Barnhardt: Why conservative media avoid Obama ineligibility

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We “get it” as to why the Liberal Establishment Media simply refuse to investigate or even pay attention to the mounting evidence on Obama’s dubious birth eligibility to be POTUS. But we are baffled why supposedly Conservative media such as FoxNews and Hot Air, pundits such as Ann Coulter, and talk show hosts like Sean Hannity also shy away from it. Worse still, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly not just avoid it, they go out of their way to mock the “birthers”.

The fearless and outspoken Ann Barnhardt has an idea as to why. Here’s a hint:

“Follow the money!”

The following are excerpts from her blog of May 17, 2012, “Yes, I saw the Breitbart Obama Bio Thing” – referring to the revelation that, as recently as 2007, Obama’s literary agency Acton & Dystel in its book promotional brochures described Obama as having been “born in Kenya”:
Two points:
1. This proves that Obama is a stone-cold liar and con-man. Checkmate. Either he lied when he said he was born in Kenya, or he lied when he said he was born in Hawaii. The fact that he commissioned and released an OBVIOUSLY FORGED Hawaiian birth certificate certainly causes the Obama garbage scow to list to the side of the lie being that he was born in Hawaii.
Barack Obama IS A LIAR. He is a man of degenerate morality, and is a psychopath. Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that a con-artist psychopath is the Chief Executive of the largest economy in the world and the history of the world? Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that a con-artist psychopath is the Commander-in-Chief of the largest military force in the world and the history of the world? Is anyone going to do anything about the fact that the entire intelligence, law enforcement and bureaucracy of the United States government is either so incompetent that they couldn’t even vet ONE MAN or that they are complicit in Obama’s con?
Which segues into my second point . . .
2. The Breitbart group AND the HotAir fools (Ed Morrisey and Allahpundit), ONCE AGAIN are pissing all over people who dare point out that Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of the Presidency is seriously, seriously in question. They are doing this in the same breath WHILE REPORTING THIS VERY STORY, which proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that Obama is a liar and con-artist.
WHY? Why do these “conservatives” refuse to engage reality on this point?
I know the answer, and I warn you, it is very depressing.
These folks have made a BOATLOAD of money off of the Obama usurpation. Bottom line: Obama is good for business if you are a “conservative” blogger looking to advance your career and either move into a high-paying gig in the “mainstream media” OR attempting to establish a new-model business like Glenn Beck. It was reported (I think in Forbes) that Beck made a cool $80 million last year. Don’t think for a second that Morrisey, Allahpundit and the Breitbart Team aren’t salivating at the thought of seven-to-eight figure annual hauls.
I actually believe that most of these folks are rooting for Obama to “win”, for whatever that means in a lawless electoral environment, in November because Obama is very, very good for their businesses. Think about yourself. Do you read more or less news now than you did four years ago? Oh, I’d be willing to bet that you read MULTIPLES of what you read four years ago. I do. No doubt.
In order to get those page views, and thus that ad revenue, these folks want as much upheaval and fear among their readers as possible. Obama provides upheaval, fear and outrage in massive quantities. Thus more page views. Thus more income. If Romney is “elected”, many folks would stand down and traffic to sites like HotAir, Breitbart and Beck would curtail precipitously.
Before you accuse me of hypocrisy, please remember that there are no ads on this site. I have been told that I could easily generate several thousand dollars per month by putting ads up here. I refuse. I refuse to profiteer off of the end of the world. I also fully realize that if I started advertising here that I would notice and CARE about traffic, and would thus censor or otherwise shade what I write in order to maximize revenues and retain readers. Okay, at that point I would not be serving God, I would be serving mammon (money). Nope. I don’t give a crap if I have ten million readers or zero. It’s all exactly the same to me, and it is going to stay that way. In other words, HONEST.
Doing this “blogging thing” has done nothing but cost me money, and now that Barnhardt Capital Management is no longer in business (thanks to Obama crony and oligarch Jon Corzine, who stole $1.6 billion and totally destroyed the entire financial market paradigm) I am burning through reserves with each passing month. I have enough material to publish at least TWO books of essays – I even have a self-publishing deal ready to go – but I can’t bring myself to do it because I don’t want to go to hell for profiteering off of the death of my country and civilization.
So yeah, I am uniquely qualified to call out these money-hungry bloggers and pundits (Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh) who refuse to report on the fact that Obama is illegitimate, and who may even be rooting for his reign to continue.
Sins of omission are every bit as grave as sins of commission, and protecting income or assets is not a valid excuse for concealing the truth. Michelle, Ann C. and Rush may be able to buy their way out of the country when the poop hits the prop, but they won’t be able to buy their way out of their Particular Judgments.
Like Barnhardt’s blog, Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) also does not make any money for its owner (Dr. Eowyn) or our hardworking team of writers. FOTM does not solicit ads, nor do we have ads on this site. But FOTM’s host, WordPress, does occasionally insert an ad into one of our posts — which FOTM writers don’t see but you, dear reader, do. FOTM has no control over it, nor do we derive even a penny from those WordPress-inserted ads.
Like Barnhardt, I’ve also been told if FOTM were to go the commercial route, with total “hits” or views of over 4,373,000 in a mere 2 years and 5 months, we’d probably make thousands of dollars a month in ad revenue. But I had made a decision at FOTM’s inception on December 23, 2009, that this blog will remain non-commercial for the same reason as Barnhardt’s: I want our writers to speak the truth, unimpeded by fears of offending ad sponsors.
And that is why I laugh whenever some drive-by troll or an outraged reader goes into a hissy fit and threatens that he or she will no longer read FOTM. That threat is an empty one because it makes no difference to us: FOTM doesn’t live or die by how many hits we get. So if someone goes into a snit and threatens to forever leave FOTM, it’s not our loss. The loss is wholly yours!

