Because children “know who they are.” California bill would limit genitalia surgery for children

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Sponsor of this bill, Scott Wiener, who believes children are wholly equipped to make medical decisions.

Parental consent/control will be a thing of the past. Minors can now provide legal consent for/against medical surgeries!

Wonder what kind of impact this will have on medical malpractice insurance rates…

From SFGate: California doctors would be barred from treating or performing surgery on children born with genitals that don’t fit a single gender or are otherwise atypical unless it’s medically necessary or the child consents, under a bill unveiled Monday.

It’s the latest effort by state legislators to give minors more control over their bodies and gender identities. “The fundamental premise of the legislation is that people should make decisions about their own bodies,” said Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco, the bill’s sponsor. “In California we strongly believe that people are who they are and that we shouldn’t be telling people who they are supposed to be.”

Doctors, though, said the bill may go too far in restricting how they can treat patients. The California Medical Association hasn’t taken a formal position on the bill but has “very serious concerns” that include the bill’s lack of a definition around when a minor is old enough to consent. “Our concern is that the approach in this bill may be being overly prescriptive and not give families and medical professionals the ability to take the specifics of each case into account,” Janus Norman, senior vice president for governmental relations, said in a statement.

The bill focuses on intersex minors, defined as someone who is born with atypical physical sex characteristics, which could include genitals or internal organs that don’t conform to a single gender.

InterACT, a nonprofit working to expand rights for intersex youth, estimates just less than 2 percent of the U.S. population has some type of intersex characteristic. That includes a broad range of characteristics ranging from an enlarged clitoris or a misplaced urethra opening on the penis to genitalia that don’t clearly match one gender.

About one in 2,000 babies are estimated to have visible genital differences putting them at risk of early surgery, said Kimberly Zieselman, the group’s executive director. Unnecessary surgeries could mistakenly identify a child’s preferred gender or, in cases unrelated to gender, leave scarring or affect future fertility, she said.

“It’s not just a gender issue,” Zieselman said. “There are a lot of other harms that happen to many intersex people as a result of the interventions that are psychological and physical.”

Under Wiener’s bill, doctors and parents wouldn’t be allowed to move ahead with treatment or surgery unless it is medically necessary, such as something that would prevent a child from urinating. Treatments or surgeries outlined in the bill include removal or reduction of the clitoris or removal of the ovaries or testis. It could also bar additional procedures not specifically outlined in the bill.

If a doctor considers surgery medically necessary, he or she would need parental consent. If the treatment isn’t necessary, the doctor and parents would have to wait until the child is old enough to give consent and obtain approval for any procedures.

The bill doesn’t define when a minor can give consent. It is intentionally vague, Wiener’s office said, and would rely on guidelines already in state law around when a child is able to consent on certain medical procedures. The California Medical Association cited that as a reason for concern.

“There are also serious questions about the nature and legal threshold for informed consent as used in the bill,” Norman said.

Under current medical guidelines, doctors form teams of experts, including psychologists or urologists, to evaluate each individual circumstance. Considering the physical and emotional health of the future child is a key piece of the evaluation, Norman said.

Under the bill, doctors could not be criminally held responsible if they violate the law but could be disciplined by the state’s medical board.

Wiener said his office will work with the medical association if it has constructive feedback.


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17 responses to “Because children “know who they are.” California bill would limit genitalia surgery for children

  1. Never trust anyone with the name Wiener…never!

  2. Wow! Now they want to maim our children? Doesn’t the term “children” imply that they are not “adults”? In fact, the practice of mutilating people with psychological disorders should be abolished.

    Any doctor who would perform these surgeries should lose their license immediately. There was another bill, (I don’t know if it passed), to make it “illegal” to treat homos. Same idea.

  3. He’s a Wiener and direct result of Harvey Milk.
    So there ya go, both are & were members of the tribe, where the Rainbow is prolific. And, I kept my son far away from the wieners of the world. He knew he was a boy from an early age. Boy, was he ever a boy, and now is a good man.

