Barbara Tells it like it is. What a Patriot.

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No words needed. Just listen to the passion.    ~Steve~     H/T  May


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0 responses to “Barbara Tells it like it is. What a Patriot.

  1. Barbara is one brave woman. Some one I can admire, bet she didn’t think that someone in Podunck Louisiana would her her words…
    One thing bothers me though, are we a Democratic Republic? I was taught, long ago, that we are a Constitutional Republic, did we change when we went to popular election of senators?

  2. No teleprompter.
    No notes or script.
    No “uh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.”
    No seeking to build consensus.
    No excusing.
    No apologies.

  3. She has GOT it goin’ on! You’re right Steve, LOL Barbara has The Passion and is great for motivation! 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Love her passion – she rocks!


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