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0 responses to “Barnhardt: Why conservative media avoid Obama ineligibility

  1. Money is power…power corrupts.

    • Otherwise, we already knew Obama’s mom was a ‘ho and if “Uncle Frank” actually had more kids that we thought, so what?– it’d make good tabloid material. Folk may’ve really cared in ’61, but not not for a long time now.

  2. Hmmm….not sure I agree with her completely on this. All those cons she listed have been in their business for some time and were successful before Skippy got elected. We had eight years where cons had to work actively to debunk all the baloney about Bush. If Romney wins, we’ll have to do the same thing. There’s always going to be so much discourse in this country.
    And they are in the business to make money, just like Arianna Huffington. She may not like the path they chose, yet I don’t believe deep down they want Skippy to get re-elected.
    As for the real reason? Yes, might have to do with afraid to lose viewers/money. Yet I doubt if one came out as a “birther” that they would lose their incomes or their success in their field.
    Money may be a part of why they don’t come out as birthers yet I’m not sure it’s the driving force for all of these cons.

  3. “I will preface this with Andrew Breitbart was a problem to Conservatives and America. He created more problems and did more damage to this American nation than Dan Rather.”

  4. I, for one, dont watch nearly as much television, or listen to radio coverage of anything concerning Obama or his socialist czars and/or advisors. Everything this manchild says, is a lie, imo, and Im not going to listen to it. I believe his credibility is greatly diminished and newspapers have lost 3/4 of their paid subscriptions since he has been in office.

  5. God bless you Eowyn and all of you amazing FOTM reporters/contributors. You guys are amazing. Thank you for staying true blue.

