Bambi is Clueless

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Obama: Public is ‘sold’ on tax increases in a debt-ceiling deal

President Obama will say anything to get his beloved tax increases.  The Hill reports that on Friday Obama kept up the pressure on Republicans to agree to revenue increases in a deal to raise the debt ceiling, claiming 80 percent of the public supports Democrats’ demand for tax increases. “The American people are sold,” Obama said. “The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically.

Throughout the press conference, Obama blasted Republicans for ignoring what he said is the will of the American people by rejecting tax increases that would balance out spending cuts in a debt package.

I hope [Republicans are] not just listening to lobbyists and special interests … I hope they’re listening to the American people as well,” Obama said, citing “poll after poll” showing Republican voters, as well as Democrats, believe in taking “a balanced approach” — including both increased revenues and spending cuts in a plan to cut the deficit.

Obama said he is still pushing for a “big” deal to raise the debt ceiling by the August 2 deadline despite the hardening of positions on Capitol Hill. “I always have hope,” Obama said. “Don’t you remember my campaign?”

Sadly, I do remember it all too well.  I don’t know what poll Bambi is quoting – couldn’t find one that showed 80% of Americans want our government to raise our taxes. Just more hot air coming from a man who wants to “fundamentally transform America”. More “hopeandchange” for you.


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7 responses to “Bambi is Clueless

  1. You lie, Soebarkah Soetero. You lied about your mother’s hospitalization coverage. You lied about your birth certificate. You lied about the depth of your relationships with Ayers and Rev. Wright. You lied about Obamacare. I have learned that when you speak you are lying. If you say, “Let me be perfectly clear,” you can guarantee it is a lie or a prevarication of the essential details. Unfortunately members of Congress are more worried about their popularity and media portrayals than they are of our country and its future. God help us.

  2. No, he didn’t lie. He said exactly what he meant. “The American people are sold,” Obama said. Yes, he has sold us into slavery. He was exactly right.

  3. The poll he is talking about must have been taken in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

  4. Obama isn’t clueless at all.

    He knows exactly what he is doing, which is destroying America beyond repair while pretending to be “fixing” it.


  5. What, Americans want more debt and rampant spending?

  6. Funny how he’s suddenly interested in the “will of the American people” (which is not even what he is saying it is). He certainly didn’t care when “poll after poll” showed that the American people did NOT want Obamacare to pass. I’ve been going back and forth on the incompetent vs deliberate question for 2 1/2 years, but these last few weeks I’ve been starting to come down on the side of deliberate. It’s just too diabolical to be accidental.


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