Be a Patriot by being a Snitch!

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Obama is calling on the American people to report any and all “attacks” against him.
To that end, he’s opened a new website

Be a patriot by being a snitch! Just go to or click here!
I did just that by snitching on myself, about half an hour ago. You can too!
H/t Will for the video   😀

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0 responses to “Be a Patriot by being a Snitch!

  1. So if we say something bad about Herr Adolf Obama we can expect a visit from Big Sis’s (that would be Frau Janet “Reno II” Himmler) Gestapo goons.
    What will be next, an 800 number we can call to secretly report on our fellow citizens who dare criticize the state and/or the Comrade Chairman?
    What will come after that?
    The gulags?
    Wow, what a country we are rapidly degenerating into.

  2. So, this is Son of “Fight the Smears”????
    What a tool Obama is…..a whiny, thin skinned sissy! oh, oh, I expect to be reported forthwith for that!!!

  3. LOL! Rush said today,Michele Malkin turned herself and her entire column she wrote in! Pathetic is such an understatement for this illegal crybaby.

  4. The Big O continues to degrade our country, our very lives with impunity. If cannot be allowed to continue this process.

  5. If Barack Obama has messed up our nation as badly as we all fear, then he should be on the defensive. He should use any and all means to protect his back, because when the tide turns, and it will, those very same individuals who put him where he is now will turn on him to protect their own sorry skins. We see daily how the main stream media has turned on the American people or it would not distort the truth and allow George Soros or anyone else to attack our very soul and control with poison words those too uneducated to know the difference. We can only hope that the number of fools in our nation is not growing.

  6. Be a patriot by NOT being a snitch.
    Report on the government being the ones instilling terror in the Americans, and surrepticiously taking our Civil (constitutional) Rights away All for the illusion of safety. What a bunch of B.S..
    Repeal the (Un) Patriot Act!!!

  7. I can watch that all night, I especially love the Spanish translation!
    Thanks for snagging it “E”.

  8. Is this serious???

    • Sieg,
      The video is a spoof commercial. But Obama’s new website is real — which is why conservatives are mocking it. Americans don’t take kindly to Skippy’s efforts to turn this country into a carbon-copy of the former East Germany or Stalinist Soviet Union or Maoist China, where neighbors, friends, co-workers, and even children were encouraged to be informants on each other. The way things are going, Skippy’s next move is to form a secret police!


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