered with photos of extreme Canadian Arctic locales, as well as his young son.


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9 responses to “#BelieveAllWomen: Climate change expert charged with choking fiancé, woman fears for her life

  1. The next thing you know, the idiot will blame climate change on his inability to control himself and act like a stable mature adult. Let’s blame everything on climate change (fantasy) and then no one can be held responsible for any of their actions. It will just all go away, a free for all.

    • but,but,but…What happened to blaming everything on TRUMP? He’ll feel so ignored…
      Actually,the ideal situation would be something like him grabbing her by the hair,getting one good slap in,after which she draws her gun,shoots him in the gut (slow,painful death) and gets famous for bringing yet another liberal Climate Change Scammer to his demise.

  2. What a scumbag.
    Will U. of Minnesota fire him, and thus forfeit the “millions of dollars in grants” he brings in?

  3. Like the libtard in the last post, ‘Tranny Flies Into Rage’, perhaps this guy has the same sort of frontal lobe defect. ie: unable to control impulses. At the very least he has crainal neuropathy syndrome (numb skull).

  4. Explorer? A sick joke. I did some climbing in my day and I know this guy’s type. It’s all about the staged photos in Arctic or high altitude conditions, and for these guys, always dressed in the latest, expensive, high-tech gear, it’s typically about as dangerous and challenging as walking along the beach at a resort. Mountain rescue team members spend more time having themselves photographed in staged conditions than anything else. As for this guy Doering, “A University of Minnesota professor trekked 238 km in the High Arctic to document how communities are finding solutions in the face of climate change,”—he really takes the cake when it comes to self-serving narcissism posing as heroics. Most hairdressers probably have more athleticism and daring than this phony and his sort.

  5. I get the impression that they would like you to think that, because of his accomplishments and PC devotion we should ignore attempted murder? Who does he think he is, one of the Clintons?

    Anyway, two words for her; “gun store and training”. If he keeps that up he could be the new “ice man”. I hope she learns to defend herself.

  6. Lord Carbon Tax Al Gore told him to do it.

  7. Sooner or later he’ll try to CHOKE us all, including the world economy (OOPS…bad “joke”) with his private and profitable hysteria. The world’s climate has changed throughout it’s geologic history, over and over again, from ice to tropical and back again…..and will continue to do so—with and without human contribution. This guy is just riding the popular and present “climate train.” Meanwhile, and no matter—–he’s a certified (attempted) Lady-Killer criminal and deserves to be banished to one of his fabled “Extreme Arctic Canadian locales….” for life.

  8. In the first place, if he assaulted lted her in such manner, why did she stay with him? The police is aware of the assault and if she is afraid he may kill her she must protect herself: “Dear, arm yourself with a .45 cal., trust it with your life and move away before you shoot him” I’m sure she is not going to look behind her back for long, “the grass is greener on the other side”.


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