Baristas to begin packing guns

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pistol-packingbaristas_t470 (Spokane, WA): After three robberies in less than a month at Jitterz Java, employees say they’re refusing to be victimized anymore and are preparing to pack heat on the job.

Jitterz Java owner Sara Chapel is encouraging her staff members not only to bring their guns, but she’s keeping one in the stand just in case. “I would rather have it and need it, than need it and not have it,” Krystal Cogswell said.

Order a drink and you may find yourself looking at Krystal Cogswell’s .38 Special Lavender Lady secured to her hip. She’s one of the half dozen employees arming themselves in case of another robbery.

“Before I never felt an immediate threat, so I would just have it off to the side or somewhere hidden. But now I feel like if someone can see it, maybe it will just deter it right then and there and I won’t ever have to use it,” she explained.

Security footage from the latest robbery attempt Sunday night shows a suspect holding what looks like a weapon trying to enter the shop through the drive-thru window. The employee was able to put down a block to stop the entry and grab her gun, but by then the suspect left.

Chapel is making sure her employees can defend themselves if it happens again. “A couple of them bring handguns every day, no matter what shift it is. There is always a gun here now,” she said.

So far, there has been an outpouring of support from customers. “I think it’s pretty awesome,” customer Kelly Dirks said. “This isn’t a corporation. I encourage them to get guns under each window and shoot first,” customer Sharon Whitt said.

Cogswell said there was only one case where someone didn’t like the idea of baristas with Berettas. “I only had one guy that said, ‘Whoa, maybe you girls shouldn’t have them because when you’re angry you do things you shouldn’t,'” Cogswell said.

Cogswell said she has her concealed weapons license and has been around guns her entire life. She doesn’t plan on using her gun — unless there’s one pointing at her. “I’d like to defend myself if the time comes,” she said.

As far as the legality of it is concerned, Spokane Police said it is completely legal as long as the employees who are armed are 18 and older and do not have any prior convictions that restrict them from using firearms.


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  1. I’ll have a triple venti sugar free, non fat, no foam, extra caramel, with semi-jacketed hollow points and whipped caramel macchiato. Oh, and make sure the hollow points are swaged, not cast. Cast gives me gas.

  2. I am a 66 yr. old woman. I live in the country, spend time alone in the woods and would like to be able to protect myself. I was raised around firearms and learned to shoot when I was 9 yrs. old. I was denied a CCP because when I was 19 yrs.old (1967!!!) I was busted in Palm Beach with 1/2 oz. of marijuana. I have contacted the sheriff’s office down there and all they tell me is that I need to get this felony expunged from my record before I am issued a permit. I do not have the money to go on a vacation to Palm Beach and hire a lawyer to do this. If anyone out there can come up with any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. . .

    • You might could do the paperwork yourself. Here’s a starter site, Find Law:

      “Expungement and Criminal Records: State-Specific Information”:
      Scroll down that page & it has direct links for Florida:
      Seal and Expunge Process (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)
      –Obtaining Criminal History Information (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

      Under that first link to the FLA Dept. of Law Enforcement (FDLE), it has links to pertinent case law & the documents, etc., so it might be a good place to learn about the process &/or look at the documents required. I’d start with the FDLE Seal/Expunge FAQ link below:
      Seal and Expunge Process:
      December 2013 applications are currently being processed.
      FDLE provides a service through which certain criminal records can be expunged (removed from our records) or sealed (placed under highly restricted access).
      –The laws and rules which govern expunction or sealing of criminal history record(s) include: Sections s.943.0585 – s.943.059, Florida Statutes and Chapter 11C-7, Florida Administrative Code.
      Instructions for Applying for a Certificate of Eligibility
      –Instructions for Applying for a Juvenile Diversion Expunction
      –Download Application for Juvenile Diversion Expunge
      Download Expunge/Seal Package (Required Documents)
      –Final Application Checklist
      –Reasons for Denial for Juvenile Diversion Expunction
      –Reasons for Denial
      –Agencies that are Entitled to Sealed/Expunged Information
      Frequently Asked Questions
      –Contact Us

      From a quick glance at that FDLE page, it looks like it is very possible to do it all yourself. Here’s another simple FLA Seal/Expunge-FAQ page dated 2008 which pretty much spells out what/how needs to be done; & was produced by the Miami/Dade County State Attorney’s Office (I don’t think it only applies to the Miami area but to the whole State; just ignore the local Miami addresses, you might need the Palm Beach County addresses instead; but I’d start at the FDLE site above):

      And just as a curiosity/price-comparison, I asked google, “how to expunge a case yourself in Florida” & this Miami attorney’s 2012 blog-post showed up in results. He says he only charges $500 & that you do not need to go to Florida in person as he takes care of it (he sends you all the forms to fill out, you get your local police to take your fingerprints, etc.). He says most criminal lawyers charge between $1,000 & $2,500 for the same service. He says most final hearings with the judge he can do over the phone & not even appear in person (if he would have to appear in person it would cost an additional $150, so $650 total):

      “Florida Seal & Expunge Blog: Attorney blog on criminal record sealing, record expungement, Florida Law and cases of interest”:

      Disclaimer: I don’t know that guy from the man in the moon so am not recommending him; included his link merely as a price-comparison of attorney fees for Seal/Expunge cases.

