Barney Frank Supports the Commie "Protesters" While Seeking Wall Street Cash

The New Three Stooges

Yes, you read that right, and no, you have not accidentally swerved into the Onion.
Bawney Fwank, who I have posted about previously concerning his culpability when it comes to the financial and economic meltdown that this entire planet is now facing, actually supports those who, if they were even remotely bright enough, would be trampling the petunias into mush on his own front lawn.

Rep. Barney Frank might sympathize with the Occupy Wall Street protesters, but he’s still got friends in the financial world.
The Massachusetts Democrat is heading to New York hoping to raise tens of thousands of dollars Thursday at a fundraiser at the home of Charles Myers, a senior investment banking advisor at Evercore Partners. Myers is one of several Wall Street execs listed on the invite soliciting up to $2,500 from attendees for Frank’s reelection committee, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO.
Frank, the co-author of the sweeping financial regulatory reform bill signed into law last year, said in a recent interview with POLITICO that he didn’t see any conflict between supporting the protests and taking financial services money.
“If you take money from them, but you don’t vote [for] the things they want, how does that put you in conflict?” Frank questioned.
Frank said he supports the movement “to the extent that they obey the law” and that he wishes “that kind of energy was around two years ago when we were voting on the financial reform bill. We’d have a tougher bill.”
Frank spokesman Harry Gural said the event isn’t exclusively a Wall Street fundraiser, and will include members of the gay and lesbian community and others.

You will find the rest of the article at this link.
Justice is going to find this cretin one day – if not in this life, then most certainly the next.
When that day comes, I am going to be soooooooo glad that my name is not Barney Frank.

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Give us more or we’ll make it worse?


these three in the picture are included in the lineup I can’t wait to see justice served-hard justice. It’s coming.


I don’t blame Frank, I blame the morons in the State of Mass that keep re-electing him year after year. If he reflects their values they are not Americans.


The irony of these politicians siding w/OWS protestors then immediately seeking cash from said greedy bankers is just beyond hysterical. Those fools camping out are being soooo duped….starting with their man in the WH.

Alice Wolf

Rachel Brown, whom he described in a town hall meeting as talking to a dining room table, challenged Barney Frank, with regard to the Glass Steagall take down. In the video recording of their electoral debate he was so self congratulatory it was completely mental. He toots his horn like everything he did was just great and everyone else caused the meltdown. Timothy Geithner is in denial too, he is blaming the EU finance ministers for not acting fast and furious enough. Ben Bernanke describes himself as a scholar of the last depression, so you’re correct THEY ARE THE NEW… Read more »


I agree with you, DCG… “Duped” IS the word…
The politicians are like race-horses going forward w/their blinders and tunnel vision to meet their own agendas. And the OWS are ultimately, like lab frogs in a beaker, filled w/water and a flame is lit on low underneath, (lit by the politicians). And now, slowing warming until so hot they ‘expire’ because they have no sense or instinct to realize the lid was off to “Freedom and Survival”. But they didn’t try to escape, and ‘got burned’ by their ‘trusted politicians’ who duped them into the beaker.

Dr. Eowyn

I propose a new synonym for “hypocrite” for dictionaries:

Alice Wolf

The bank cartel in Mass. is THE VAULT and that’s his boss. They are the remains of the original oligarch’s banking group dating back to the times of the Tea Party itself. One of the group is Fidelity and this outfit has tentacles in Chicago too. He may look and sound like a buffoon however the iron fist inside the glove so to speak is looking for ways to destroy the US, they are mad as anything right about now, their monetarist system is still on it’s death bed. The latest FED approved move by B of A to get… Read more »