Bear takes nap in patio of Florida home

I didn’t even know there are black bears in Florida.
Couldn’t the Florida Fish and Wild Life Conservation Commission have relocated the bear instead of euthanizing killing it?

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7 years ago

Of course, easier and cheaper to euthanize than to relocate. Just because we still have plenty of black bears, they are disposable. We had one on the front porch at a neighbor’s house three doors down a couple of weeks ago. The bear did no damage. The owner didn’t call law enforcement. The bear eventually left and went on it’s way. I am so tired of wild and domesticated animals being “put down” because of human stupidity.


They walk past my office window every morning and when I walk the dog we stop and back away slowly. Bears are cool like that if you don’t threaten them they will go their own way….A Lesson for Humanity me tinks, eh?

7 years ago

That is a cute story/cute picture of “Sleep Bear.” I’m also impressed that a 7-yo could type & text his Mom re the bear! Bears >> & Gators regularly show up in domestic settings in Florida, though they don’t always end so well (gators being the more dangerous). Central Florida news has regularly reported on bears showing up in neighborhoods over the years, usually no harm done other than a garbage can raid, etc. A few years ago the FLA Wildlife Commission had a contest for someone to please invent a bear-proof garbage can. 🙂 Gators are another story as… Read more »

7 years ago

Oh yeah, we have black bears in Central FL! We actually had one up a tree a few years back, much excitement, of course. We have it all here in Central Florida!!

7 years ago
Reply to  pnordman

Lol @ pnordman’s last sentence.  I’ll say!  For almost 30-yrs all we got from 60-miles away was your TV News Channels w/barely any news from our own Podunk Town.  Central FLA (meaning mostly the Big O, Orlando) News was home invasions, carjackings, & murders galore.  Sounded like a scary place! 🙂
(I’m kidding w/you of course, but not about the News!)