      Hope this helps, swampygirl!

      • TPR,

        Wow…thank you so much for all of this information. That was a lot of research you did for me… kind of you! It has been about 7 yrs. since I did all this leg work, and yes, I did get the expungement paperwork and try to do it on my own. The entire process was so drawn out and convoluted that I have forgotten most of what all I tried but I spent months on this. However I remember that my main stumbling block was at the Palm Beach County Clerk’s Office. For me to proceed with the expungement or for a pardon from the governor of the state, I would need a copy of my conviction records. And as Sig noted this could be a problem since it was so long ago. The clerk’s office said that everything is on microfilm but they could not guarantee that my files still existed. I figured that they would search for my files, (for a fee of course) since I was out of state but no go on that. I would have to personally go there and do the search or have someone else do it for me since they are public records. I had everything else in order and ready to go. I wasted so much time….all that research, finding out what I had to do. How stupid of me to assume the clerk’s office would do the search for me. I may give this another go. I plan on putting in another call to the courthouse down there. Maybe I will get a little more cooperation this time. I gotta think about the lawyer. I would not mind paying him $500 but if the records no longer exist, chances are he would keep that money just for the clerk’s office visit that he would have had to make.

        Then I always think that…….sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

        • You’re welcome, swampygirl! But so sorry to hear that you already went through the red-tape hassles but couldn’t finish the process. That definitely would be grrrr-aggravating! So the Clerk says the records may or may not be in their microfilm. You would think that the county would love to rake in more $$ by accepting a fee to have their clerks do the searches.

          The local people who would be most sympathetic to your cause & who might be willing to go search for you (maybe for a tip) would be other gun owners in that area. If you still wanted to pursue it, you might could hang out at gun forums for Florida for awhile (unless you tried that already as well). With people out of work, you never know. They might be willing to make a few bucks doing an easy search at the Clerk’s office. Or maybe hire a local PB paralegal to go search in person (they work cheaper than attorneys & should know how to search records).

          Then, as you say, it could be “sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.” That’s what I usually think first when things don’t go right. But then again, determination & faith does pay off. In years past, it would be the very LAST phone call (after wanting to give up) to refinance a car, or the very LAST apt. I looked at after weeks of hunting, that turned out to be JUST THE ONE. God has a habit of waiting until the LAST minute to pull things together, reason being is so we learn that nobody could have maneuvered all the loose ends to gel together at the right time except Him. 🙂

          • PS: Private Investigators would also know how to search records. Though they would probably cost more.

            • Sorry, one more PS: Even local PB Notaries might be willing to do it, depending how busy they are. If they’re having a slow week, they might be willing to go search at the Clerk’s office. They would probably be less expensive than paralegals, private investigators, & attorneys.

          • TRP,
            Yes God’s timing is truly amazing. My pastor was fond of saying “we have an on time God and He is ALWAYS on time! And while I wait on Him I like to think about Romans 8:28 that tells us “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God”. How comforting to know that God is behind the scenes putting together nothing but the very best for you no matter what your desire may be. And all you have to do is to wait.

  3. swampygirl7 – there are community based organizations that do this. Typically they are more concerned with people who want a record expunged or “relieved” so they can get a certain type of job that requires licensing like a nurse, hair dresser, etc.

    First contact your local district attorney’s office – they should have a good idea of the process in FL, but you will have to eventually contact the Palm Beach county. The DA’s usually have to provide some disposition information if the courts don’t have it. Just be prepared to find out that the original records are lost, burned, flooded or that the disposition was never entered into the system from the original case files (I deal with this a lot for my DA, handled something exactly like this yesterday).

    And if that doesn’t work, a nice shotgun will. Pick up a used one; use tactical short range double ought loads – they’ll cause less damage to your home if the need arises and you miss. Good luck!

  4. BTW, I meant to also say, Great post! I think Open Carry is a great idea. Like the Old Wild West. Nobody ever messed with Matt Dillon, lol. They say in Durango, CO, all the cowboys walk around with their guns & holsters, which I think is not only a hoot but why not? I’d feel safer, wouldn’t you?

    As for this: “I only had one guy that said, ‘Whoa, maybe you girls shouldn’t have them because when you’re angry you do things you shouldn’t…‘”

    Um, excuse us, sir, but I believe it’s *mostly* GUYS who commit all the CRIMES in the first place. So who really are the “angry” ones taking out their misery on the vulernables in society? You have more to fear from your fellow male-criminals than from any lady with a legal open-carry gun on her hip!

  5. thanks sig and TPR for the advice for swampygirl!

  6. I hope this goes viral and MANY more businesses choose to allow guns to be carried in their establishments by customers and employees. Our Second Amendment Right is already as explicit as it needs to be. ALL the restrictions being pushed on us are not the results OF the Second Amendment,or anything to do with guns or crime,or “public safety”,but OF the Anti-Gunners’ “reinterpretation” of the Second Amendment in their attempt to make it conform to their Anti-Gun agenda. (Liberals use this “reinterpretation” of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to force most,if not ALL,of their agenda’s strike-points on us. These Documents ALREADY say exactly what they mean-no reinterpreting is necessary OR legally possible.)


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