  4. God’s gift to us is FREE WILL, and no one should make that will for us. We need our parents guidance to become men of good will, still we are men of free will.

  5. This guy must have had craniopenal reassignment surgery. That might explain the kind of head he’s got.

    • Ha, ha. I think he has “opticarectal thrombosis”. His head is up his butt and it gives him a crappy outlook.

      It’s hard to take somebody this stupid seriously.

  6. If minors can make their own medical/surgical decisions, the next step is to remove the age of consent and decriminalize pedophilia.

  7. How about making the age of consent at conception thereby giving all unborn children the right to consent to be born and survive.
    These people are so twisted that they want to allow the mother to kill her baby before or at first breathe but heaven forbid if they let same mother make any medical decisions for that baby that survives.
    We are living in an alternate reality.

    • Liberal logic isn’t designed to make sense…

      • I agree DCG. “Liberal Logic.” Ha! Now that is a first class oxymoron if ever there was one, and this article provides yet another glaring example. Other examples, such as AOC’s latest lunatic “diarrhea of the mouth” statement of the day (“massive government intervention,”) just keep cascading down on us like an unstoppable avalanche of bovine excrement, especially thanks to the MSM propaganda pushers who put her and her ilk on a pedestal as if she’s some kind of genius. It’s just so sickening and Orwellian in the extreme.

        I also have to suggest that if this latest example of libnutted lunacy is indeed, “designed” as you say and not wholly imagined by the mental midgets in charge as they rub their few remaining live brain cells together, then it was designed in the pits of Hell itself and now fully adopted by those who God describes as now being given over to reprobate minds as He allows them to wallow in their own insanity (Romans 1:28.)

        Unfortunately, far too many of them are now in positions of power over all the rest of us who actually are sane. Liberals care about nothing but power, praise from their brainwashed sheeple fans, full control over our lives, financially feathering their own nests (while simultaneously bankrupting us) and not much more despite what lies they tell you to the contrary.

        It all has to come to a flaming catastrophic crash at some point as it’s simply not sustainable, and I just think G0d Himself might have a hand in that in the end. Just how much of the insanity will we have to endure and at what cost in the meantime is the big question.

    • It is SO insane that its difficult to talk about. They LOVE inconsistency. So, if a pregnant women is murdered now is it no longer a “double homicide”?

      I watched a clip of the discussion that went with this and I couldn’t believe my ears. He talked about “making the infant comfortable” while the doctor and the parents decided whether or not to kill it. So, do girl babies “own” their own bodies too?

  8. Frontal lobotomies used to be a big deal and very popular in “surgical procedures” once upon a time, like blood-letting and the science of “humors” in even earlier times. Pretty sure the surgical mutilation of sexual members in order to make one “feel” more complete as a sexual human according to your mental concept, will eventually reach this same point in medical history. I don’t know what will take its place (something always will/does), but the slow crawl of time will inevitably cross this span and this complicated procedure/ mutilation of great cost, angst, physical and mental pain, might boil down to a pill that changes your mind to match your genitals. And then, we’ll look back on the past history of this situation and think that we were barbarians.

  9. Might as well make it ok for children to get tattoos as well. A decision that they will 100% regret one day. Dear God, this is insanity. When will it end?

  10. I agree with Dr. Eowyn that this is stealth legislation, intended to steer the body of case law, or, legislators, to become pedo-friendly. In other words, it’s meant to break down the traditional barriers to pedophilia.

    On top of this, why bother having a law with no teeth for the doctors who would violate it? (The Hippocratic Oath was rendered moot years ago).

    But I get it: Not only have we had a War on Men, we now have a War on Children. We’ve had one since Roe vs. Wade, but now it’s getting overtly demonic.

    And not only these horrors, this law is a two-fer: It is outright eugenics with an extinction protocol in mind, and it institutionalizes mental illness.


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