BBC admits but will not investigate why pic of Sandy Hook's Noah Pozner is among Peshawar massacre victims

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On Dec. 16, 2014, Pakistan experienced the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur in that country when 7 members of the Pakistan Taliban, aka Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), entered the Army Public School in Peshawar and opened fire on school staff and children, killing 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren.

In the BBC news video above, on mourners coming from all over Pakistan to Peshawar, at the 0:03 mark is a picture of an American boy among the Peshawar victims — not just any American boy but Noah Pozner, who we were told was one of 20 children shot to death by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. (See “Dead again: Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner also killed in Pakistan Taliban shooting!“)
BBC Noah
Here’s another better view of Peshawar Noah (circled in yellow):

Pakistan Taliban NoahThat poor woman above is weeping for an American boy who was “killed” 2 years ago.

Even more bizarre is the fact that the Army Public School, Pakistani Authorities, and the media have identified the boy (Noah Pozner) in the photo as Huzaifa Huxaifa.

On December 17, 2014, at the end of an article on a photo of a child’s bloody shoe being wrongly attributed to the Peshawar massacre, the BBC admitted that Noah Pozner’s pic mistakenly was included among posters of the Peshawar victims (h/t D.C. Clothesline). This is what the BBC said:

Meanwhile, another picture has been circulating online of victims of the Peshawar massacre – but the montage of images includes the photo of a young boy, Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook massacre in the United States in 2012.

Here are my questions.

To the BBC:

Having admitted Noah Pozner’s pic should not be included among the Peshawar victims, why aren’t you investigating why and who inserted Noah’s pic?

To U.S. media:

Why aren’t you reporting on and investigating the curious inclusion of Noah Pozner’s pic among the Peshawar dead? Why do you deem this not newsworthy?

To Leonard Pozner*:

Mr. Pozner, why aren’t you and your ex-wife Veronique Haller Pozner concerned about the inclusion of your son Noah’s picture among the victims of the Pakistan Taliban in Peshawar? Why have you not demanded to know who is responsible for this misuse of your son’s pic?

* Leonard Pozner, the father of Noah Pozner, has decried Sandy Hook skeptics in an op/ed, and has gone after bloggers and YouTubers, using his company HONR Network that specializes in getting content removed from YouTube and the Internet. Leonard Pozner’s harassment and intimidation of blogger and college student Timothy Hunter is especially reprehensible. Hunter’s youtube and email were blocked (see his tweet below); he no longer blogs; and Hunter is now so spooked, he won’t even communicate with me although he and I had collaborated on an important post, “Sandy Hook deception: Associated Press stories & photos predate the massacre.”
Timothy Hunter tweet
The silence from the BBC, U.S. media, and Leonard Pozner is DEAFENING.

Here’s contact info. for the BBC, New York Times, Newtown Bee, Fox News, and Leonard Pozner:


  • Go to:
  • On the right, you’ll see “How to Make a Complaint”
  • Click “Online: Make a complaint”
  • Then BBC will make you jump through some hoops, answering a
  • series of questions, before you’re finally brought to a box wherein
  • you can type your letter.

New York Times:
The Newtown Bee:

  • Mailing address: PO Box 5503, Newtown CT 06470
  • Ph: 203-426-3141
  • Fax: 203-426-5169
  • Email:

Fox News:

  • Ph: 1-888-369-4762
  • Sean Hannity’s email: (my email was bumped back to me with the message “access denied”)
  • Glenn Beck’s email: (my email was bumped back to me with the message “access denied”)
  • The O’Reilly Factor:

Leonard Pozner, age 47:

Note: Leonard Pozner prevailed on WordPress to delete any and all pictures of Noah Pozner, as well as the address and phone number of his HONR Network company. WordPress has threatened to shut down Fellowship of the Minds, despite the fact that the information of the company’s address and phone number is public information that anyone can find by “googling” HONR Network. For the address, and more on Lenny’s harassment of bloggers, go to Dutchsince’s post:

This is the email I sent to the media outlets above. You are welcome to use it as your template for your email:

To Editor:
Why isn’t (The Newtown Bee) looking into who inserted Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner’s picture into posters of victims of the Pakistan Taliban’s shooting massacre at the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan?
Aren’t you at least curious?
~Dr. Eowyn
Fellowship of the Minds

For all the posts FOTM has published on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page, especially “No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File.”

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0 responses to “BBC admits but will not investigate why pic of Sandy Hook's Noah Pozner is among Peshawar massacre victims

  1. Well, it’s on par w/the BBC announcing the collapse of the third building on 9-11 w/a video playing behind her head 11 minutes BEFORE it was taken down. If I’m out on this last point, Eo will correct me, for which I thank her now.

  2. I guess that déjà vu must trump reportage at the Beeb…. She’s surely not a prophet, not by any means.

    • Joseph, I never saw this before. What have you done to me? When I started blogging I never believed in conspiracies because I always figured someone would open their mouth.
      Then over the course of blogging I came to believe in conspiracies. Yet I held out hope on 9/11 I never dug because I did not want to believe my Gov was capable of doing this. Not saying I totally believe yet, but this will take my head out of the sand.
      I can’t believe what I just saw.

