Banning Sharia Law in US is offensive to Muslims

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Opponents in Philadelphia say bill on Sharia law unfair to Muslims

Newsworks:  A bill in Harrisburg that opponents say is targeted against Muslims has followers of that faith upset. 

House Bill 2029 would ban Pennsylvania courts from considering any foreign legal code or system that isn’t identical with the Constitution.  Muslim activists say that it is specifically targeted against the practice of Sharia Law–a religious code for Muslims that has the power of law in some countries.  Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Attorney Amara Chaudhry says this would block freedom of religious expression.
“This is not a new faith we are not a foreign faith and yes this dangerous, clearly stated discriminatory purpose on a publicly circulated document, you just don’t get any more troubling than that,” said Chaudhry.
Professor Khalid Blankinship of Temple University compares following Sharia to the Catholic teaching that divorce is not allowed.  “That would be like going into the Catholic Church and telling them that you can’t marry people the way you want or saying you have to allow divorce of people even if the Pope ruled otherwise,” said Blankinship.
State Representative Rosemarie Swanger of Lebanon County, who authored the bill, says it is designed to preserve rights of liberty that do not exist in some foreign legal systems.  She has said recognizing foreign laws could allow women to be treated as second-class citizens.  In a letter she sent to colleagues, Swanger called Sharia law “inherently hostile to our constitutional liberties.”
I’m no legal scholar but I’m pretty sure that the US Constitution is the supreme law of this country.  And I’m pretty sure that “freedom of religious expression” doesn’t include stoning of women, child rape, and honor killings – at least not here in the US (yet).
No doubt CAIR is on a mission.  If the politicians cave to this PC baloney under the guise of “religion” in Pennsylvania, don’t be surprised if CAIR challenges this type of legislation in every other state.  You know they will.
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12 responses to “Banning Sharia Law in US is offensive to Muslims

  1. Then perhaps they shouod move to a country ruled by Sharia law because I for one do not wish to live under it and no country should have a double standard for citizens. Ask why they came to this country in the first place and I’ll bet freedom wins over stoning and beheadings for most people.

  2. It’s not a religion , it’s a political movement.
    You can’t trust folks that hate dogs.

  3. whatever happened to the great melting pot. where individuals of many different cultures came to america and formed the american culture…these early cultures all had a great work ethic. now these new cultures that are invading our space seem to all have in common a great bitch bitch ethic….

  4. Who cares if the camel-washers are offended?
    As far as I am concerned, cheesing off Muslims should be the new national sport.
    As for CAIR, they have known ties to Muslim terrorist organizations. Why they are even allowed to operate in this country is beyond me.

  5. Ha, I should include the clip of Anthony Hopkinss in Legends of the Fall, “Screw’em!”

  6. Let ’em whine.

  7. Watch it Terry… Your stupidity is showing. Being a liberal, I want to, and do see why Muslims would be offended by this. America is a melting pot truly, and that means that you get a little bit of everything. This includes the concerns of a culture that is part of ours.
    That said, the Muslim community is wrong to think that Sharia law be accepted in the United States. It would be the same as accepting the laws of King Herrod (from the bible), or Brehan Law (druidic). I pledge allegiance to the United States… not to Christianity, nor Judaism, nor any other religion. My country comes FIRST as it should for any American.

    • You want to play in Alinsky’s playground? Moron, really? Then please detail, explicity with facts, how Islam is a religion rather than a political agenda before you start spewing insults. Much more effective and credible.
      America first, AMEN to that!!

    • “Moron” “stupidity” …
      Just about every other word coming from your mouth is an insult — and a decidedly unimaginative insult. Which makes you challenged in both the cerebral and vocabulary departments.
      If that’s what “being a liberal” is, you’re no recommendation. Your mom and your public school teachers over there in Virginia Beach, VA, must be so proud.

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      We, that is, Americans who honor their rootedness in the religion and Euro-American culture that birthed our nation, are no longer a melting pot. Elemental knowledge of sociocultural changes reveals our CURRENT status: We are a “Salad Bowl” society, thanks mostly to emphasizing that everyone is different. (There’s a big word for this Thomas). By blindly following your partisan framework. your eyes are closed to what is happening across America. We have become a nation divided. Your current idol, Obama as icon, is not representative of either our rootedness nor of our ideological roots. People like you have moved so far away from our rootedness that you have lost sight of what it means to be an American. Patriotism in America is loyalty to rootedness, not to a smooth-talking Serpent that occupies a political office. Our Frameworks (Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence) were not written for you to decide what they meant in order to coincide with a contemporary partisan view of the world. Get on your knees, Thomas, and start worshiping your Creator, not your icon.


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