  6. There’s no place like home. Thank you for the cleft in the rock.

  7. No matter how much money these people make as “conservative” talking heads they also know what you and I know. First thing, even with Romney elected, the progressive onslaught will not stop. Do you for a moment think these socialist ideologues will be stopped cold by a four year respite with a moderate (at best) in office? Second, even with all the money in the world, where will they go? Pragmatically, if I had Beck’s money and thought that the libs would hold on I would be gone already. There’s no safe haven, we live in the last, best chance. These people and their families are the targets of death threats.
    Do they live large? Some do, I think it’s obvious. Yet, how do they stay on the air? Money. Big money. How do these people defend themselves against the IRS, FCC and various legal attacks by Soros and others? Big money. Do you think that if Rush gave most of his take to charity he would still be on the air? He wouldn’t have a chance, we wouldn’t be discussing him now.
    It’s hard to know the truth. It’s hard to tell who is sincere. Success doesn’t equate with insincerity, not always. Are the conservatives in the various media flawed? They’re people aren’t they? They are not perfect but I doubt most would trade success for the only country worth being successful in.
    And so why not attack Barry on his dubious life story? I think there are forces at play that we are not privy to. I think there were government agencies protecting Barry long before we knew his name. I think the CIA and Ford Foundation were his guardian angels from very early on. I suspect there were dozens of “Barry Soetoros” in the pipeline. He might have been plan B, C, D or Z. I think he was groomed from birth.
    Thinking this, I have to further think that whoever got this “man without a country”, this “nowhere man”, to the presidency could also pressure anyone critical of him to avoid hot topics that could uncover the entire plot. They could deal with him failing as an amateur statesman or an unprepared ideologue. They couldn’t deal with him uncloaked as a “Manchurian Candidate”. The progressive movement would never recover from that. If he gets defeated because the economy sucks, they simply wait four years while undermining Romney. Then there would be cries of even the businessman couldn’t save the country from the Republican (not conservative) hole Bush dug.
    It’s, at times, hard for me to believe there are NWO forces at play in our government and that they’ve been there before I was born. If you haven’t yet, I suggest giving a listen to the Kennedy speech on secret societies. You can find these recordings on YouTube. In my opinion, the forces that Kennedy spoke of eventually took him out. That speech (pl?) was made right around the time Barry Soetoro would have been an infant in whatever country. Decades later Bush Sr., former director of the CIA, would give us a speech touting a “New World Order”. I have to think people that could do what I suggest could get a Shawn Hannity to drop the birth certificate topic in one way or another.

    • I like the direction of your reasoning…we are the final generation
      of a plan that has long been in play. I try not to judge others despite
      observing that they veil their motives and occlude the truth because
      of their stake in the game…in short ,some have sold out while
      some have been deceived and fallen away …seduced or coerced
      by the forces you of which you speak

  8. What a revealing post, Dr. Eowyn, and thank you again for your brilliance! Yes, indeed, it is completely illogical for conservative news not to cover the king’s ineligibility for president. The reasons provided make sense in light of the damaging evidence against Obama.

  9. At 59, they started the coup before I was born! In the late 60s they captured us with sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and anarchy against the old capitalistic government, we followed them in a drug and alcohol induced daze. I admit it was fun at the time but most of us did not realize where we were being led, we just enjoyed the ride. In the 70s they taught us greed as we sold illegal substances back and forth at ever increasing prices. We were hooked! In the 80s we took over the market place and grew this greed into fabulous gatherings of obnoxious wealth! The haves separated from the have nots! In the 90s they introduced guilt and made us open our minds and our pocket books to the idea of spreading the wealth around. They took this new revenue and used it to buy votes for members of the coup. We then elected them and they took charge. Capitalism died! At the turn of the century they taught the underclass that to get more handouts they had to organize and get out the vote anyway they could to elect those that would give them MORE! They did! Alive or dead, American or illegal, real or fictional, they all voted again and again. Then in 2008 here comes an unknown, unvetted stranger! Where did he come from? No one ever asks. Where does his money come from? He never made any vast sums doing nothing! The media said America loved him! We believed the media or at least said nothing He was elected. But wait the sheen is starting to discolor, facts once ignored are becoming obvious lies. Unanswered questions are being re-asked. America is starting to awaken! Anger is in the air! We see the error of our ways. We are older now and wiser. They are trying to turn our children against us but the OWS crowds are thin and sparse. They sprang the trap too soon! We caught the jaws and are holding them open with all our might! We just might turn those jaws around and let it close on their lying throats. We almost lost it all! We may still lose it all. But at least we are awake and ready to give it a fight! We are winners in America! We defeated the Brits, the Japs, the Germans, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the USSR, Iraq, soon to be Iran, and all the other Muslims. What’s a few aging Communists? Come on America! Get busy! We got a War to win!

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