        • Jon, the problem with the 9/11 is I watched a few things. Depending on how it’s done you either walk away either completely believing the The Gov did it all, or you watch a different one and it debunks it line for line. I had to
          “Bury my head in the sand on this” so to say, because I just did not want to believe my Gov could do this. Truthfully I’m afraid after blogging the last 6 years, and all the crap I’ve found that don’t add up I’m afraid if I even if I took a little look I’m pretty sure I would not like what I found. OK I’ll Look , but I’ll be sorry. LOL

          • Hi Steve, yes, if the Powers That Be can organise a false flag like 9/11 then they can certainly arrange for some debunking websites and videoes as well. Unfortunately when it comes down to the freefall of WTC7 it is a physical impossibility without explosives. This can be easily seen and acknowledged with anyone with rudimentary knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion. So what are going to believe physics or politicians?

            • It would be a physical imposibility had building 7 been planted on bedrock that was at street level, but the facts are the entire WTC complex extended a little over 70 feet below street level, or about 7 stories. Both towers and building 7 were in the same “bathtub”. These underground floors were mainly parking structures and a subway station. When the towers fell, all of these underground floors were crushed from the weight of 110 stories that didn’t just stay perfectly within the buildings footprint. the rubble demolished every underground support column for hundreds of feet around each of the towers. Of course all you saw on the news was the top of the rubble that was above street level, making other buildings in the complex look in much better shape structurally than they really were. Then when you factor in all the heat from the fires burning underground… it doesn’t take very long for steel and concrete to be affected by heat.
              Here is concrete:
              As for steel, at 500’c it’s lost 50% of it’s strength. At 1000’c, it’s
              So you’re telling me the only way 7 could have fell was because it was wired with explosives? You do know it takes weeks to wire up a small building for a controlled demolition right? It’s not just the shaped charges, but crews have to plasma torch just about every major support on every floor.
              And to add additional emphasis, here is a freeway overpass in Oakland, CA which collapsed from a gasoline tanker truck fire. Concrete and rebar that was actually reinforced to comply with California’s earthquake requirements
              And just so you know, I do have serious reservations about the official 9/11 account. Just not what caused the buildings to fall since I saw both planes hit with my own eyes from about 15 blocks away. I was in NYC with my Fiancee at the time who was a United Airlines flight attendant. She knew two of the flight attendants killed that day, and One of the pilots who was killed during the hijacking I had met the week prior on our flight to NYC from LAX. The whole event was so f**ked up that we rented a car and drove cross country to SoCal. My fiancee never went back to work for the airline.
              Btw… the entire flight 93 story was propaganda. That plane was shot down to protect Washington DC IMO.

              • Months prior to the towers falling, they were melting the structural beams and you could see molten steels pouring out of the lower levels of the trade was on a video of a couple of firefighters asking and talking to a reporter about why@ 1-3 am, for two months or so, crews had been entering the trade center and then leaving before anyone came to work.

  3. Reblogged this on mssouljaofgod and commented:
    As if we needed more proof of false flags and orchestrated events….. but here we are.

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  5. Hi Dr Eowyn, Free Your Mind at youtube, a guy in England, phoned the BBC asking the same kind of questions about Noah Pozner you are here. See:

    He also wrote to them earlier and the BBC replied that it’s the Pakistanis mistake and they were simply broadcasting their (dodgy) photographs and information. See here:

    And guess what? They BBC are stonewalling. So no surprises there.
    I would also draw your attention to the original poster that appeared on the BBC clip entitled “Boxer Amir Khan: The children must remain strong”. It’s the first video you’ve posted in this very article at the top. Go to 1:20.

    It is my contention that the two boys on the left and right of Noah Pozner are one and the same boy. The two photos look like they were taken, perhaps, two years apart. The same facial hair and eyebrows. IMO, the same kid.
    More evidence the “victims” were manufactured, would you agree?

  6. I am a tinfoil salesman, and I think your site would be the perfect place to sell my product. Please contact me if you are selling advertisements.

    • Do point to any FACTUAL error in my post. You are all insult; no substance. How Alinsky of you.

    • It is you, Mark, who live in NeverNeverland. Explain the absolute lie and jig that Noah Pozner died twice, the first time in Sandy Hook, the second time in Pakistan.
      It sounds to me like you’d make an excellent tinfoil salesman. Do you also sell Saranwrap that won’t come off the roll?

  7. Get a grip folks. It was just the result of using an existing poster as source of images for the printouts The exact positioning of the Black line under the boy reveals all.

    • Gosh, if the explanation is so simple and so benign, why doesn’t the BBC just say so? But neither the BBC, nor the New York Times, nor the Newtown Bee, nor Fox News would even condescend to acknowledge my email request, even less to answer it. They must all be stupid and woefully ignorant of your big discovery. /sarc

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  9. Every time Noah Pozner dies, I feel bad — until I realize that boy keeps dying all over the world, at different “school shootings.”
    Lenny Pozner is too busy censoring Sandy Hoax info to watch his own son. That’s why Noah keeps dying, over and over.
    Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook (Newtown CT), then died AGAIN in Pakistan.
    If Lenny Pozner took better care of Noah, perhaps Noah would stop dying so often. I wonder what Veronique Pozner (the “mother”) thinks of her son dying every 2 years.
    Is Veronique Pozner (Diplomat attached to Embassy of Switzerland in DC) pushing some kind of UN Agenda 21 Gun Control scam?

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