Battle: Los Angeles – The Movie Conservatives Will Love

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I haven’t seen this yet; but, it’s on my extremely short list of “must see” movies.  There are very few contemporary films I’m interested in seeing.  My son saw this last weekend and really enjoyed it.  It’s an old fashioned war movie where our soldiers are the good guys.  How long has it been since we’ve seen anything like that?   Bill Whittle, a professional film editor and Tea Pary conservative has a dynamite video review on his website.  It’s got me rarin’ to go!

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  1. Well the review was brilliant. People don’t realise how much we owe America in Europe. Europe is now a Commie gathering of States. There is now no freedom of speech anymore, unless you agree with the Liberal Homo Loving Left who want to destroy all individual countries and replace cultures with what they think is right! In 1973 I sent away a form to the American Marines to join up. I got it in a motorcycle magazine. They never replied!
    I was explaining D-Day to my wife last nite and I pointed out to her the American soldier being shot on the beach and I told her “that man gave his life for you. If it wasn’t for him you’d be speaking German or Russian now.” As someone said: “They gave their tomorrows so as you’d have your todays.” And as another Man said: “Greater love hath no man than to give up his life for his friends.” Can’t wait to see the film. Sorry for going off on a tangent. God bless you all in the land of the Free.

    • Thanks, LoneWolf. Good to know some Europeans remember the heroism of American soldiers. Heck, I’d be happy if Americans remember! LOL

  2. My uncle, a Navy vet was buried at Tahoma National Cemetery about a year ago. Officiated by a local chapter of the American Legion and active duty service people, it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. As I was reading the large placque of the Gettysburg Address at the main entrance, a motorcycle-cade of about 100 riders came roaring through for another funeral. My God! What a sight to behold…
    Memorial Day is coming up at the end of May and all the cemeteries hold observances for veterans. It’s a great occasion to pay respect and remember what our country is really all about.


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